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Kleancolor Nail Lacquers 6 Color – *NEW* Pastel Spring Collection

KLEANCOLOR *2011* Spring Collection

Key features

  • KLEANCOLOR *2011* Spring Collection
  • Featuring ALL New 6 Trend-setting Shades
  • With a Top-quality Formula Long-lasting, Chip-resistant Nail Lacquer.

Honest reviews


Love, love, love!!!

I guess I expected this polish to be thin and cheap, but it’s a much better quality. I have nail polish of different price points (mac, sally hansen, etc…) and I’m impressed with this polish and price. I plan to order more sets. These colors are true to the pictures and perfect for Spring. I like to do the Konad stamping and plan to stamp them with white polish, although they’re just as nice alone. Order them and you won’t be sorry. The seller Nail Essential is highly recommended as well. Enjoy!!

Susanne Kipling, NC

Great deal

This is such a great deal for the price and quality of these polishes. These are very opaque and didn’t chip on me. The picture is not accurate to the color, which I was happy about. The colors are definitely pastel, but a little brighter than they look in the picture. I will list the polish names so you can look them up to get a more accurate idea of their true colors: Pastel Pink, Pastel Purple, Pastel Teal, Pastel Orange, Pastel Yellow, and Pastel Blue.

Kara Dixon, CA

Old product

The colors are pretty. But 5 out of the six bottles were old and gummy and very thick. Too thick to spread on a fingernail. It just clumped in a glob on the brush. The other one was not even one of the colors shown, but a sheer color that was put in as a substitute.

Evelyn Killawog, NY

okay i guess

While I love the colors, I don’t see myself using these polishes very often unless I have a few hours set aside to do my nails. This polish takes FOREVER to dry. One good thing is that you only need one coat to achieve the color of the bottle.

Sue Delco, NC

Gorgeous colours… but they never dry!!

When I received these Kleancolor pastel nail polishes I was thrilled; the colours are really pretty! But when I painted my nails with them they never dried! I wanted about an hour and the polish was still wet and rather tacky. I had to remove it and redo my mani with another polish brand. I might have tried topping it with a fast dry top coat like Seche Vite but I was afraid it would just smear/drag the polish into a disastrous mess!This doesn’t appear to be an issue with all Kleancolor polishes, however. I have several of their metallic polishes and they dry rather quickly.

Marcella Damascus, MD

It’s okay.

Color is not transparent, but the two purple, to spread several layers of color will look plump, overall was OK.

Arline Claremont, MN

Good good good

I love this colorsAnd also fast shipping and good wrapping with themI love light orange one that color is so beautifulThis is so good price too:)

Eugenia Deshler, OH

Definitely would buy again.

I loved these! The colors were all so cute! They applied well and didn’t chip or peel at all when using one coat. Definitely would buy again.

Shelley Paxton, IL

Kleancolor Nail Polish Pastel Spring Colors

I love love love the colors, nice size bottles of nail polish and the polish is smooth and it gives my nails a nice thick coat of pastel color!

Katie Plymouth, NH

love almost all colors

The colors are cute just need two coats of it the two blue colors are great my favorite the others are great two

Chasity Saint Bethlehem, TN

great pastels

my seller gave me soem weird orange, that was like way sheer.and i didnt get the purple 🙁 but thats okay, the rest of these are extremely pretty and really great pastels for spring

Velma Briggsdale, CO

Wonderful pastel colors

These just came in today and I’m wearing the yellow color! The packaging was great, and they were well protected by a bunch of bubble wrap..A LOT of it and packed tightly! The shipping was quite fast and I got it in about 2 weeks! The colors are so bright and such nice pastel colors! The color isn’t opaque/watery and it dries fairly well! compared to other kleancolor nailpolishes I’ve bought from downtown la these are far by the best 🙂

Benita Blue Mountain, AR

That smell though…

I have purchased a few cheap ($1) nail polishes before and the smell can sometimes be unbearable so I figured I can tolerate it when other reviewers complained of the stench of these nail polishes. However, wow, it is unbelievably strong. I’m seriously worried about my health because it’s so stinky.More on the product itself, the colors are not too bad. Other reviewers complained that the colors were off. The only color that is off is the pastel purple. It definitely is more in line with the hues of pink, NOT purple. I’m rather disappointed. I really wanted the pastel purple too. All the other colors are comparable to the pictures.Thankfully, there were no broken bottles and spilled nail polish. However, one of the nail polish wands were cracked. I was concerned it would dry out the polish, but if the polish doesn’t spill, then air might also still be blocked from entering and drying the polish. I’m okay with that. I’ve only tried the yellow, orange, purple, and pastel teal. The orange was a little thick. I added some nail thinner to thin it out, which is fine, but it makes me wonder how old these polishes were. The ones that weren’t thick did result in a nice even color after two coats and the coats didn’t feel too thick on my nail.If you can stand the stench, if you’re okay the pastel purple is actually bright pink, if you want to take a chance, and if you have some cash to spend, then go for these. It’s a little more than $1 each, which is really cheap, so I guess it’s not too much wasted if your order incurs equal or worse concerns than mine.

Beth Livonia, NY

Beautiful pastels

These are colors that you don’t see very often. Although all of the colors take multiple coats for full coverage, the colors are gorgeous and get lots of compliments.

Kelly Cochecton Center, NY

Pleasantly Surprised

I really thought this would be a cheap polish but then i read some reviews saying it was actually good so i bought it to see for myself. Come to find out the reviews were right. Its not sheer at all & with 2 to 3 coats it looks great ! perfect pastel colors. I ordered this on Sunday and i just got it today on Friday. & also it doesn’t really give off a strong smell. It actually smells kinda good lol.

Young Birmingham, MI

True to colors

The colors look exactly like they do online and they are normal sized nail polish’s I am very happy that I went for the KleanColor nail polish’s instead of Essie sets.

Sophia Bala Cynwyd, PA

Love Them

Great for the price and quantity. The quality is a bit off, the polishes are all a bit thick and flake easily but i love the selection it provides.

Marci Singers Glen, VA

Five Stars

Beautiful colors long lasting

Morgan Fall River, KS

Surprising value.

I have stocked these colors at the upscale salon where I work. The coverage and finish are excellent. I would definitely order this product again.

Sarah Tivoli, TX

i love this.

The pastel colors go on nice, they don’t chip easy and you don’t have to apply a coat over and over again. The orange is my favorite orange i ever bought, which is unexpected, because I like pinks. Everything shipped just fine too, they used bubble wrap. The only thing is that the purple looks more like a darker pink instead of a lavender.

Brandie Hawkinsville, GA


Seemed like a great deal and the reviews said they were great quality. The colors are great but it goes on thick, gloppy, and unspreadable. Maybe it’s just old. I might get polish thinner and see if it helps…

Shanna Howard, KS

Awesome Colours

I love these nail polishes. They were so inexpensive i decided to go for them and i’m happy i did! The colours are just what i like and they have a nice shine. I normally do two coats, and although some seem a little tricky to get right these polishes are definitely worth it.

Sylvia Torrey, UT

Great colors

This is a real good buy. I love the colors and adore how generous KleanColor is. I will buy again when I run out.

Shelley Spencerville, IN

not too shabby

I bought these because I don’t really have any pastels. I do see what people were saying about the color difference. I don’t think its that bad. If you want to lighten the color up, use a white nail polish under these that show work.

Shana Norris, TN

Love the colors, hate the bottles

As another reviewer mentioned, these arrived with 3 of the 6 bottles leaking. I love the colors but the manufacturer really needs to fix this problem as it cost me 1/3 to 1/2 of the product out of each bottle, not to mention the mess it made in the box and made it very difficult to open the bottles.

Catalina Marshall, NC


Beautiful colors easy to use and no more that 2 coversand is ready for use good quality item , come on time

Vilma Strasburg, CO

good colors

Some good colors for less money, but you need atleast 3 coats to make it work. Am glad I ordered them.

Bridgett Belton, MO

you need two coats

but who doesn’t do that anyway? these dry super fast and are great for stamping, very happy with them and love all my kleancolor polishes

Amelia Mc Farlan, NC

Great deal

These polishes are an amazing deal! My only complaint is that they chip more easily than my Essie and opi polishes.

Louise Tijeras, NM

Loved the colors

Used every color all together to create a great ombré gradient on my nails . Love using each color on its own as well.

Penelope Bowman, GA