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Kerastase & Loreal Pump for all 1 Litter Shampoo Conditioner

this is good for 1000ml litre bottle shampoo for Kerastase or 750ml Litre bottle conditioner for Kerastase

Key features

  • this is good for 1000ml litre bottle shampoo for Kerastase or 750ml Litre bottle conditioner for Kerastase

Honest reviews


Fits well

This fits the large 1 liter shampoo Keratase bottles. I use it for the shampoo. It works well and I have not had any problems. It arrived on time and was well packaged.

Lydia Neches, TX

Good for large containers.

Definitely get one of these for the large Kerastase shampoo and conditioner containers. They definitely help you use the small amount of product that is all that is needed.

Iva Johannesburg, MI

A MMust-Have for 1 qt bottles

I was able to find several Kerastase shampoo products through Amazon, and having a pump makes them so much easier to use in the shower. Fast shipping.

Liza Laurinburg, NC

Why take a chance?

After purchasing a set of 1000ml (34oz) Keratase bottles, I was suprised to find they did not come with pumps! I started looking at my salon, but they would not sell their pumps as they don’t sell the large shampoo size. Thanks to the terrible reviews, I was scared to order these on Amazon, so I tried one more place, my local beauty supply store. I took the bottle right to Sally’s and got the pump for under $2. I put it in the bottle right there so I knew it fit-perfect.Why don’t the sellers of these large bottles tell you that you’ll need a pump, or where to get one?! Oh well, problem solved….

Brenda Oakdale, CA

Not quite as advertised

So I bought this to go on my Kerastase giant bottle of shampoo that I bought, and even though it states that it fits all of the larger sizes of bottles, it is too tall for mine and it sticks out of the top and isn’t super stable when pumping. I have been too lazy to take it out of the bottle and cut it down and it does work, it just looks a little ghetto. 🙂

Hannah Spring Lake, NJ

Too long for a 1 Liter Shampoo Container

This pump works well, fits the bottle opening well too. However it is too long for the 1 Liter Kerastase Shampoo Containers. So I had to cut an inch off. Otherwise you can’t screw it onto the bottle. Otherwise it’s okay.

Marlene Parade, SD