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Kingsley Shave Soap Bowl with Lid Dark Wood

Shaving Bowl This Shaving Bowl is a stylish way to hold your shaving soap. Includes a loosing fitting lid that makes it perfect for travel.

Key features

  • Shave soap not included.
  • Dark Wood

Honest reviews


Beautiful Bowl

This bowl has been a perfect gift for my husband. I bought it along with the soap and he absolutely loves it. It’s beautiful, stays clean, and keeps the soap really nice. For all of you who love nice shaving items I would definitely recommend this.

Katie Tumwater, WA

Goes great with badger brushes

I bought this to go with the art of shaving kit I bought for my husband for Christmas. It seemed to take forever to get here, but it was worth the wait. It looks beautiful out on our bathroom vanity & does the trick with no issues thus far.

Hannah Thayer, IA

Re: Nice Box

I bought several of these for Christmas gifts. Besides being very pretty and smelling nice they are great little boxes. I may come back and order some more later for something other than shaving.

Barbra Du Quoin, IL

Shave Soap Bowl

Good product, received quickly. It is not the most high quality of soap bowls (but do keep in mind the low price), however, it is a good medium grade quality that functions and looks just fine.

Elizabeth Rio, IL

good product

It’s alright, not really sure what anyone could expect for this price but if you’re gonna use this as your primary bowl just know the inside isn’t waterproof or anything, you’re a lot better off using a mug.

Patrice Thornton, TX

Great Accessory!

I got this as a present for my dad and he loves it! It was just as nice as the picture makes it out to be. It’s solid wood so it’s sturdy. We didn’t have any problem with the lid as referenced in other reviews and were able to find soap to fit it without a problem. I would recommend it for any classy gentleman. Makes a nice gift!

Estela Oldwick, NJ

Nice shaving bowl

I used to use a mug for my wet shaving, but the mug was too deep so it was hard to swirl my brush. I read good reviews on this bowl and noticed it was not too deep. I am glad I bought it because it makes lathering alot easier than with a mug. I don’t use the lid at all, so thats not helpful for me, but overall it is a nice product.

Ines Little Silver, NJ

Very pretty bowl

I love that the bowl looks so nice on the counter. It holds the soap well. We bought Williams mug soap. It looks well made, not cheap. Very happy with the purchase.

Daisy Orocovis, PR

Rating for Kingsley Shave soap bowl

It is a bit wider than I thought it would be but that’s perfect. I also will mention some shave soaps I put inside don’t allow the lid to fully close, but the soap should go down in a few uses and allow it to close properly. It is nice though =)

Catalina Seven Mile, OH