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Kiss My Face Organics Start Up Exfoliating Face Wash, 4 Ounce Tubes

Start Up combines citrus essential oils with gentle Alpha Hydroxy Acids to cleanse and refresh your face. The 5% AHA level is gentle enough for all skin types.

Key features

  • Made with 82% Certified Organic Ingredients
  • Can be used for all skin types
  • Won’t over dry the skin as you cleanse
  • Leaves skin smooth, soft and bright
  • A little goes a long way–only have to use a small amount with each cleansing

Honest reviews


broke out in a rash after using this product once

I have sensitive skin, which is why i bought this product in the first place.Within a few hours of using it the first time, everywhere i’d applied it broke out in a rough rash. Now, a week later, my skin’s almost back to normal, and alas, i’m back to using the non-organic and relative un-earth-friendly exfoliating cleanser i had before.I read through the list of ingredients quite carefully, and i know i’m not allergic to any of the ingredients, so i’m not sure why my skin reacted so poorly to this product. I use other Kiss My Face products with no adverse reaction, and like the brand overall, so i’m disappointed that i can’t use this one.Since other people are giving it such good reviews, i’d suggest anyone considering this product find a store that has a sample bottle and apply a little to their forearm to check for a reaction before putting any on their face.

Ashley Southwest Harbor, ME


Absolutely love it!I use this mask about once a week, and it works magic on my skin. It leaves my face feeling super clean, and it leaves my skin looking radiant for about 5-6 days. Recommend you use this mask at least once a week.

Maryellen Aibonito, PR

Cleans well.

I bought this to replace cetaphil. It just wasn’t getting my face clean enough. This is nice. It cleans much better, has a pleasant light lemony scent, and leaves my skin clean but not tight. I love that it has 5% aha due to the citrus. It has always helped any flakeiness my skin was experiencing.

Bridgett Parkman, OH

A real find!

Jump Start is the best face wash I’ve ever used. Because the product had a name change, I was unable to locate it for a while, and tried alternatives. None satisfied me, so I was delighted to find it again. I have combination skin, so many other face washes leave parts of my face feeling oily. Jump Start really makes my face feel clean, and reduces the excess oil on parts of my face, causing the pores to either be smaller or appear smaller. I won’t be switching again.

Olga Oak Ridge, NC

Great face wash!

This was my first Kiss My Face purchase and I’m happy that I decided to try the brand! It gently exfoliates without causing any irritation. It has a subtle fresh scent and removes all of my makeup. A little goes a long way and I’m sure that each tube is going to last a while.

Belinda Adel, GA


One of the purest facial exfoliants you can buy. No harsh or crazy chemicals in the stuff, all natural organic ingredients which is something I strongly believe in since our skin absorbs this over time. Very light on your skin, no granules in it which I know some people like. I’ve been using it for years and I definitely save some nice money buying from Amazon since it’s CRAZY expensive at Whole Foods.Cheers

Olivia South Strafford, VT