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Kiss Broadway Nails Real Life French Nail Kit, 24 Count

Everyday nails for everyday tasks. With pink gel glue for stronger, longer wear.

Key features

  • Easy to apply
  • 7 day wear 
  • Everyday nails for everyday tasks

Honest reviews



I’d never used acrylic nails before at home but I like these. I used the “Real short- petite” variety and they were a good fit for my smaller hands. The white part does chip a little, but initially I touched it up with a tiny bit of white polish and a shiny top coat. The glue that comes with it is enough for one application. The nails have a light pink hue to them. Once I reached one full week of wear two nails flew off. At this point that was fine though since I was ready to take them off. I got lots of compliments on these and people actually thought they were real. It was a little tricky using the super sticky glue and me fumbling trying to get them on, but I like the way they look and I just bought another box so I can have fancy nails for weddings, etc… I would recommend laying out all the nails you plan to use before you start applying them. This way you can stick them on quickly witout trying to pick which ones you want as you go along.

Gloria Byhalia, MS

Easy to use and looks like a professional pink and white mani

This is much quicker and cheaper than getting a pink and white mani at a salon. Easy to use. They give you plenty of glue.

Tanisha Wattsville, VA

First press ons to ever love!

I have not used press on nails since I was in middle school. I only tried these on the recommendation of a friend. I have had gel nails, acrylic nails, regular manicures… these are the more affordable and longest lasting option.I have been able to do everything with these on (open soda cans, take long hot showers, wash dishes, style my hair, type). After a week they need to be replaced- the white part chips and they start to lift. I buy them 5.00 at Target or the drug store. Spending 20 a month is nothing compared to what I was spending in the salon.They also save a ton of time. To soak them off it takes 10 minutes. It takes 10 minutes to apply them as well.Tip: I have super small nails and hands. The "real short" nails were still too large for me. I had to file them down on the sides.I also filed them down in length. For me, the "real short" length is just way too long.

Sarah Gateway, AR

Easy to put on!

My nails crack and break all the time, and, it doesn’t help that I have a nail biting problem to boot. These nails stop me from biting my fingernails and, they look great!

Tonia Raleigh, MS

Fast, Fabulous, Fake Nails

This is one darn good product! I have worn acrylic and gel nails for 18 years and love how they look. Of course, they are expensive to maintain and time consuming to go to a salon twice a month to have them filled-in.I’ve tried to grow my own nails without success. Once you remove the acrylic nails, the nail bed takes several months to fully grow. Meanwhile, you are left with weak, peeling, ugly nails.Until now. I took off my acrylics, trimmed my ‘real’ nails, and put on a coat of clear nail hardener. After it was dry, I followed the instructions on the box. It took me 30 minutes to put on a full set of nails. It should be a bit faster next time.I bought the style that most resembles my former acrylics; short with a French manicure. I have done house cleaning, grocery shopping, brushed my dog, made beds, done laundry, cooked, washed dishes and they STILL are holding tightly and looking fabulous. (If they last longer than the week, I will update this review and give it five stars.)A tip: There are 24 nails in your kit. Select the ones that fit you best and place them in the order in which you will apply them. After my nails were securely on (I waited 10 minutes), I slightly filed the edges of the square nails to make them less sharp and natural looking.If you have a big event, special date, job interview, or just want your hands to look pretty, this is an excellent product.For price, looks, and convenience, this is a great product.

Valerie Kennewick, WA