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Kiss My Face Bar Soap, 8.0 oz, Pure Olive Oil. 1-Bar

A Natural Cleansing and Moisturizing Soap. For centuries the people of the Mediterranean have recognized the benefits of Olive Oil to the skin. Long lasting and made from the purest natural ingredients, it is a superb moisturizer suitable for all skin types. Its simple and pure. This moisturizing bar was created without animal ingredients, artificial colors, unnecessary chemicals or animal testing.

Key features

  • Olive Oil is renowned for its extraordinary emollience
  • Vitamin E to tighten and tone skin
  • Softens skin
  • Rich in Vitamin E & Beta Carotene

Honest reviews


instead of olive soap, it should be more of palm oil soap

this soap was a completely waste of my money, first of all it does not moisturize at all,it left my skin ashy,dried and pretty much upset. I would not recommend this soap, the soap smell like palm oil soap instead of olive oil soap.

Hazel Ranchos De Taos, NM

One Of The Worst Rashes I’ve Ever Had

YUCK!!!Too bad there’s no option for zero star reviews, ’cause this soap deserves one.After three uses, I have broken out in one of the nastiest cases of contact dermatitis that I’ve had in years. If you’re even slightly sensitive, I’ve avoid this one like the Plague.Two Weeks Later: I still have remnants of the rash on my extremities. I fully expect another week to pass before it all goes away.I contacted Kiss My Face customer service. Here’s their response:Thank for taking the time to write and for your feedback. Sorry that you are less than pleased with this KISS product. I’ll definitely pass your feedback on to our product development team. We love hearing from our customers even when it is less than stellar, and we absolutely do take your input into consideration when developing new products or when tweaking our current line of products. Please feel free to contact me if I can be of further help.

Etta Ahwahnee, CA

No palm oil in this soap.

I switched to this soap after finding out the “cruely-free” ones I had been using contained palm oil “hidden” in the ingredient lists under different names. Palm oil production is driving orangutans to near extinction. Not exactly “cruelty-free” as those soaps claimed. This brand is great for sensitive skin.

Essie Carter, MT

Ok – Update–> Great!

This soap is just ok; it sort of makes my skin feel a bit like it has a film on it or something, but perhaps I just need to get used to it. I quit using sulphate soaps, and I use this or Dr. Bronner’s Tea Tree Oil soap.UPDATE: I really love this soap, and my skin loves it too. I have VERY sensitive skin, and I can’t even use soap with a wash cloth, because I will itch when I get out of the shower if I do. I really like how delicate this soap is on my skin. I slather my arms and legs in coconut oil after the shower, and my skin has no irritation at all. I will probably use this soap forever, as it cleans, but it doesn’t make my skin angry. The bar also lasts FOREVER; I have been using it everyday now for several months, and it’s only halfway gone. Great deal for the money 🙂

Jolene Mittie, LA

Keep skin looking young

This soap is AWESOME! I first found it at a discount store and the single bar lasted 8 months. I wash my face with it twice per day. Olive oil is the perfect for any skin type. Its nature’s perfect moisturizer. The bar itself is extremely large so that it will not fit in a normal soap container. I was tempted to buy two just in case but its so large I will have it for awhile. Now that I think about it, I will buy more at the current price. You never know when it might go up in price.

Becky Bergen, NY

Tested this soap.

I feel the need to write a review of this product mainly because of all the reviews saying its caustic.First let me say I am a soap maker and run a very successful business making cold process soap. Sometimes I don’t get a batch made for myself and I have to buy some,so this was convenient and I bought it even after reading some of the terrible reviews. I have several means of testing soap for caustics I used every single one on this bar before using it on my skin,this soap is in NO way caustic! It’s a pretty nice basic soap, a large bar, and came at a good price.When I neglect to have soap made for personal use I will definately purchase this product again.

Alfreda Boulder Junction, WI

Kiss My Face-Pure Olive Oil Soap

This soap has a smooth creamy texture that I love. I like to save it for special occasions to treat myself.

Corrine Schuyler Lake, NY