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KingMas® Facial Cleanser Exfoliate Brush Facial Skin Care Tool, pore cleaner

Brand New & High quality. Basic makeup brush Ultra soft and flexible is gentle on the delicate skin Deeply clean pores, effectively prevent black produce Mild cutin, another skin smooth, brightens the skin tone Handle material: Wooden handle Brush material: Fine fiber How to use: 1) Wet brush using foam or soap, rob on hands and lather. 2) Use brush to lather on face, massage gently. 3) Wash off with lukewarm water, wash the brush after use. 4) Dry on cool & Dry area. Package Included: 1x Facial Cleaning Wash Brush

Key features

  • Ultra soft and flexible is gentle on the delicate skin
  • Deeply clean pores, effectively prevent black produce
  • Mild cutin, another skin smooth, brightens the skin tone
  • Brush material: Fine fiber

Honest reviews


Quality made Luscious feeling TEN star product

Not only do I look closely at items I expect them to be what they claim to be. Have also posted a photo of the brush I received.This is a beautiful brush as well as a well made one. Love the wood which is smooth and luscious feeling. There is a beautiful silver ring around the base of the brush that makes it look elegant in a French zen way. Actually thought the brush itself was made from rabbit fur because its so utterly soft and dense. This is 100% quality made.And while I certainly will use it for my face, the fact is we are using it for a young family member who had heart surgery and has a sensitive long area on his chest that has been stitched up but needs cleaning in the shower daily. This brush works great!! Have a friend who is a recent burn victim and she wants one because her skin is so sensitive when she washed and this brush felt so soft to her that she was going to buy one herself.This is a product I not only will recommend but I will be buying them as gifts because I feel they are an excellent product that would make a special and useful gift.

Norma Bloomfield, IN

Over rated…. It’s okay

I mean yeah it cleans your face but so does a loofah or a wash cloth. But I must admit its pretty cute but over priced. Does the same thing as a $2 scrubber so save your $ it’s just not that serious TRUST ME!

Tabitha London, KY

very soft

I think this brush is fine as a lathering brush, but it’s not appropriate to call it an exfoliating brush. It’s much too soft. It does feel nice on the face though.

Letha Cecilia, KY

Great pore cleanser!

This brush is a little soft, but is perfect for skin that is a little sensitive. Washcloths, face cloths, and even some towels scratch my skin. This brush is excellent for my skin. After 2 – 3 days of use, my face is becoming smoother. I have had problem skin since I was a teen. Using this with Dead Sea Mud soap daily has taken care of my acne issues. I don’t think that I can get away with telling people that I have problem skin much longer. My skin is more radiant than it has ever been. This brush is one of the reasons why.

Enid Roseville, MI

Nice cleasnser

It does the job to make my face clean. It takes a little bit patience to clean your face as it is not like other automatic cleansers. But the price is totally affordable and its quality is good. The brush is soft and it does not hurt your skin. The only thing that bothers me is after you wash the cleanser, it takes quite long time to dry out. Overall it’s worth the price, tho.Update.It is really hard to dry out and it stinks a little bit. Guess it’s the way I dry it but it works.

Alexandra Bardstown, KY

Rougher than expected.

I bought a similar brush before buying this one and thought two is better than one. Unfortunately, the bristles for this brush seem to be made from something different and it feels a lot rougher on my face. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, just not what I was expecting. So, I really only use this brush once a week, where as I use the other everyday. It’s great for exfoliation.

Dale Norris, TN

Very Nice, But….

Perhaps the split wooden handle won’t break altogether. I like the bristles against my face very much. Soft yet effective cleansing. I just hope the wooden handle doesn’t fall apart.

Amelia Kouts, IN

it came 8 days ealy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

it is very soft and it complety together and it came early very happy with this product

Jenna East Hebron, NH

Very soft brush

I have dry, very sensitive skin and use the brush only twice a week without irritation. I use it withAveeno Active Naturals Ultra Calming Foaming Cleanser, Fragrance-Free, 6 Ounce. Even though the bristles are the softest I’ve ever come across, over twice a week would be too much for my skin. As far as I can tell, the bristles are synthetic if that matters to you. A rope is attached so you can hang it to dry. Not sure how long the wood will last since it gets wet. I was provided a sample from the manufacturer.

Johnnie Benton Ridge, OH