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Kiehl’s Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado for Unisex, 0.5 Ounce

A kiehl’s classic for a burst of hydration to the eye area. The creamy preparation with avocado oil gently moisturizes the delicate eye area. Its unique, concentrated texture does not migrate into your eyes.

Key features

  • The creamy preparation with avocado oil gently moisturizes the delicate eye area
  • Its unique, concentrated texture does not migrate into your eyes
  • Gently moisturizes the delicate eye area

Honest reviews


Very average

i am someone who is really into skin and beauty care products so i have tried A LOT of them, mainly the high end ones. i was asking my (very good) dermatologist what she recommends i use to treat any expression lines (i am in my thirties and i dont really have wrinkles). She said: 1 word, RETINOL. she recommended Roc Retinol Correxion Eye cream or Neutrogena’s. so when i started using Roc at night, i noticed it was very drying for the eye contour, so she recommended i use a moisturizer over it. after a thorough research for THE best moisturizing eye cream, i found La Roche-Posay’s Hydraphase to be the best for the job. i purchased it and it worked ABSOLUTELY GREAT. no more drying whatsoever in exactly 48hours. texture was wonderful, light and fast drying. then, after i finished this one, i thought i’d try something else for a change, and i went to Kiehl’s. well, alas, it didn’t moisturize as well. i still get some drying especially on the top lid, even though i use it in the morning over my Estee Lauder Renutriv Ultimate Eye Lift AND at night over addition to this, i absolutely hated the texture. it is very thick and exactly like glue. it does not go smoothly over the skin. it is annoying and i cant wait to finish it so i can go back to Hydraphase. you should avoid putting it close to your eyelids because your vision will be blurred afterwards if you need to read something. Plus i dont like to have to put my fingers inside a jar, especially an eye cream jar, because the cream gets into your finger nails.

Marlene Brownwood, TX

Great Product

I have been a fan of Kiehl’s for years but had never tried their eye treatment until now.It is light-weight, very soothing to the skin and has reduced a lot of the dryness around my 50+ old eyes. I still have a few lines (which I attribute to a great life of laughter), but they are softer around the edges than before I began using this cream.I believe it will benefit most women, without breaking the bank. And although it will not reverse the signs of aging (let’s be real here),it will certainly give your eyes something to sparkle about.

Gloria Iola, KS

Intense, gentle hydration.

This is the most hydrating, gentle eye cream I have ever used. It’s not intended for treating wrinkles and other anti-aging concerns so if your looking for something that targets that in particular, you should go with another one of Kiehls eye products. I purchased this product straight from the Kiehls website, not Amazon. And I do not recommend purchasing this product from Amazon eiether. I ordered this cream for dry skin on my upper eye area/lid and so far its doing a lovely job and made the dry skin disappear.

Jolene Bensalem, PA

Not sure..

I was looking for an eye cream and got this of out of curiosity because of the reviews.The pot is very tiny, but lasted easily for about 6 months. (I applied every night.)I’m not sure if I noticed any difference though.Under-eye area looked brighter when I first applied it, but it could be because the cream is green and it corrects/hides the dark circles. In the morning, it seemed I was back where I started.I’d probably try it again – I liked the formula – but it’s quite pricey….?…Not sure…

Christie Eads, CO


I don’t know how to describe this product, I cannot find the right words to do so. Well it’s an OK product with a very weird texture(when apply to the skin)probably I could use it again, but it didn’t impress me much, last for a long time and I find the price too high for this product.

Camilla Callensburg, PA



Deborah Georgetown, PA

A little goes a long way

I have used Khiel’s Avocado eye cream for a few years. I love it. The container is very small but the cream goes a long way. I dab a little bit on my finger on my orbital bone, which sounds technical but the best way to describe it. I wouldn’t put it on the eye lid or too close, because creams can migrate into the eye. This is wonderful to keep that delicate area moisturized. I always get compliments on my complexion. This with Retin-A at night and TCA peels… I hope Khiels never stops making it.

Sharlene Surgoinsville, TN

Nice eye cream

I got this because I had read such amazing reviews on it, and it is a nice eye cream. It is fairly moisturizing. I like that it is not too oily, and it does not transfer and get into your eyes at all. Frankly, I wish it were just a bit more moisturizing. I probably will not buy this again, just because I have a huge list of other eye creams I want to try.

Rosanna Falmouth, KY

Very nice!!

I love kiehls products , actually I a a fan!! this cream is very smooth and the skin absorbs it quickly!! I have been using for ten days and i have already seen a difference!!

Carissa Rickman, TN

I have an eye cream infatuation

I have an eye cream infatuation. Going into my eye cream background would be like reading a biography on my them. Let’s avoid that. I’ll say I had my fair share and my problem would be a decent mild case of darkness around my eyes and dryness creating some fine lines. Right after receiving my purchase and applying it that night I noticed an IMMEDIATE difference. Despite what you hear on skin care commercials you never think immediate is really true. My under eye area was quickly plumped up with moisture, leaving it dewy and soft. After the product fully sunk in, my eyes look brighter and much younger! It never made my eyes sting or water. Despite its claim it does migrate into the corner of my eyes making me look like I have “eye boogers” (gross yes) and look like I just woke up. Its easily wiped away and a small price to pay! This products texture is odd but cool, you have to apply it to dry skin or it glides right over the surface. I found that odd but hey, I just wash my face, tone, moisturize around my eyes than apply this, unless i’m rushing its dry by then anyways. Also I have noticed I need to apply it maybe later in the day since it doesn’t seem as supple after a while. I mean hey the first ingredient is water that eventually gets carried into your body and/or evaporates. Yes it does have shea butter but I found that even unrefined shea butter, for me, moisturizes up to 6 hours before you need to reapply and this is on my body.Despite the mentioned cons, in the long run my eyes began to look better and healthier each day. The kicker for making me keep it was when my mom asked me, “Why don’t you have any lines under your eyes.” I kissed that container afterwards.

Frances Spofford, NH

Thick and creamy

A thick a creamy eye cream. I love it. I don’t see any results other than it hydrates my under eye area.

Sara Greenport, NY


I used for couple days, there is no obvious effect, so I want to use more times and then appraise it again.

Karin West Covina, CA

Perfect eye cream, must have!

I always know that this is one of the top 10 products of Kiehl’s. As a big Kiehl’s fan, I decided to try this one. Although I have never used an eye cream before, I could tell this eye cream is very good. It has a rich texture but not oily at all! And it greatly moisturizes my eye area!

Isabella Bonifay, FL