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Kerastase Reflection Chroma Thermique 5.1 oz.

Kerastase Reflection Chroma Thermique Thermo-Radiance Protecting Milk shields hair from the harmful effects of heat-styling. Can improve drying time and straightening performance. Kerastase Reflection Chroma Thermique nourishes, softens and adds moisture back to the hair. Provides lasting shine and softness to the hair

Key features

  • Health and Beauty Product
  • Kerastase Reflection Chroma Thermique nourishes, softens and adds moisture back to the hair. Provides lasting shine and softness to the hair
  • Normally retailed for $35.99
  • Kérastase products are continually nominated and awarded the most prestigious honors in the industry
  • Kérastase follows 4 basic concepts: performance, expertise, personalization and beauty. Kérastase has a number of hair care collections designed to improve specific hair and scalp needs

Honest reviews


Works but you can get the same if not better results from MUCH cheaper products

This product was a huge disappointment! The results were good to average – not spectacular which is what I would expect from a ‘premium’ product that costs a premium price. I got the same if not better results from Tresamme Thermal leave in spray I already had. I had to search a bit on line to fine a list of ingredients in this stuff (which is what I should have done in the first place). There is nothing ‘premium’ about the ingredients – just lots of silicone. It’s the same type of stuff that is used to caulk your tub. Sure it makes your hair feel soft but it’s not a moisturizer. That crazy slick feel is not because your hair is suddenly healthy – the polymers are just filling in the little cracks and making the shaft feel slick. There’s nothing wrong with that but why pay a ton of money when you can get the same feel for less? Maybe the extra bucks were for the fancy container.

Randi Foxburg, PA

Kerastase Reflection By Kerastase Chrom Thermique Thermo Radiance

I had used the Kerastace Nectar Thermique, prior to purchasing this product. The person selling itadvised me that this would be better to use since I color my hair. To my disappointment, it is not halfthe product the Nectar Thermique is and for the same money, I’d like to return it to exchange it for theNectar Thermique. No comparison..

Bobbie Savona, NY

Love it!

My hairdresser recommended this prior to my vacation as a product to protect my colored highlighted hair from the sun as well as one that protects from heat styling. I bought a travel sized container and ended up using it over all my other thermal protectant products long after my vacation because I liked it so much better than the others. It smells so good and leaves my hair super shiny and healthy looking.

Sheri Montreal, MO

Hello Gorgeous!

Several years ago my straight hair developed some frizziness in weird places. Since then, I’ve been looking for something to reliably tame those frizzies and I think I’ve found it in Kerastase Reflection Chroma Thermique Thermo Radiance Protecting Milk (try saying that quickly five times.“Milk” is a bit of a misnomer. This is a thick, white cream. It’s very luxurious. It does have a strong floral fragrance when applied, but that dissipates. I used it this morning and 12 hours later, I don’t smell it in my hair.My hair has added shine since I started using the protecting milk and my frizzies are gone! Have I said I love this product? My worst hair problem has been resolved. My hair feels soft and silky, yes.I’ve already collected an arsenal of products to keep my color from fading. I’m hesitant to give them up to see if the Protecting Milk alone can keep my color full of life. But I do love the idea of having UV protection in my hair.I really love this product. It smells great and it works to keep my hair shiny and smooth.

Nelda Cannon, KY

Good stuff..

Not sure if it’s worth the price, but the Amazon price makes it a little less painful. I would recommend this to someone who has color treated hair and is looking for a little extra shine.

Laurel Pulaski, WI


This is a real Kerastase product, which is the best for my hair. Blond color-treated hair, thin. Way above Redken, which was my previous favorite this is more money, but worth it. Now I use the whole line.

Lesley Yawkey, WV

for colored tx hair

A must for color tx hair. Great if you have thick coarse, color treated hair. Use every other day, but you should alternate shampoos because your hair becomes to use to it and then gets a bit limp.

Linda Decatur, IA