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Kevin Murphy Anti Gravity Oil Free Volumiser, 5.09 Ounce

Kevin murphy anti gravity is an oil free volumes and texturizer. It adds control to fly away hair with an oil free shine. Helps to hold your style whether it is curled or blown out. For bigger, thicker hair.

Key features

  • Helps to hold your style whether it is curled
  • For bigger, thicker hair
  • Kevin murphy anti gravity is an oil free volumes and texturizer

Honest reviews



It made my really fine hair super frizzy at the top. It smells awesome but I just couldn’t stand having so many yucky flyaway/frizzes on the top of my head. Ended up tossing it out.

Roseann Alhambra, IL

This is a winner!

I have tried so many products meant to add shine and body and some structure to my hair. Either they end up drying my hair out, make it too pieced out or crunchy or would weigh my hair down. Kevin Murphy is the winner. I use a small amount, rub it in my hands and apply to damp, combed out hair and smooth it in. It instantly adds a shine to it and oddly enough makes it easier to comb through. I then blow dry and viola! Shiny, bouncy hair that has a little structure and edge to it. For what its worth, I have very long, fine hair that is really finicky. I also don’t care for chemically products and preservatives, this is simple and the smell is awesome.

Estelle Van Buren Point, NY

Great Product!

I read reviews about this on Killer Strands, and had to try it. I have thin, baby fine hair that lacks body, and other products tend to cause major buildup and weigh my hair down. Kevin Murphy Anti-gravity texturizer is an all natural product that delivers light texturizing/volume without heaviness. It doesn’t have a perfumy scent; actually, it smells like the plant-based product that it is. It is pricey for the amount, but a little goes a long way (on short hair).

Dixie Red Ash, VA

Love Anti-Gravity! Pumps up the volume big time!

Introduced to me by my hairdresser at the salon, Kevin Murphy’s Anti-Gravity is a must for anyone that needs lift, and a little hold anywhere you put it. I like to put it in the crown and around my face before I blow it out. The lavender smell is amazing and you will be very happy with the result. I will keep coming back for more.

Ruby Swedesboro, NJ


One of the VERY few volumizing products, that actually does volumize. You only need a dab of it. I’ve tried numerous “volumizers”, This does the job & doesn’t leave hair feeling sticky, or crunchy, & it smells so amazing! Great product line.

Shana Manson, WA

Favorite hair product ever

I am not a fan of using product but my hair is thick and heavy so it won’t hold much of a style on its own. This smells fantastic and makes my hair look great without looking like it’s full of product. Even better, it somehow adds shine AND keeps my hair from getting greasy at the same time-my style lasts for about three days now. This never happened before this product. A little bit goes a long way so it seems to be a value for the money.

Jean Massena, IA

Wonderful styling product

Currently having issues with my hair due to menopause and I must say that without this product I can’t even imagine how I would get my hair to look halfway decent. Great Smell and it adds body to my fine, wavy hair. Granted it’s a little pricey for some people, but what’s the point of buying something less expensive if it doesn’t work. Glad that I am able to get this through Amazon as it’s a very hard product to find in salons

Leanna Hanover, WI

Works Fine for Special Occassions

I have really fine, thick hair. Which means it’s pretty much weighed down at my scalp. This stuff is good for a night out, but not on an everyday basis. It eventually causes too much buildup and makes my roots look gross.

Lucy Camilla, GA