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Kleancolor Metallic Nail Lacquer 6 Colors Set

Kleancolor nail polish featuring long lasting pretty colors with new bottle design. It is pretty, it is good quality, yet affordable price. Metallic Yellow Metallic Aqua Metallic Sapphire Metallic Fuschia metallic Purple Metallic Green

Key features

  • Metallic Nail Polish in 6 different colors
  • smooth and long lasting nail polish

Honest reviews



This is the nail color set to get. The metallic colors are HOT. I bought two sets of this one. Recommend getting this one.

Laverne Ellerbe, NC


I couldn’t resist this shiny, glittery, vibrant multi-pack. I wasn’t familiar with the brand, but decided to try it. I was pleased with the coverage from only one coat, how quickly it dried and how great the colors are. Others mentioned a bad smell, but I found it more mild than regular nail polishes, even maybe a hint of grape. My only complaint is that they seem to chip a little easier than others polishes I’ve used. So I will keep experimenting with base and top coats to find a combination that works.

Reva Dollar Bay, MI

great nail polish

these Polishes are great they came very quickly the colors are beautiful and they go on smooth so very shiny and beautiful I love them

Gayla Benton, TN

nice polish

smelly polish, great assorted colors, kind of pricy though cause they dont stay on as they should (2 to 3 says :() use all the time and always get compliments.

Victoria Paw Paw, WV

Beware- Stains your nails something terrible!

I wish I had listened to the negative reviews on the nail polish. It stains your nails and is hard to removed even with pure acetone. The colors are pretty but its not worth the hassle it takes to get this nail polish off. I will never buy this brand again.

Gertrude Price, MD

A great nil polish.

This is a great nail plish with a variety of colors. It lasts a long time. I truly recomend this

Wilma Dover, TN

Update—- Love it!

I had previously written a review for this seller… The first time I mentioned that one of the nail polish bottles had come broken- I contacted them and got a quick response from them! They were really nice about it and said they would replace the damaged bottle. And so they did! I was actually skeptical at first but now I am really happy with my purchase. And they sent me an extra little gift too (polish remover pads). I thought that was super nice of them. Needless to say, I will definately be buying from them again AND recommeding them to my friends! I LOVE THE COLORS! Although they chip easily, but that can be fixed with extra coats and a last clear coat for a nice finish.

Cathy College City, CA

6 full size bottles of beautiful nail polishes

I’m very happy with the quality of this nail polish for the low price I paid for it. This is the 2nd set of Kleancolor polishes I ordered & I am now a fan of this brand… I ordered it on Nov 8 and received it on Nov 10. Very fast delivery with great wrapping/condition. I’ll add some pictures.

Nadia Pine Lake, GA


It came very quickly and in great condition. Thank you so much, I would so order from you once again! I use it for my nail decoration wheels. I forgot the names of the companies, but just as thick as the nail polish they sell for better, thicker decals. A great set for any nail polish enthusiast out there!

Marisol Flat, TX

Love these colors!

These are such awesome colors and they are great quality especially for the price! I would buy this brand again!

Betty Gulfport, MS

Great Colors, Wonderful Price

All shades are gorgeous! For this price, unbeatable deal!! The metallic colors are so vivid as well, great for stamping as well!! Will definately buy from again!

Bridget Vado, NM

Highly Pigmented

Such a good deal for so many colors! I just received them so I haven’t tried every color just yet, but I just used the teal blue on my nails and it looks GORGEOUS! The polish is very thick and pigmented, not the kind you have to do multiple coats. Love them!

Wendy Galatia, IL


I was pleasantly surprised by this nail polish!!! Figuring for the price and ordering it online, where I could not test it, it would probably be ok, but nothing fantastic…I was soooo wrong!!! The colors are amazing and the most sparkle I’ve ever gotten out of nail polish!!! I will absolutely order these again and have actually ordered other colors from this brand!!!

Marva Valparaiso, FL

Very metallic!

These colors are amazing, very rich, and very metallic/foil-like. I’ve never seen colors like these – most polish that is really metallic is also a pale shade. These colors are strong.There are a lot of other reviews, so I’ll only add a few things here:- These are very metallic, and look different with a top coat, so you can get two different looks out of one color. Without topcoat, they look like frosty metal, and with, the color deepens and looks more like hard candy.- They are a little thick, and you can benefit by adding a few drops of nail polish thinner (not remover or acetone – find nail polish thinner here on Amazon or at a beauty supply place). They’ll dry a little quicker as well as go on a little more smoothly.- The colors I have tried have worked well for stamping since they are very reflective and pretty opaque.- I know there are a lot of complaints about the odor with Kleancolor, but I’ve smelled worse, and what I like is the odor dissipates very quickly once dry, unlike a lot of nail polish that still smells really strong hours later or even all day.- Two coats, and in some cases just one coat, give complete coverage.- You can speed up drying time by using a fast-dry clear top coat like NYC’s In a New York Minute (which is cheap and dries VERY fast, makes everything underneath it dry fast and isn’t thick)

Kaitlin Kootenai, ID

Amazing.. affordable ….and beautiful colors!

Wow I must say that these are amazing! The colors are so pretty and bright and it only takes one coat! Kleancolor is an amazing brand and has great polishes but i must say that these are the best i have from them! You wont be disappointed!

Carmella Lenora, KS

Great for stamping

Thes work really well for stamping not to mention the colors are very pretty most are one coaters they will bleed a bit when you but top coat on.

Arlene Huddy, KY