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Koji Eye Talk Double Eyelid Maker Active

Sweat and water resistant double-eyelid maker keeps beautiful double eye-lid for a long time, but removes it easily with a regular facial wash. Comes with an original pusher to create clear double eye-lid.

Key features

  • Sweat and water resistant
  • Beautiful double eye-lid for a long time
  • Made in Japan

Honest reviews


works okay….

sticky stuff keeps ur eyelid glued together.. and then ur eyeballs dry out cus u can’t blink all the way closed. sometimes it works sometimes it doesnt depending how stubborn ur eyelids are that day. i stopped using it once i found the d.u.p. stickers.

Lolita Quasqueton, IA

Great for day use !

I am in the process of turning my eyelid into double eyelid. In the evening I’ll use the DUP eyelid tape and in the day I’ll use this one. Great product!

Mona Fordyce, AR


This one is super light-weight and the color turns to transparent very quickly after applied. The consistency is very thin on skin and water proof but not hard to be removed. leave no greasy at all. I like it better than the pink version.

Sonia Belews Creek, NC


This product helped my eyelid to go back where it was. Suddenly I lose my double eyelid line every once in a while. But with this product, when that happens I know what to do to make it come back.

Kelsey Cashion, AZ

This works for me

I don’t have mono-lids but I do have one lid that’s uneven with the other and this helps to correct it. You need to practice a little and you should put two coats, letting the first one completely dry first. There are YouTube videos that demonstrate how to use this. I don’t really use the little tool that comes with it. I’ve found that the small dental picks (Denteks) work better for me.

Penelope Aspermont, TX

maybe for someone/something else?

This product was purchased to help raise, stick and hold my eyelid on one eye to make it more even with the other. I found that this aadhesive wasn’t sticky at all when it came to creasing my lid but that it was nearly impossible to remove from the part of the lid where it was applied. They make no claims that this adhesive will suspend a lid with ptosis so I don’t falt the company. It just didn’t do the trick for me and what I needed.

Gloria Pilot Station, AK