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Kerastase Paris Resistance Ciment Thermique – 125ml

Hair fibers are smoothed from the root to tip, leaving it feeling strong, supple and flowing with a long lasting shine

Key features

  • Kerastase Resistance Ciment Thermique is the first heat-activated reconstructor milk for weakened hair
  • Hair fibers are smoothed from the root to tip, leaving it feeling strong, supple and flowing with a long lasting shine

Honest reviews


Softer Hair Instantly!

This was the first Kerastase product I bought. It was recommended by my stylist. I have fine hair that is shoulder length and bleached. My hair was very dry and damaged. Even when using my regular drug store brand shampoo/conditioner this made a dramatic difference in the texture of my hair. It looked shiny/healthy and felt soft.I found out that if I apply this after I have dried my hair 80% of the way it works a lot better. You really need to get the moisture out of you hair before applying this or it won’t penetrate the hair shaft as well. If I’m going to spend this much money on a product I want to get the most out of it. Once I apply it, about a quarter size amount – the bottle says walnut size but that is just way too much, I finish drying and styling my hair as usual.I also sometimes use the Kerastase Volumactive Conditioning Mousse and I apply it to towel dried hair, then dry hair 80%, and then add this product and finish drying/styling hair.I took off one star for the steep price and the fact that it doesn’t do as much for fly-a-ways as I had expected. I still have to use coconut oil to smooth my hair after I finish styling it.

Aurelia Mount Kisco, NY

Great Product!!!

First purchase this product at my local salon, very expensive!!!Had not intended to buy again because of the price, but was surprised to find that not only did it smell great but my hair ( after being hi-lighted) did not feel like straw after use instead silky soft.Actually missed it once finished so looked on Amazon for a replacement and there it was at half the price 🙂

Kaye Eldorado, TX

Excellent for dry, damaged hair

I started using Kerastase Ciment Thermique about two years ago to help combat the damage my hair straightener was doing to my hair. This product is AMAZING. You apply it after showering while your hair is still wet, but make sure to not use too much. I’ve learned from experience that using too much of this product will make your hair greasy and necessitate washing it sooner than you would otherwise.I had much more split ends and damage to my hair before I started using this product. It makes your hair shinier and more manageable than before, making it safer to use a hair dryer and/or other heat styling products.Put a walnut-sized amount of the product onto your finger tips, rub it a bit between your fingers, and then massage the product into the tips of your hair where damage is most likely to occur. It is unnecessary to put this product into other areas of the hair follicle other than the tip because the natural oils from your scalp reach those areas much more readily.I HIGHLY recommend this product, it may be somewhat expensive but it is worth the price. 125 ml will last you for at least 6 or 7 months.

Dorothea Isabella, PA

Works just as promised!

I am very particular about what I put in my hair and have done some product reviewing on Amazon with five stars being few and far between. I love this product because it surprised me and actually worked as promised! I am more than pleased and despite the price will definitely be repurchasing. Again… and again… and again!!!

Nona Pedro, OH

Amazing & Light!

First let me say I would’ve never thought to buy a creamy milk product to use in my fine hair until my stylist used it on me. I was using the Keratase Resistance Fibre Architecte Serum before blowdrying and even using a little my hair felt greasy- not at all with this Ciment Thermique- it’s not greasy and it’s actually really light it’s not a thick consistency. My hair is past my shoulders-chest length- and I use only a quarter size mid hair to ends (mostly on my ends). After I blowdry my hair is like silk, not weighed down or greasy. I should also mention I also use Kerastase Specifique Bain Exfoliant Hydratant Shampoo, usually shampoo 2x then use Kerastase Lait Cristalliste conditioner which is perfect for long hair with oily/dandruff scalp and dry ends. Then with my hair semi-dry (damp), I use this Ciment Thermique and blow-dry. Works like a charm- so those are my 3 fav Keratase products. Definitely buy this hair milk!

Lynne Barnum, MN

Best product to protect hair from heat

I was introduced to this product by my hair stylist. After towel drying your hair, rub the product into your hair, then blow dry. It’s light weight and doesn’t feel sticky or cause build up. Also, it has a great, fresh smell, that isn’t overpowering. I have to constantly blow dry my hair, and this kerastase product does an amazing job of protecting my hair from the heat. I’ve been using it for several years and have not found a product remotely comparable.

Madelyn Bee Spring, KY

Love Kerastase Products

I love this product and use it whenever I wash my hair as a "leave in" conditioner. Not only does it leave my hair soft, silky and shiny but it smells sooo good.

Holly Iliamna, AK

Really excellent product

I used this for the first time today, and I’m really impressed. I have extremely thick, coarse, curly/frizzy hair. It’s not fun. I clarified my hair, and applied Kerastase’s oleo relax slim masque. I left it on overnight, and in the morning shampood and conditioned as usual. Then I applied a good amount of this, blow dried, and flat ironed. I’m not sure the masque did much. When I was at the blow dry stage I was worried, since I was FEELING a lot of improvement (very soft), but not seeing it. Turns out the magic doesn’t happen until the flat iron. My hair became very silky, soft, and smooth. YES!!! It is so much more controlled and just looks great if you ask me!! Like I just came out of the salon… and that’s saying something. As soon as my mom came home she asked what I did to my hair, that it looked so smooth and cute.The smell is… interesting, but not bad. The best way I can describe it is candied celery haha. It’s very fresh and doesn’t stay around to be annoying. I really like it, actually.I was not pleased with the amount I had to use for the price. I had to use a large hazelnut size, and it looked my hair could have used even more, but I have very thick hair. I do wish the stuff was cheaper for the amount you get, but this is very good salon quality product.Out goes all my Chi silk infusion, biosilk, etc… I will never be without with again!

Sally East Hebron, NH

Was Just Okay

This treatment did not do much for my hair in the way of repairing it. It may have helped maintain it, but not repair it. Nothing can repair a split end except a scissors!

Adrian Belsano, PA


I was surprised to see th Keratase on here.I know how great it is on keeping your hair safe when you dry it & use your flat iron on it afterwards. My hair is shiny & I feel good know it is protected by Keratase. I also love the price so much more at Salons.

Cecelia Pleasant Hope, MO

It’s an okay product.

I got mine and was glad with the result the first days. But as you use it, it seems that your hair gets used to it and it doesn’t work as good anymore.

Michell Gwinner, ND

Finally something that really works!

My hair was in horrible condition. My hair has thinned and is very dry and brittle do to a medication and illness. I had to have it cut short and it was still dry and cracking off. My hair is super fragile at this time. I was looking around the web for what to try on severely damaged hair and found a forum and a poster that recommended it for another person. I also read a stylist recommending this product for over processed and damaged hair.So I found it on Amazon and ordered it. The package came sealed. I had hope because of all the great reviews here, I washed my hair and dried it as best as I could with a towel and applied about quarter worth. I started at the tips and worked up, especially the damaged and very brittle areas.After blow drying I noticed great improvement just after one time and after flat ironing it looked like I walked out of my stylists salon. I am very happy and will continue using this conditioner/protectant/reconstructor.The bonus is the volume this has given my hair, not weighed down or sticky!

Justine Longleaf, LA

before every blow out or flat iron

my hair is almost to my butt, long and strong. This is my secret. Use the whole line (except the shampoo). The deep conditioner is amazing too. Smell is great. Melon and cucumber. Super light. Absorbs fast, not greasy. The best and I’ve used all their serums…this is THE ONE!

Elsa Arch Cape, OR


I love this product. I started buying it at Gene Juarez, then moved onto buying it here on Amazon. My hair is very fine, and will never hold a curl, or even stay straight when I use my flat iron. This product keeps my hair with more texture, so I can curl it and use a flat iron on it.

Bernice Gulfport, MS

Thermal Protectants are a Must for Long Hair

This product was my first introduction to thermal protectant hair products, and it was a game changer. I have long hair, subject to the rigors of coloring and fairly frequent heat styling, so damage and split ends are a big issue. In using this product on a regular basis (with each blow dry), for the first time in my adult life, my hair felt like the soft, smooth texture I always wanted it to have.I know it wasn’t just my imagination, either, because when I went for a haircut (18 months since my last one!), my stylist commented on how healthy my hair was. This product was the biggest change to my hair routine, so it must get most of the credit.This is a creme. I have only ever put it on wet hair before blow drying it, and it’s hard to imagine how it would work on dry hair before heat styling with a flat iron or curling iron. (I use another product for that.) I know it’s a bit on the pricey side, but it doesn’t take much product, and will last a while. Definitely worth the investment for the health of your hair.

Jan Windsor, MO