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Kleancolor Nail Polish – Awesome Metallic Full Size Lacquer Lot of 12-pc Set Body Care / Beauty Care / Bodycare…

12pc set of polish

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Beautiful Colors!!!

Just love this polish. The colors are vivid. One coat provides great coverage. Good price. Fast shipping. I liked this polish so much I sent a set to my daughter too. The husband noticed my nails in the green shade and said it was the prettiest polish he’d ever seen me wear 🙂 I highly recommend this polish!!

Nicole Campbellsport, WI

Awesome nail polishes – SO Happy with this selection!

I ordered these on a Sunday and they were at my house on Wednesday, love the fast delivery. All polishes arrived in tact wrapped in bubble wrap. Gorgeous colors – I am wearing a two tone ombre effect on my toes and black with chunky holo bluebell on my fingernails. I will definitely be ordered more from this seller – all in all, one happy customer here.

Myra Hominy, OK

dont bother

dont buy this unless you want to fight it to get it all to come off. it stains and smears when you use nail polish remover . I love the colors but the quality very bad. stinky too. I’m disappointed.

Barbra Porter, TX

super bright metallics

i haven’t put any of these on a clean nail yet, just over my old polish, but the colours are very pretty and very metallic and seem to cover up the nail polish i put them over, so they must be pretty thick in substance. i’m not worried about staining, as other people have complained of. i wear two base coats that protect my nails so well, i don’t even have problems removing glitter polish, which i know from experience can be a nasty process. i did not get any duplicate colours and the price was good. these are comparable in size to any bottle of polish you’d buy in a store, not mini bottles, as i feared they might be. very happy and will be ordering more of these really pretty polishes.

Vanessa Dewitt, MI


My husband brought me this nail set for christmas, and my oh my…. these colors are GORGEOUS!!! I literally have on about 5 of the colors right now (rainbow nails) lol and they are all very rich and vibrant. The nail polish itself dries rather quickly and it doesnt chip off easily. All of the colors have a bit of shimmer to them but not like glitter which is perfect as the real glitter in other nail polishes tends to be hard to remove. I would recommed this set to anyone and everyone!! Great Kit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WAIT A MIN!!!!!!!!!!!!UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!so i used the green color that comes with this kit, and it STAINED MY FINGERS SOMETHING HORRIBLE!!!!! its a week and a half later and my fingernails are still highlighter YELLOW from the green. i havent got to use all the colors yet, but out of the burgundy, purple, yellow, blue, and orange, the green stained it the worst. The blue stained it blue but that faded after about 2 days. its almost 2 weeks later and the yellow tint from the green wont go away. so i wont be using that one anymore!!AND!!! the polish chips easily, aftre about 3 days and barely any real maneuvering (didnt open soda cans or scratch and pick at things to make them chip) the polish chipped off leaving my fingers to look like a teen with just polish on the middle of my nails. lmao. My husband said “please take that off” im like i just put it on :-\ lmao.

Suzanne Amsterdam, OH

Very nice

The metallic white is a great color but not great for stamping at all but the metallic yellow, metallic mango, is great for stamping. Is thick and it looks great for like Christmas designs. The metallic sapphire stains the stamper but it transfers great images into the nail. All the others also work good on stamping. No regrets in buying this product.

Mae Riddle, OR

Better than I expected.

I can confirm a lot of the typical complaints about these polishes–they smell a little funny, the surface may feel dry but that doesn’t mean they’re dry beneath the surface, so they can be a little tricky, and some of them stain.However, the colors are very pretty. They stain a little bit, but you can alleviate this by putting a couple coats of a nice base on first and letting them dry before applying. Most of the colors are nearly one coat for full coverage, and for you stampers out there, most of these colors can be used to stamp with, and amazingly well, particularly since these are basically chromes, which is a major plus. They’ll stain your stampers a tiny bit, but don’t do any damage.I give myself 3-4 new manis a week, so I never have anything on long enough to worry about a lot of chipping, but so far these hold up just as long as my higher end brands. Great pricing for anyone wanting to build up their polish collection, and shipping was quick and nicely packaged.

Ronda Owens Cross Roads, AL

Love these

All the colors are exactly as they appear in the pic and you cant go wrong with the price and if you were to buy these in a store they would cost at least $7 or more each I love these and get tons of compliments! You have a color for almost every outfit When people ask where I got them I tell them Amazon where I buy ALL of my unique nail polishes

Sara Ocean Beach, NY

Stainned my nails permanently

Stain your nails permanent, If you intend to use these as a base color beware, I only left the green polish for 3 days on my nail and they all turned yellow even after I soak my nails on pure acetone. Some of them can be used for stamping purposes, but as a base color it can be a disaster to your nails, note I did you naltiques base coat before applying it

Nell Ravine, PA

Beautiful Polish with Amazing colors!

I just love this polish! The colors are amazing and two coats are all I need! The just shimmer and really stand out. Even the white is beautiful and stands out. I’m going to use the white for French nails and I think it will look amazing! I would definitely buy this polish again and hope to get more colors of this brand.

Aline Laurens, IA


Just purchase this collection. It’s worth it. Colors are truly beautiful, and yes they smell like fingernail polish! One of my favorite shade’s is the metallic green. Too pretty. They’re all sexy attractive colors. Not kiddie colors.

Charlene San Angelo, TX

So shiny and beautiful

I LOVE these nail polishes so are soooo gorgeous.I was a little nervous to order them when I had never heard of the brand and the fact that the cost was so cheap,but they themselves aren’t cheap.I only needed 1 coat.usually I do base coat 2 coats then top coat but this time 1 was enough that it wasn’t sheer at all and it went on amazingly.I took some pictures but couldn’t show the full beauty of them my fav is the pink and fuchsia.I would defiantly say if your thinking about getting them do it!They are pretty stinky like others have said even tho I painted them 30 minutes ago I can still smell them if I put my nails to my nose.But if that doesn’t bother you, get them they are the prettiest polishes Ive ever seen.

Valeria Mode, IL


they works amazing, the color is soooo shiny and metallic, i wish i could stress how beautiful they are, one thing i did notice is the sapphire one did stain my nails like crazy, and i even used a base coat. i didnt notice any others doing it but beware.

Kari Buchanan, NY


I just received it this week. I was so happy to look at the metallic shades. They were shining and absolutely flawless. I loved different colors and it stands the advantage that its cheap. I am so impressed with these shades, i recommend to all of you. It would be so much better to have these at cheaper price than having OPI or Butter london at absurdly over valued prices.

Clarissa Pomona, NJ

Five Stars

Love Kleancolor polishes. These are all gorgeous.

Yvette Breckenridge, CO

Kleancolor Nail Polish – Awesome Metallic Full Size Lacquer Lot

What an amazing set!! The polishes are so pigmented which is why this set is perfect for stamping… The polish has a stronger smell than other brands, but for the amount & quality I get for the price, I don’t mind 🙂

Maggie Melvindale, MI


These colors are so vibrant and beautiful. Using glitter colors on top gives you even more variety.While this brand does bleed, using a really good quality base coat will aid in overcoming this issue.I don’t see these colors in salons, so I was happy to find them here.

Eileen Clear Spring, MD

good buy

this was a good buy. I’ve been needing some good colors. these colors are kinda metallic got a nice sparkly shine to it. these a good colors for the price. good colors to use nail foil on to be honest. like I been doing. would recommend it for that.

Lucinda Friendsville, PA

Bright and gorgeous

It’s a beautiful set of colors, and a great value. Each of these colors give great coverage and shine. They go on smoothly and evenly. My favorite manicure so far was the orange, mango and yellow sponged into a gradient with black tiger stripes stamped over.An added bonus is the metallic yellow stamps as a fabulous sparkly gold, even over black and dark colors. I expect to get even more use out of this set than I originally thought.Vendor fixON was wonderful to deal with. I had a defective bottle, and they replaced it pleasantly and quickly.

Mona Aumsville, OR

Must Have Staming Set

If you like nail stamping as much as I do, then get this set. The metallic white doesn’t stamp well, but all the other colors work better than expected. The only down side to these polishes is the smell as it’s pretty strong.

Kasey Wyndmere, ND

Great colors

Got this set for my 17 year old she does nails they r great colors. Big bottles for a great price love amazon

Caryn Lancaster, PA

Stamping review…

These colors are vibrant- holy crap!! Now, for the good, the bad and the ugly. The good: the colors are the most intense metallics I’ve ever seen. Magnificent. Be prepared to be blown away. They’re awesome for stamping. The bad and ugly: The white is not metallic- it’s a glitter and it’s thick and yucky…or yick and thucky…completely useless. Overall, these are way worth the price. Very happy. As for how they hold up on natural nails, I don’t know. Now that I’m doing gel polish, I really don’t care, but too bad colors like this don’t exist in gels…I’d buy them in a heartbeat.

Staci Richmond, KS

So pretty!

I love these metallic polishes by Kleancolor. They are all very pigmented and work for my stamping and water marble nail art. I was so impressed with these colors that I purchased an even bigger lot of Kleancolor lacquer. I know some people experienced staining of the nail bed but I use these over a gel manicure on my hands and I use two coats of base on my toes so staining is not an issue.

Adrienne Mozelle, KY

Great Polish and amazing vibrant colors!

So far these polishes are beyond my expectations! I love all the colors and they only need one coat to be opaque. They are so gorgeous and eye catching. This is the first time I’ve bought this brand and I’m very pleased and I will be buying more. The only problem I have is that the odor is kind of odd and very strong, but they are so pretty that it’s not gonna stop me from using them. I would 100% recommend these! 🙂

Diann Brookeville, MD

Oh dear!

The stench from these polishes is unbearable.The metallic sapphire severely stained the nails. It’s horrible. Completely destroyed the nail with color all the way through. I guess that is why they call it “Klean” color and not clean color.I don’t recommend this line at all.

Claudine Glenview Nas, IL

GREAT colors!

This is my third order of this brand of polish, I just love the colors, the finish, and the consistency. They dry fast, too. This batch have metallic finishes. I put on the metallic red right away, right on top of yesterday’s manicure. The red is a deep cranberry red, great for fall and winter. The finish looks just like a brand new car, sparkling in the sun. Close up, you can see that there is extremely fine glitter in the polish, but a few inches away, all you see is color and SHINE.The metallic white is more obviously glittery, and the black seems more flat than the other colors. I’m unlikely to use the black, anyway, so it’s no big deal to me. I’m sure I’ll find a good home for it.All of the colors are heavily pigmented, rich, vivid, jewel-like colors. Some are deep tones, like the purple and the blue, others are more bright tones, such as the green. I will have tons of fun with this kit, and may get the bigger metallic assortment just so I don’t run out!The only down side to this brand, for me anyway, is the smell. Its pretty potent. But this batch didn’t smell as strong, so maybe they fixed that, or the last batch burned out the smell-center in my brain. lol. Other than that, I highly endorse this product; Great color, easy to use, you get large bottles, and it’s really cheap at a little more than a dollar per bottle.EDIT: So far, all of the colors have looked great on the nail. Easy to apply and remove. But, the Metallic Green stained my nails very badly through TWO layers of a high end base coat. The polish looks great on, it’s wicked-witch-of-the-west green, only metallic. In sunlight it has a very cool yellow flash. I love it, I’ll wear it again, stain or no stain. But, I felt you would want to know before you buy/try. I have used several of the other metallics now, and I really love them. Even the white metallic is fun, it’s like snow on your fingertips! The white also makes a neat base for glitter polishes. I gave the black away, however, it was really flat, even in the sun. The girl I gave it to is in love with it, though, so to each her own.EDIT (12/1/2013)I like to play with color combos, layering, glitter over solids, that sort of thing. I put on the metallic fuschia and layered Chunky Holo Fuschia over it and WOW!! What a great result! You get an opalescent purple/pink/blue effect. You really don’t see the glitter much, but the nail is constantly changing color as you move your hand. Years ago L’Oreal had a polish called Seafleur, and this is very much like that. You get the same effect with the Metallic Fuschia and Chunky Holo Bluebell. This result is a showstopper….great for New Year’s Eve! Seriously, you need to try this!

Vilma Ramsay, MT

Very satisfied

Just received it in the mail. The colors are even more beautiful in person. Yes the smell is a little strong but I’m used to it.

Cathy Marlborough, CT

Vibrant colors

My niece will love this set. I got it for her knowing that she loves to paint her nails, so the colors are perfect for her.

Angelina Madera, CA


the colors are EXACTLY as bright (if not more vibrant) in real life as shown in the photo. the colors are BEAUTIFUL! they are perfect for nail art or to be worn alone.

Debra Blair, WV

I like the collection, but…….

This is not too bad a collection but I too found the green polish opened when I got the package. It got over three of the other bottles. It also made the package stink really badly. Delivery was fast, and some of the colors are really nice. My fave is the white.

Hattie Brownell, KS