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Kirk’s Natural Original Castile Soap, 4 Ounce

Biodegradable. Never tested on animals.

Key features

  • No animal by-products
  • Hypoallergenic
  • No synthetic detergents

Honest reviews


Contains palm oil which is driving orangutans to extinction.

I used to use this soap until I found out the company uses palm oil. Palm oil production is pushing orangutans to extinction in violent and painful ways. I’d like to use this product if they would use an oil that isn’t harmful to wildlife.

Rene Ringgold, LA

Nothing good to report

I went on their site and this is mostly natural – not 100%, as they say most of the ingredients are almost all natural.Secondly, I have dry skin and this leaves my skin VERY dry and white… like the cheap Palmolive brand.Thirdly, this lasts about 4* days, and I used it twice a day. When I was using Dove, it lasted me about 7 days. I don’t waste soap in the shower so yes, it doesn’t last long in general.Kiss my Face is the converse to everything mentioned above, so I will be using the Kiss brand.

Tisha Casey, IL

Proper soap

Nearest thing to what we had as kids (long time ago). I dunno but skin looks cleaner and fresher with this than anything else. Great for kids and teenagers.

Monika Danbury, NE

Great stuff

One of my favorite soaps (the fragrance free option)… it hits all the high notes for me: effectiveness, a reasonable price, and no fragrances or other unnecessary stuff that is so common today.5 stars. Sometimes simple is better.

Helena Scotland, MD

Tried and true!

I make my own laundry detergent and this was one of the ingredients. It is a tried and true soap. I think that it is one of the best. Well tested over the years! I spent $40.00 dollars on ingredients, this being one of them, and my batch lasted me a whole year.

Ada Gandeeville, WV

Good soap, lathers well – rinses clean, mild scent

Better than major brand stuff (that comes off gooey, smells like chemicals, gives you a sticky feeling). Kirk’s lathers well, smells of coco and herbs, and rinses really well. Very mild in scent – and the bars are big. I like the lather and feel of this better than Burt’s Bees (another good soap), but Burt’s has a better scent (citrus).

Marisa Gainesville, FL

An Original!

I like it’s pure smell and I grate it into the rest of the mixture when I make my own laundry product. It makes great suds

Shana Scarbro, WV

It’s okay

I bought this to use in my hair. I thought that I had read somewhere that it would be less damaging than shampoos and this was a good alternative. No. Don’t make the same mistake. I use it as regular soap now and it’s okay. Nothing special.

Caryn Stout, IA

great for homemade laundry soap

I melt this and mix with borax and washing soda ( and some essential oil) for wonderful laundry soap. Works great….and doesn’t have the petroleum that Fetsnap has in it….

Liz Darien, GA

Great stuff!

This is super cheap really great soap. LOVE IT! eleven more words are required so I am typing some more.

Tammie Luverne, ND