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Kleancolor Neon Nail Lacquer 6 Colors Set

Kleancolor nail polish featuring long lasting pretty colors with new bottle design. It is pretty, it is good quality, yet affordable price.

Key features

  • Neon Nail Polish in 6 different colors
  • smooth and long lasting nail polish

Honest reviews


Good Deal

I have had this set for little over two years now. I can tell you without an over coat applied over, that the color just won’t stay long. All the colors are what they are suppose to be but lighter versions than what they appear. The red/orange looking one is really an orange (almost every time I use it again, I forget). Everything comes off the brush smoothly and is holding the formula structure in the jar well.

Judith Rochester, WA

Way better than expected!

I really love doing crazy stuff with my nails, so when I saw this set, it was just perfect for me, I have to say, I was really surprised when I got the package, each nail polish was wrapped in a way it was practically impossible for them to break, once I opened and tried them ALL, I found out the colors are thick, so with only one generous coat I was ready to go (I really liked that), they take a few more minutes to dry than other brands tho.Overall they’re good, and for that price I could’ve not asked for more.

Susanna Scandinavia, WI

Cute colors! Very bright

The color is very bright and stays very nicely. I haven’t seen any chipping but I only used two coats. I enjoy the colors and think this is a great product to give as a gift or stocking stuffers!

Sheree Bunker Hill, WV


These nail polishes are on the thick side but I only need to apply one coat and it will go on smooth and won’t dry clumpy like I thought it would! I love these nail polishes they are great for any occasion especially when in a rush they are a timely dry.

Alison Point Pleasant, WV

Gorgeous fun neons

I’m so happy with these. They’re so ridiculously fun to wear. I’ve used them for sponged on gradients and as water marbles, and they really pop. They’re such a great value.

Bonnie Mittie, LA

Awesome and bright

These are really nice colors and I love wearing them. The red almost looks like a bright Orange and I love it! they are great.

Lana Barnsdall, OK

Good color

I love the colors. They smell awful and are really hard to remove. It’s really thick so a thinner makes it a lot easier to apply.

June Gwinner, ND

Smells terrible!

I could smell the polish before opening the package, way too strong and it lingers a long time without even opening the bottles. My bottles arrived intact but they weren’t packaged well, I’m surprised nothing was broken. The polish is ok, it takes a while to dry.

Annmarie Columbiaville, NY

not the same colors

i was so excited to get these but the colors i got were pink, red, lime green, dirty yellow, light blue, and a dark navy blue. They work well but they should give a propper discription.

Renae Floweree, MT

Fast Delivery & Very Beautiful Colors

I put in my order on October 1st & I received my order October 9th… The package was wrapped well & secure… I really love this nail polish…I seen that some reviews mention about the smell, but mine doesn’t smell bad… The colors are so cute/beautiful.. I think I’m a fan of Kleancolor polish now… I’m glad I ordered it… I’ll add some pictures…

Sonja Keaton, KY

Great product

I love Kleancolor now!Cheap nail polish and appears to get the job done. Each bottle came individually wrapped in its own paper.The colors are indeed bright, and I can’t complain because that’s what I paid for.I can find something wrong with this if I want to, but really, there’s no point.I shall be buying more Kleancolor polishes.

Tammie Fults, IL

Fun colors!

I love these colors they are so fun! The paint last long on your nails. Defiantly a good buy! They lasted me about a year before they expired in quality.

Alexis Westminster, VT


These nail polishes are very bright, beautiful colors. I was very pleased with this product, except when I received it, the blue nail polish was cracked, and leaking. Another bottle, the pink, was chipped. They didn’t pack the product properly, and they got banged around. Other than that, i’d recommend this product.

Ernestine Plainfield, IN


Pretty colors some reqire several coats to be opaque while others only require one coat. It is a nice set

Gretchen Lowell, NC