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Kiss Me Heroine Make Long and Curl Mascara N 01.Black 6g

This mascara was awarded by Cosme’s prestigious Best Cosme Awards in 2009. It contains polymer fibers which lengthen eyelashes by 120%. It is a lightweight, long-lasting and curl-maintaining mascara which is waterproof and easy to apply. It also contains Chamomile Recutita Flower Extract and Camellia Japonica Seed Oil that won’t dry out your eyelashes.

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  • Heroine Make Long and Curl Mascara N 01.Black 6g

Honest reviews


Didn’t want to like it, but now it’s my HG

I bought this because of the reviews on I kind of wanted to disprove it because I was a hardcore Lancome snob. Yeah, this is totally my go to now and has left my Lancome’s and Estee Lauder’s in the dust. Fair warning – it’s a little sticky and takes about half a dozen tries to get used to it, but seriously stick with it. Also try warming it up before using it – run the blow dryer on the outside of the tube, or stick it in your bra while you get ready for your body heat to warm it up. People think I have fake lashes, but more importantly – I put my make up on at 6:30 this morning. It’s now almost 9 pm. I’m writing this review because I looked in the mirror and realized that it looks like I just put my mascara on. I use the Neutrogena oi-free eye makeup remover to get it off. You’ll need to use a good remover – I tried the Estee Lauder one (got a big sample bottle) and it doesn’t do the job so keep that in mind if you order it. Getting my second tube after I finish this review.

Cheryl New Ross, IN

Best mascara I’ve ever used!

Highly recommended for short Asian lashes! This is my favorite mascara. It makes my lashes look SO much longer and fuller, and it holds a curl well too. I can layer on coat after coat to build length and thickness, and the mascara still looks great!

Nan Silver Grove, KY

Holy Grail Mascara

This is on par with the great "holy grail" cosmetics: Diorshow mascaras, Laura Mercier Secret Camo concealers, Armani foundations. Let me preface this review by saying I am a mascara fiend, It seems I have tried them all. I wear glasses sometimes (bifocals) and contacts during the day, so I need mascara that doesn’t irritate or flake while hanging in for the long haul. i have slightly oily skin so smearage is a problem; Isehan doesn’t budge ALL DAY. It goes on thick, even, and wet, and amazingly dries fast enough that it doesn’t smear at all. Defines, lengthens, thickens, makes lashes glossy. Bottom lashes too, without looking weird. One coat is daytime fluffy, two is lush and borderline falsies, and three is just insane. You will have to use a dedicated eye-makeup remover to take it off, but nothing crazy. Not sure if it’s just me or what, but this mascara is a homerun. Not terribly expensive either. Will repurchase to have extras immediately.

Maryann Atwood, IN

good brush

I was hopping this would be another good Japanese beauty product of convenience store grade. I have a long thick eye lashes and had a high hopes of Japanese mascara will do a trick, but meh.. The curvy brush is made with these spikes that pocks your waterline and does not help to push up your eyelashes any higher. It smudges under eyes by the afternoon, and requires good eye make up solution to remove. I had to use two cotton pads front and back plus cotton swab to make sure they are completely removed. It is truly convenience store grade. With this price you may want to go with else something you find in Target and Walmart.

Wanda Little Meadows, PA

favorite mascara

best mascara i have ever used!!! my only problem though is i’m not sure if the formula is exactly the same as the one i got in japan…it seems this has less fibers and i can’t acheive the amazing lengths i had purchased over there. still better than any other mascara product i have used anyways!

Margaret Bison, OK

Really nice mascara!

This is very nice mascara. No clumping & it separates my lashes nicely. It’s a little hard to remove, but I guess that’s what makes it stay on so well. You’ll need a good eye makeup remover to take it off, but you won’t have raccoon eyes, that’s for sure! Nice dark black color! I’d recommend this mascara!

Julia Saltillo, PA

Great Mascara

I love this mascara but it’s better after it’s dried out after you open it. It’s a little too wet for me at first but once it dries out, it’s makes my lashes look awesome, long, separated and curled.

Sandy Traskwood, AR

Perfect if you need a mascara that won’t budge

I like this mascara a lot. It lengthens, thickens, goes on well and looks glossy black. The only problem is it doesn’t come off with normal eye makeup remover. I spend at least 15 minutes massaging with warm oil, rinsing and repeating and I will still have residue.

Twila Yellow Spring, WV


I bought this based on other great reviews here on Amazon.My skin type is normal to oily. I work 12 hour shifts, and no matter what brand of mascara I bought, even the “waterproof” kinds, I would end up looking like a raccoon 8 to 10 hours into my shift. NOT with this mascara! It lasts the whole 12 hours and then some. Some reviews mention that it’s hard to take off, but I use Estee Lauder’s “Take It Away” makeup remover, and it does a superb job at smoothly taking this mascara off. (Lauder Makeup Remover Lotion SamplesIt layers very nicely. If you want a dark black but more “natural” look, one coat is fine – no clumping, lashes stay separated nicely, but they are evenly coated. If you’re going for a more dramatic look, layer away. I’ve had it a couple of weeks now, and have had no fake looking clumpy clown lashes.I will definitely buy this again.

Ava Correctionville, IA

Easy application.

This goes on very well. It only takes one application and makes the lashes very full. This saves time when you’re trying to get out the door in the morning. I have to knock it one star though because it is difficult to clean out afterward (it’s a trade-off).

Socorro Salem, KY

Great very dark mascara

This mascara is very dark and has excellent staying power. So much so that I can never wash it all off. I use cold cream to get most of it off, but I can never seem to get it all off right away. That being said, is applies very nicely with the wand and looks great on.

Kris Newkirk, OK

Good Mascara

I got this mascara after reading a review on it. It’s a really good mascara! I use it, along with another mascara, to plump and lengthen my lashes. This mascara does a really good job at the lengthening part. It has little fibers in it that stick to your eyelashes– something I hadn’t been warned about., I thought I had a bunch of what I call "fuzzies" in it and was wondering how they got there since I wasn’t wearing clothing that shed too much. I really like this product and will definitely buy it again when I run out!Also, something else I wasn’t warned about: it’s water proof, and most asian mascaras and eyeliners are, so when shopping keep that in mind.If your eyelash game is week and fragile (like mine can be), this is not an everyday product for you since removing waterproof eyeliner requires some rubbing and general irritation of the eyelashes.

Lashonda Myrtle, MS

Water proof long curling lashes

First, it is water proof. So it is hard to remove. Second, it gives lashes long curling effect only after 2 times application without clumps.

Ellen Chillicothe, IA

The most effective mascara without smudging!

I receive most of my beauty updates and tips from my college students. They seem to have the time and the money to really explore some great products. I was a bit skeptical when a student introduced me to this mascara, swearing that it never smudges. Having been on a quest for such product and seeing that he price was very affordable, i gave it a try and love it! I honestly will not be able to use other products. Because this is a waterproof product, it is definitely difficult to erase at the end of the day, but with a good makeup remover, it does come off. I haven’t had a raccoon eye ever since I’ve been introduced to this product.

Sara Monticello, NY

No miracle mascara

Didn’t do anything crazy, like the rave reviews said it would. It actually made my eyelashes clump together even more.

Patricia Masonville, NY

Best mascara ever!

The title is not an exaggeration. It literally does not clump like some other mascara that specifically design not to clump. It last what seems like forever! Most importantly it holds your curls exactly the same as when it is originally applied to when you take it off your lashes will still be curly after you take mascara off with makeup remover (only Lancme facil can take this mascara off or he like). If you curl your lashes like me, only after you wash your face will the lashes go back to stick straight lol

Brooke Fruitland, UT