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KMS California Hairplay Makeover Spray, 6.7 Ounce

KMS California hair play makeover spray absorbs oil and builds bulk to refresh limp or day-old styles. Great for quick style touch-ups and in between shampoos. Enhances overall texture and builds bulk, leaving hair refreshed and clean. KMS California hair play makeover spray is great for all hair types, especially fine or limp hair. Available in 250 ml spray.

Key features

  • Dry cleansing and instant style renewal
  • Excellent for quick touch ups or restyling
  • Leaving hair refreshed and clean

Honest reviews


I wash my hair TWICE a week

I have medium to thick long dark hair. I use KMS and Batiste Powder Blush in between washing days. I use KMS on day 2 & 3 when my hair isn’t much oily. It takes that bad dirty scalp smell out of my hair. I seperate it in sections and then rub my hands all throughout my scalp. It can leave a white residue, but it’s nothing a little rub will not take out. Throughout the day, I can smell it. Smells like apples! I love it!On day 4, my hair is oily. That is when I use Batiste because it is much more powerful on absorbing the oil. I spray & rub the sameway. I don’t even brush my hair lol I just rub my fingers through it.My hair is colored and both of these products work for me. They both boost volume. Hope this review helps! Feel free to comment and ask any questions =]Forgot to mention. I workout 3-4 times a week and this is powerful enough for my sweaty head! 😉

Cortney Deweyville, UT

Great product to save your color

I love this product! It smells great, doesn’t affect my color, and gives me a few more days between washings…which saves my color. It also adds some much needed volume, when doing up dos…so I don’t have to tease so much…which we all know, isn’t so great for the hair.

Lavonne Browntown, WI


I love this. especially the smell. But I stored it in a drawer on it’s side for a couple days and it leaked out and evaporated! I had to reorder because it’s a necessity for me. I have very thin fine hair that gets frustratingly greasy throughout the day

Alta Brasher Falls, NY

cheaper alternatives out there

while this stuff works well…I notice a powdery film in my hair. don’t like that. I have found herbal essence dry shampoo to do just as good a job with no film and half the cost.

Margery Chestertown, NY

Great job and affordable

With rotator cuff surgery, I have the use of my left hand. (I am right handed). It is difficult to take care of my hair, let alone wash, style, etc. My hair is oily. Every 2-3 days, I spray and wipe the strands of hair which removes the oil. My hair looks clean after.

Sierra Malden, MO

Great Product!

I watched a video about not washing your hair everyday and they recommended this product as a replacement to your ‘off’ days where you don’t wash your hair. So, I was excited to hear their was a product to use in place of washing your hair, it is supposed to put the ‘lift’ back into your hair even though you didn’t wash it. Well nervous as I was, I tried it and wow, my hair has great lift, no greasy feel and my husband didn’t even know I did not wash my hair. He didn’t have a clue. Im sold on this product and recommend it to anybody who wants to give their hair a break from shampooing and all the stress that goes with that. My hair feels normal, like I washed it.

Georgia Eastport, ID

Good dry shampoo

I have straight and very oily hair. I wash my hair everyday. I use it sometime in the PM to refresh. or if I know it will be a long day, I will use it immediately after blowing dry my hair. it can keeps your hair fresh all day.It’s not as strong as Batista, but it’s not that powdery. so it’s easier to distribute and less visible.

Adela Lawrenceville, GA

Does it’s job well

So far this is the best dry hairspray I have used. I love the added texture it gives to day old limp hair, and it smells nicely as well. My only complaint is unlike some other dry sprays I have used, if you don’t watch how much you are layering on then it will leave a powdery white residue, kind of like baby powder, if over used. I can only get away with using this on day old hair. Not a multiple days use product.

Debbie Big Springs, WV

Leaves hair feeling like new!

My hair has been acting up lately, so I’ve been trying to change my routine and take better care of it. I changed my shampoo/conditioner and try not to wash my hair everyday. Just with those two changes, my hair feels healthier and less dry. The problem with not washing your hair everyday though is that it can feel a little greasy…or dirty. I’ve been trying out several different dry shampoos and I always have the same problems. They always smell horrible, leave a white residue, leaves my hair flat or just doesn’t work at all. This product is none of those things. I just spray a few areas on the top of my head, blend it in and style as normal. It leaves my hair smelling great, feeling great and adds some volume. I would recommend this to everyone looking for a good dry shampoo to use between washes!

Aileen Parlier, CA