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KleanColor Nail Polish Lacquer Chunky Holo Bluebell Manicure Klean Color

its one of most popular top coat of the klean color. It gives holographic color and glitter.

Key features

  • klean color’s one of most popular item
  • its glitter
  • best top coat
  • gives holographic color
  • has five different glitter

Honest reviews


About my order

I recently wrote a review on this polish and i wasnt happy at first there must have been an error,but Eye Candy Cosmetics were wonderful and helped me and worked with me, they were amazing and i recommend anyone and everyone shopping from them. They were fast and very friendly even when i was being ridiculous. their products are great and worth it, i will be buying more from them, Thank you Eye Candy Cosmetics for your patience and kindness, and great product i love my two other kleancolor nail polishes i got from you. They were beautiful!!!!

Louise Acampo, CA

its pretty…

but the color is not as shown it is actually the purple color so i got two of the same color. it is more of a top coat than a color to be worn alone. since i got two of the same color, i will be giving one to my cowroker who’s daughter loves glitter. 🙂

Christy Belle, MO


This looks like a great color but you would literally have to put on 6-8 coats to see the color right.

Sylvia Prompton, PA


the color is beautiful but even after putting a topcoat it is very sticky and easily smudged. it may be different with another topcoat but it didnt work for me. i love to wear it over black.

Willa Knoxville, AL

The picture is misleading…this is a layering polish

People are complaining that the polish doesn’t match the picture… It does, its layered over a blue polish. None of the chunky holos are really meant to be worn alone. There IS a second picture that more accurately shows the polish, sheer blue with holo glitter. Bluebell and the purple color are nearly indistinguishable, but dont buy this expecting a solid blue.

Cheryl Eagleville, PA


it is not at all what is in the pic u have to use a black or white fake nails or polish..

Ramona Costilla, NM

was expecting orange color in photo

Although this is a very beautiful color, and goes on nicely, I was expecting to get the orange-ish color as pictured, instead, it was, in fact, the bluebell 235 (which looks blue/purple). Now, I just need to find out what the orange one in the photo is called so I can buy it!

James Cawood, KY

Like looking at sparkling jewels under deep blue water

Like looking at sparkling jewels under deep blue water, exotic and wild to wear for a party out on the town.

Willie Harwinton, CT

Please dont be fooled

its not bad but could be better. The color is very sheer! in the photo that model has a navy blue under and the holo bluebell over it. so you will always need a solid color under then use the sheer color over it it get an iridescent effect.

Lila Cocolalla, ID

Color Not As Shown

The photo shows purple glitter. What I got was dark red. Pretty but not what I ordered. Checked the sticker and it said Bluebell so go figure.

Beatrice Caguas, PR


Very disappointed with this product. I wanted it to come out just like the picture shown and after reading all the reviews I put a dark color of blue underneath. Well even after shaking for ten minutes it did not even come close to the picture. The only results I got was pink glitter over the blue polish. I have not tried it alone yet or over any other color. I bought this for 99 cents so not a big loss and figured I would try it. Now I know and do not plan to ever buy this brand of polish again. Also as I peeled the bottom sticker I saw it was from China and had I known I would not have bought it. Ever since my dog almost died after eating a treat made in China I vowed to never buy from that country ever again. So hence, I threw this product in the trash! My advice? Don’t buy it!!!!!As for the smell, it is bad! I’m wondering if it had those ingredients others say they are free of…(sp) formaldehyde, etc. Scary.If we are all spending 99 cents for this product and are all throwing it away…they win. 99 cents is 99 cents out of our pocket.

Deana Rochelle, GA


This has to be the worst polish i have seen the seller was great i would recommend but the polish is Aweful so toxic the smell made my daughter sick and didnt look anything like photo i cant recommend this to anyone!

Sydney Strathmere, NJ


When I got the polish, it looked more purple in the bottle, but it was still beautiful. Will order again.

Traci West Greenwich, RI


This polish is definitely a topcoat. It takes 5 or 6 coats to get anywhere near full coverage. The smell is TERRIBLE. They dry time is about normal. I gave this product 3 of 5 stars because it’s a great product but does work as promised. I would buy this product again. I would recommend this product to others. I payed $3.99 and free S&H when I purchased this item.

Stacie Newport News, VA

To the stars…

I love this color! It reminds me of the night sky and the cosmos. The light plays on the iridescence and it sparkles and shines so beautifully. It does take a couple of coats to achieve the look in the picture though, but I still love it. Not much odor and it dries pretty quickly. Great for any DIY nail artist or beginner. Highly recommend.

Mayra Burkburnett, TX

Not like the picture

This is nothing like the pictures shown. When you put it on, it looks like a clear polish with some light blue sparkles. You could get it at the 99 cent store. I was going to return it, but I would have to pay for return shipping, which would be more than the product, so I am just going to throw away. Note: I did check the label on the bottle to make sure the correct color was shipped and the label says Chunky Holo Bluebell. Don’t waste your money.

Essie Lake Harmony, PA

Five Stars

i luv the color

Lorraine Calvary, GA

Looks r decieving

Did work like it was suppose to put on a royal blue polish but didn’t look like what picture does won’t but again looks are decieving

Felicia Panola, AL


I have previously ordered the black holo polish, and I just ordered another bottle of the chunky black holo and the bluebell holo- in the unopened bottles, the chunky black holo looks more "chunky"…as in the blue has smaller glitter, as it appears in the bottle. As I have used the black holo polish before, the more coats you apply, the better the effect. It doesn’t seem to chip or get too thick. The smell is awful, but most nail polishes don’t smell good anyway… But this line of polishes are a great top coat, especially for outdoors..

Laura Oconee, GA

KleanColor Nail Polish Lacquer Chunky Holo Bluebell Manicure Klean Color

i have to say that i absolutely love this polish….it’s so holographic it’s crazy…the smell i am not too crazy about BUT will endure it for the look. the price is super duper great as i can’t find this in my area anywhere…i bought this to go on top of black, brown dark color polishes…to bring out the colors.

Christian Dewey, AZ

Wow this stuff stinks… literally

The actual product is ok… Although it is not very blue (not anywhere near the color pictured, imagine more of a orange color). I will say the “flakies” have a blue hue. But the smell that smacks you in the face the second you open the bottle is awful. I will not be purchasing anymore polish from Kleancolor.

Denise Wellesley, MA


I love this even though you need a base coat with it i still love it! i’ll buy more when i run out!

Emilie Herrin, IL


I have been doing my own manicures for years, and I love these products. This is an extremely beautiful color! It covers well so you only need a couple coats, and it is well worth the time and the money!

Kirsten Broomall, PA