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Keratin Complex Thermo-Shine Spray Mist

Thermo-Shine was developed especially for flat ironing so the iron glides smoothly through the hair, leaving behind a lustrous shine and radiance. Our innovative silicone compound protects against thermal damage as it smooths, conditions and seals the hair. Thermo-Shine can also be used as a finishing product to reduce flyaways and add shine and luster.

Key features

  • Keratin Complex Thermo Shine
  • for flat ironing
  • lustrous shine and radiance
  • protects against thermal damage

Honest reviews


Expensive but worth every drop

The Coppola Keratin Complex Thermo-shine is the best way to give your hair that polished finish look. Especially formulated for flat ironing. Your iron will easily glides through the hair leaving behind smooth shiny healthy looking hair. Unique blend of keratin protein oils and silicone compounds protects against thermal damage as it smooths, conditions and seals the hair with great luster. Pump spray nozzle releases a fine mist. This is the 2.5 ounce spray, but you can also try the smaller version -COPPOLA by Coppola: KERATIN COMPLEX SHINE 1.7 OZ. It might cost more than the average flat iron sprays and it might be small in size but a little bit goes a very long, long ways.

Shawn Early, IA


I have been using Keratin Complex products for over a year now and I am very pleased with the results. My hair is healthy, manageable and fabulous!!. The shine spray may not be good for thin hair but great for thick, spongy, black hair.I LOVE THIS PRODUCT!!!Rusk thermal shine is a great product too.

Ester Irwinton, GA


I had high hopes for this product after reviews I read on the web. We received the shipment promptly. I was a bit surprised at how SMALL the can was. My 17 year old daughter, shoulder length blond thinnish hair said she found it made her hair greasy. I told her that perhaps she put too much of the product on her hair. I MYSELF tried it using a very small amount. I found it made by thickish brown hair greasy also.I WILL however say my hair did not feel so ‘hot’ after pulling it through the flat iron. (The parts of my hair that only had a teeny tiny amount of the product on it that is. The majority of my hair was limply greasy so I couldn’t really judge about the heat there).Perhaps the trick is to use HALF a pea size amount and rub it between your palms so that you barely have any on your hands, THEN try to work it down your hair shafts by running your palms down your hair. Also, it DID make the parts of my hair that only had that teeny tiny amount on it…shine.The parts of both our hair that had even more than a tad of product on it was greasy greasy greasy.We will both give it another try. Too expensive not to.

Cassandra Edmeston, NY


This product is just ok… Too oily and greasy, it made my hair heavy and oily…I would not recommend it to a friemd…

Ladonna Falun, KS

flat iron

I blow dry my hair which is coarse and wavy.I use a flat iron next.I spray the Thermo-Shine on the ends and lightly all over .My hair comes out smooth and shiny.

Lawanda Flat, AK

Really good product but such a tiny bottle

This is a really good product for your hair and thus the 5 stars but I really think it is a really small bottle that they offer for the price I paid. Buyers beware, before buying this product please make sure that you are buying a larger bottle than this and your hair will thank you for it.

Bianca Mission Viejo, CA

Works very well

Surprisingly, this product works very well. Hair shines and is soft and manageable. Initially I used a leave-in conditioner with this product and my hair felt greasy and heavy. Now I use the shine spray only after washing my hair and towel drying.

Natasha Ocean Park, ME

Works great

This is the first spray I’ve used that doesn’t feel wet after using it and if you use it sparingly it won’t make your hair greasy. I have thick hair that’s naturally curly. When I’m done using this with a flat iron my hair looks like a commercial. It looks healthy straight and bouncy. Only gave 4 stars because I wish 3oz didn’t cost $12.

Mavis Benge, WA

The most amazing shine spray for flat iron use.

This hair spray I can honestly say does wonders when you use this with a flat iron. It leaves your hair so pretty and shiny. I just love it!

Opal Burlingame, CA

love this item works great for curly hair.

I was looking for a product to straighten my hair with I have very curly thick hair I am spanish this work wonders with out burning my hair its a light oil based mist.

Odessa Frenchmans Bayou, AR

awesome stuff!

Leaves my hair soft and shiny. The flat iron just glides through my hair. The first time I used it, several people thought I’d gotten my hair professionally done. I still get lots of compliments on how shiny my hair is. Love this product!

Nelly Deer Park, CA

Hair so soft!

Hair so soft, smells great and is a pump bottle so environment friendly. I bought this to use with my straightener but so far have just used with my drier. No complaints.

Elisabeth Sanford, TX