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KMS California Hair Play Molding Paste, 5.1 Fluid Ounce

Formulated with native natural ingredients including Lime and Cilantro Gives a durable hold and elasticity Adds optimum texture and thickness to style Provides protection from damaging UV rays Creates a supple and matte finish Perfect for all hair types.

Key features

  • Firm, flexible control, matte finish
  • Creates styles with memory
  • Adds texture and thickness
  • Natural ingredients:
  • grape, peppermint
  • Made in Austria

Honest reviews


One of my favorite products!

My hair is thin and straight and I have used everything from the loreal studio/fructis/american crew fiber/ and paul mitchell tea trea shaping cream but I think the KMS hairplay is definitely my favorite. First of all, it smells amazing, and second of all it’ll last all day without getting flaky like gel, or making your hair hard. Usually to get a nice dry messy textured look I will towel dry then blow dry my hair, and then apply the product and it looks great. Try it – in stores it costs $20-25, for $13 you should stock up.

Gladys Calhoun City, MS

Unfortunately, this stuff doesn’t work! Expensive and comparible to L’oreal. Not worth the money.

My favorite styling putty was discontiued and that was Tresemme. This stuff is not sticky at all, which is what I had been hoping for. It made my hair feel greasy and didn’t help shape it at all. Expensive and disappointing. I compare to L’oreal’s jar stuff, just a different scent.

Janice Lowell, AR

Great Product

I would have given this 4 1/2 stars but couldn’t get the 1/2 when rating. The reason for not giving a 5 is it will be difficult to know when I have to order more as there is no way to tell how much I’ve used. That said, let me tell you my hair was looking so limp so I decided to add product to it and having used KMS products in the past, I decided upon this one. It gives my hair the body I was looking for without it being weighed down or greasy. I’ll definitely keep on using this.

Robin Whiskeytown, CA

i use this…

even though it makes my hair feel gross. If you use this, you HAVE to wash your hair that night. it got gross up on my pillow and then i broke out. gross.

Manuela Lincoln, AL

Good stuff.

This is what my son uses and he wanted me to order it for him. It seems like a good product.

Nanette Renner, SD

Works for me!

I have fine curly hair, and am always looking for a product that will control frizzy ends, keep the curl, and give some fullness. Many other products weigh my hair down and make it look heavy, or let my scalp show through. Hair Play is dispensed by a pump so I can control the amount. I rub it between my palms and apply it to damp hair, then let it air-dry with the curls in place. I comb it lightly when dry to fluff it out a bit. It retains fullness, shape (piecey), and curl without weighing my hair down or making it look “see through” to my scalp.

Sydney Bathgate, ND


This paste was kind of thick even though you rub it in your fingers to make it smooth before you put it in your hair. It pieces and separates your hair but only use a little bit.

Katy Elk Horn, KY

One of the best

I have been using different hair gel product but this one has made me throw away the other. I just like everything about it.

Araceli Seligman, MO