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KLEANCOLOR Nail Lacquer-KCNP48-235 Chunky Holo Bluebell

Trend setting shades with a top quality formula long lasting, chip resistant nail lacquer.

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  • KLEANCOLOR Nail Lacquer-KCNP48-235 Chunky Holo Bluebell

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A little disappointed..

When I saw the word “holographic” I assumed it was one of the new holographic polishes that change color as you change your view of the nails. This product is not that type of holographic, the seller might consider rewording the description because others might assume this as well. The polish is very light, and even several coats didn’t really show any color. It has a pretty glitter in it, and would be great (as other reviewers have noted) as a top coat on a darker polish. The polish’s sparkle is pretty, a burgundy/purple color. The polish has lasted more than a week on my nails. Granted without an all over color, I can not judge whether it would have chipped by now. It is basically a clear polish with colored glitter.

Beulah Canyonville, OR

its pretty…

but more of a transparent top coat than what it appears to be. i thought it was actually the color as shown and could be worn alone. either way, it is pretty and will make a nice addition to my collection

Melissa Del Rey, CA

KLEANCOLOR Nail Lacquer – Chunky Holo Bluebell 235

i have to say that i absolutely love this polish….it’s so holographic it’s crazy…the smell i am not too crazy about BUT will endure it for the look. the price is super duper great as i can’t find this in my area anywhere…i bought this to go on top of blues, purples and maybe black polish…to bring out the colors.

Rosalind Lupton, AZ

it was amazing color

i wore this the next day and i have gotten so many compliments ..thanks so much you guys are awesome

Phyllis West Alexander, PA


I love this glitter! You definitely need a base color coat before you apply this. And it doesn’t show up with the actually color that’s shown here, just the glitter itself. I love it though!

Aurora Sidney, MI