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Kirkland Minoxidil 5% Extra Strength Hair Regrowth for Men, 6 Month Supply

Kirkland Signature Minoxodil topical solution USP 5% is for men who have a general thinning of hair on the top of the scalp (vertex only). Minoxidil has been show to regrow hair in men with low to moderate hair loss. Please see images for a diagram to determine if this product will treat the degree of your hair loss.

Key features

  • 6-2 Ounce Bottles
  • 5% Minoxidil Topical Solution
  • Six Month Supply
  • One Child-resistant Dropper Applicators
  • Contains Information Booklet on How To Use and Obtain Best Results

Honest reviews



This is really nasty that seller stay quiet of “cat killer” effect.I bought it for my boyfriend but when he saw it he said that he will not use it because this product very toxic to animals and very deadly for cats. Just direct contact with skin that have minox or sleeping on your bed will possibly deadly for cat.So I google it and found a lot devastating stories about pets that was killed by minoxidil just because they was inhalated it or touch skin.From Wikipedia: “Minoxidil is highly toxic to cats and may cause death with just inadvertent skin contac”.So why minox don’t write it on box and on description? This is nasty!We throw away this kit and wash our hands properly (I did opened it).I don’t care about money but the possibility of loose my pet, which is family member, really terrifiyng.DO NOT BUT CAT KILLER! If u don’t believe it – just google “minoxidil and cat”.Ps. Sorry for my English, I’m not American.

Mellisa Montrose, SD


Ok so here’s the lowdown. Its extremely annoying to apply this twice a day especially if you have long hair. If you have short hair after you apply use this to style your hair also in place of a wax for a very natural looking hold. You will lose hair at about 4 months and your hair will look worse then in about a year you will have regrown that plus more. I have been using for 4 years and when i stopped i lost all the regrown hair. Now that i have restarted i went through the initial shedding and regrowth has begun. This isn’t an instant fix but it does work if you take the time to use it properly. My hair loss is in the middle of my scalp and this regrew hair despite claims it only works on the vertex as i apply to my whole scalp on top all the way to the front. If you have really heavy hair loss this might not do much but is worth a try. Hope this helps someone!

Sheree Del Rey, CA

Too Early to Tell

This product has an excellent reputation, but it takes time to see if it will work on an individual. I will report back after I have used it for several months.

Noemi Mount Pleasant, TX

Kirkland Minoxidil %%

I have used this product once a day for years. It does help with my post menopausal hair loss. It is very inexpensive and works just as well as the name brand.

Letha Whitharral, TX

Be Careful With This Stuff!

Although it seemed to work well, it is very potent! Be extremely careful if you choose to use this product. My fiance had to stop using it after about 6 months of use because he ended up having a reaction to it. His scalp, face, ears, and neck began to itch real badly after 3 months, and his eyes got swollen and his skin was red. It took 2 weeks of non use for the itching and swelling to completely go away. He tried being more careful with the product by making sure he washed his hands real well after each use and by making sure to apply it right and use it in plenty of time before bed so it didn’t get on the pillow, but it didn’t seem to help! He had to stop using it all together and he has not used it since. His hair did get noticeably thicker, but with how he reacted to it, it just is not worth it!

Kristy Mansfield, WA

Didnt help my husband hair!

My husband put this stuff on hair for months and didn’t do anything! It was a complete waste of time and money for us.

Kerri Potter Valley, CA

Good Product

Kirkland doesnt seem to be as watery and prone to running all over the place as Equate, but when it driesI notice alot of flakiness on the scalp, this is really undesirable. I went back the the Equate version for this reason. No scalp irritation as others have described. As far as effectiveness, I havent noticed any difference between the two.

Barbara Singers Glen, VA

Better than the foam for some users.

Less greasy than the foam, and easier to apply to areas that still have hair without making the area oily and limp.

Neva Rolla, KS

My dermatologist says minoxidil tends to work well in women…..more success than men get !!

Women CAN use the 5% strength as well. Kirkland gives you the quality with out the sticker shock price of brand Rogaine. Skip the expensive brand and get your hair back as effectively with Kirkland.

Ma Hawkins, TX


I’m a 60 ish gal. My front hairline is very thin. My dermatologist said I could use the 5% Minoxidil in front and I did for months. My thin hair grew, but not much. I stopped using the product because I got scalp scaling. The grown hair, not only fell out, but my hairline looked worse. So, I started using the Minoxidil again. My hair started to grow again. Now I have scalp itch, but no scaling. I will continue to use it, because my hairline looks a little better. The directions say, twice a day. I use it once a day, maybe 3-4 times a week. That seems to work. 3 stars because it’s constant work and it’s just ok. I recommend using it twice a day for a few months. Once the hair starts to grow, no need to use it twice/day.

Vonda Erin, TN

better than rogaine

I’ve been using Minoxidil for over 6 years now. I think that the CVS brand and this is the best i’ve used. I switched to rogaine foam about a year ago with the 6 month supply and after 6 months of it I felt like i lost more hair than gained. I switched back to Kirkland 6 month supply and the hair has returned and holding steady. None of these will work a miracle and regrow tons of hair, but this seems to maintain the hair I have and it definitely does give you thicker hairs.

Cheri Midway City, CA

High quality and excellent price….

The product has high quality, fast results and excellent price!!!Everything of best !!!!I will always be customer!Note 10!

Beatrice Granger, WA

Works Great

Works great. Helps you to grow new hair and keep what you have. I needed to use this after medications caused my hair to thin. My hair is now a lot thicker.

Carly Hull, GA

Great deal!

I’ve always been a hardcore Lipogaine user, but I thought I would give this generic version a try. I would say it works as well as Lipogaine, but has a greasier application. I did experience hair regrowth after about 2 months of use. I would blow dry my hair after applying to diffuse the greasy look. If you’re cost conscience this stuff is for you, if not, try Lipogaine.

Gabriela Neptune, NJ

Good price

This stuff is expensive in name brand… I think it’s all the same .. So I just buy the generic.. I have been buying this for years and I am happy with it.

Martha Philomont, VA

Great Generic

This product works as well as the name-brand one. I have had no problems with it and my hair growth is very good.

Kathy Beatty, OR

It will grow hair!!!

I pour mine into an old small spray bottle. I use it every morning on my scalp and also use it by spraying 2 pumps on an old toothbrush and going over my brows. It thickens them no matter how much you have over plucked if you have no scar tissue.

Lilly North Miami Beach, FL

early comments

I don’t know how well it actally owrks. I mix it with 2% solution. It is too soon to evlaute what will be several months of daily use. th erpoduct arrived on time and was reasonably priced.

Brandi Milford, NH

I guess I just don’t care

I’ve used this generic minoxidil on and off over the years. When I have used it, I was consistent with it for at least a year. But then I get bored with it because it appears to do nothing but be a waste of time, so I quit. Then another while goes by and I forget how useless it is, so I try it again ….and quit again. Maybe this time I’ll quit for good. Don’t think I really care anymore. If it showed any meaningful effectiveness, I prolly never would have quit to begin with. If you’re going to do it, get the 6 month supply and stick to it. This generic is prolly no better or worse than the name brand. The treatment itself has just been proven ineffectual; at least for me.

Maritza Ayr, NE

it works

I’m sure all minoxidil either works or it doesn’t, it depends on the person. This product worked for me, the price was very reasonable, and it isn’t too gunky, I can apply it four times before I need to wash my hair again.

Robin Homestead, IA


this kirkland works just as well for my husband as the brand name at a fraction of the price…i will reorder in 6 months…talk about convenience with this product…6 months worth arrives each time and you just put it in the medicine cabinet and forget about it…

Taylor Hyannis, NE

Good product

I use this with Lipogaine and The Big 3 Shampoo. Be patient! This stuff is slower than a turtle about regrowing but I think it might work for temples.

Jana Trabuco Canyon, CA

My receding hairline grew back!

This stuff works guys, I had a receding hairline and it was scary far back. I was embarrassed after leaving the barber shop. Now 1 1/2 months later, I been using this stuff twice a day….Been noticing growth..Got new fade and edge up and it looks Great! My hairline is back, grew, lowered, whatever you want to call it.See, I was using this stuff before and it worked, I stopped and the hair fell back again..But before this, I was using Minoxidil 15%! They had it on amazon, and now you have to have a subscription to get that stuff, bus huh? But this stuff works slower, but it works. Buy it guys, a whole 6 month supply. I wish the Rock had used this stuff, he would have came back looking awesome. And all that money, you’d think they would prevent that stuff.

Jamie Browns Valley, MN

My Hair Truth – Update!

First thing to do: Change your shower filter every six months. Get rid of chlorine and chemicals that cause hair to fall out faster!Did it work for me? Yes, so far? Will it work for you? I have no idea, but this 6-month supply will give you your answer at a bargain price.I asked my doctor and he said that yes, indeed, Minoxidil (generic Rogaine) will grow back hair on some people. Seeing this bargain price and noting that this item takes time to work, I couldn’t pass it up. It comes in (6) 2 oz. bottles, each with a dropper. You slowly drip one ml of fluid on your scalp or the Vertex, which is the top back section of your head. Do this once in the morning and once in the evening noting that it takes 2-4 hours to dry. What? Yes, it’s mildly sticky, like fresh hairspray. I use one finger to dab it around my scalp. I even tried placing a little in the front above my temples where I am receding. I found I have to carefully comb out my hair and it looks like it might be slightly wet. It maintains its stickiness for a few hours. I didn’t care for that part of it.UPDATE: At exactly three months now, I can see ” to ” hairs growing on my Vertex (nothing in front, as Kirkland readily says). My hair came in as it is; thin shafts of silvery grey. It is nothing dramatic at all. But there is defintely no hair loss as well. I’ll continue to use this for 6 months and see how much growth I can achieve. Kirkland does say that if not used, your hair recession will begin again after three months. For the price, it’s worth it considering that Men’s Rogaine Foam-Rogaine Hair Regrowth Treatment, 6/2.11 oz. cans (6 Month Supply) costs twice as much for six months. I’d be wiser to go to the gym more often. Also, someone mentioned that it is poisonous to pets and my cat likes to sneak up on my work chair and lick my hair. I’d still recommend trying it and reading all the reviews you can find.UPDATE: It has now been six months of regular daily use of Minoxidil. I suspect I have reached my threshold. I am no longer losing my hair, that is clear. However, I do not see any new growth since around three to four months. The circular pattern that predates the male pattern baldness on my vortex has disappeared and the ‘ring-like’ appearance has diffused into the rest of my hair. No doubt this is a big improvement over six months ago. There is also no new growth in the front near my temples as is stated on the product. However, I continued to use up the 6-month supply and made my final decision. I still think for the price and the results, this product is worth it.UPDATE: It has now passed the nine month mark and I can safely say that no new hairs are growing and no more are leaving. I seem to have reached a plateau. If I were to stop now, I would probably start to lose hair within three months, but this item is so relatively inexpensive, I am going to continue with it. A short haircut also helps, oddly enough.UPDATE:It has now been a year. I can say that my hair is about the same as it was after 3 months – no better, no worse. I am sure if I stopped, the recession would continue, but I am so damn vain!

Tasha Warsaw, MN

Youy can’t beat the price.

I hope that this is really and merely the generic version of Rogaine because you cannot beat the price. I wish that I had the ablitiy to take it to a lab so as to prove that it is what it claims to be, but I’m a trusting soul, so I continue to buy it, and it costs 50% less than the Rogaine that you see in the stores

Caroline Hendrix, OK


This is a great product at a very low price. It works great, but the only side effect I have had is graying hair from using the product. No big deal. A little hair dye and problem solved.:)

Marisa Kitty Hawk, NC

Best value, works on hairline

After spending a great deal of time reading medical literature and trying different hair regrowth products, I can confirm that this product does work on the hairline. Oddly, the hair doesn’t appear identical to that it replaced as it is thinner and more curly. It also can cause acne in the vicinity. My hair loss was minor and I started using this product at the earliest sign of hair line recession. This enables me to avoid appearing as the most senior gorilla in the "band" (presumably the evolutionary reason for male pattern hair loss).*********Other interesting fact: Dermatologists have long said that gray hair could NEVER be reversed. As it turns out, cancer drug Gleevec, which costs about $30k/year, has shown to reverse gray hair in some patients.

Linda Mount Freedom, NJ

bought this for my uncle

i dont think he used it everyday tho. maybe thats why it didnt really work. it did leave a weird white residue on his head and it became itchy

Mallory Manor, PA

Great For Regrowing Overplucked Eyebrows!

I overplucked my brows for years and decided I wanted to grow them out again, but wasn’t having much luck despite taking hair vitamins and hiding my tweezers.I did a ton of research and found that a lot of ladies went through the same thin-brow phase and were experiencing overpluck remorse. Many of them recommended rogaine to regrow the over-tweezed hair.Welp, the brand name is exponentially more expensive than the Kirkland brand, and the active ingredient is the same.I’ve been using this twice a day for 2 months on my brows and they are back to their bushy glory.I’d recommend it to anyone wanting a cheap, efficient way to regrow their overplucked brows.

Elsie Orchard, TX

It has a tester in it

The tester works wonders. You don’t have to put too much on and it keeps you from spilling it all over.

Frieda Newell, PA