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Kirkland Signature Professional Salon Formula Moisture Shampoo, 33.8 Fl. Oz.

Kirkland Signature Professional Salon Formula Moisture Shampoo 33.8 Ounce Bottle. for healthier, softer, shinier looking hair. Moisture nutrient complex. Made with pure organic extracts. Safe for color treated hair. Sulfate free, 100% vegan, Paraben free, and gluten free.

Key features

  • For healthier, softer, shinier looking hair. Moisture nutrient complex
  • Made with pure organic extracts
  • Kirkland Signature Professional Salon Formula Moisture Shampoo 33.8 Ounce Bottle

Honest reviews


Reasonable alternative to salon shampoo

This shampoo bottle is big – 33.8 ounces and about 12 inches tall – so make sure your shower caddy can handle a large bottle like this.This SLS-free formula contains gentle cleansers and is designed to be safe for colored hair. It is also paraben free. However, I always get a little annoyed with products like this which make it sound like it’s a natural, organic product. Yes, it does contain organic extracts, such as cucumber extract, grape seed extract, avocado fruit extract, and aloe leaf extract. But look closely at the ingredients and there are a lot of chemicals with long names that show that it’s a lot like so many other shampoos out thereThe shampoo itself is a peachy color and quite thick in consistency. I pumped a little bit out onto the back of my hand and it just sits there. The shampoo has a sweet, powdery scent, which is pleasant and I actually like it quite a bit. However, if you’re sensitive to strong perfumey scents, and prefer more natural scents, then don’t use this.I like pump bottles of shampoo for ease of use in the shower, but in this case the pump bottle was not the best choice. It’s very difficult to pump out due its thick consistency. Even my husband complained about it.I use one full pump of the shampoo each time I wash my slightly above-the-shoulder length hair. Once I work it into my hair, the shampoo does develop a thick lather, but it takes a bit of work, and obviously, quite a bit of shampoo, to get it this point. Consequently, it seems to take quite a while to rinse out.On the positive side, my hair does feel moisturized and healthy. I skip using a conditioner as it’s not necessary with this shampoo. My hair is slightly wavy with a tendency to frizz, but when I use Kirkland Moisture Shampoo, it makes the straightening process easier and I have significantly less frizz. Best of all, it doesn’t weigh down my hair and I am able to shampoo my hair every other day. I think my hair color also does quite well with this shampoo and seems to not fade as quickly. 4 stars

Polly Walloon Lake, MI

From $12.05 to $18.50 overnight?

Looked at this shampoo yesterday but forgot to add to order. Went back today and it had jumped in price from $12.05 to $18.50. Hard to see how such a massive increase could be warranted.

Sarah Hymera, IN

Promotes breakage???

In my never ending quest for a sulfate free shampoo that was safe for the whole family to use and upon glowing reviews from my mother-in-law, I picked up a bottle of this shampoo and conditioner a few months ago during a trip to Costco. For nine dollars a bottle (seven for the conditioner), I thought it was a great deal. The shampoo leaves hair tangle free and combined with the conditioner leaves hair super shiny, full of bounce, and healthy looking.Now it’s been about a month and a half and I’m noticing that (1) I have to trim my ends more often because of split ends, (2) this moisture shampoo has yet to cure my dry scalp, (3) the fragrance is one of those lingering scents that doesn’t truly wash out, and (4) I *really* don’t like the ‘wood glue’ consistency (all the chemicals on the label are just too scary). I stopped using Loreal Evercreme because of the intensely fake vanilla smell and the high cost (thought not as much as other brands of course), however it left my hair truly moisturized, I NEVER had issues with split ends… It looks like for the time being I’m going back to Evercreme until I can transition to something better.

Tonia Davidsville, PA

Love it!

I have been using the shampoo along with the conditioner for about two years and I just love it. It smells exactly like Pureology Nano and I like it just as much and it costs way less than Pureology (about $60 less) I have a full head of long, bleach blonde, wavy, fine, oily hair and it makes my hair shiny and soft without weighing it down. I rinse it thoroughly though since it’s very creamy. I have a few of my friends hooked on it.

Nina Woodland, MS

Middle of the road

Nothing special, nothing bad and nothing good. Just typical shampoo. It’s a little heavy, so it weighed my hair down.. But its not awful.

Esther Holland, MI

Wish I knew about this stuff a long time ago.

This stuff is great! And I purchased both the shampoo and conditioner from my local Costco. You get your money’s worth and more. I wish I knew about it a long time ago!Thick formula, lathers well, and moisturizes. Made my hair noticeably softer and shinier after just one use.Smells very, very good like one of the more expensive salon brands I have used in the past.So far, I have never been disappointed with any of the Kirkland Signature products I have bought from Costco and they are of high quality.A plus with this shampoo and conditioner line is it is 100% Vegan, Sulfate Free, and Paraben free. I hope they come out with more beauty products from Kirkland Signature!

Bernadette Onondaga, MI

I love it!!!

I have tried many organic shampoo’s in the market and thisone is the best out of all of them.Unlike most organic shampoos it cleans hair thoroughly.Has very nice and light smell (not too intrusive).Most important of all no harmful chemicals!!

Tania West Sand Lake, NY