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Kerastase Initialiste Advanced Scalp and Hair Concentrate Treatment 2.2 oz

A high-performance consolidating leave-in hair & scalp serum Formulated with plant-based biotechnology that reinforces & thickens hair fibers Enriched with Malus Domestica plant cells that impart exceptional luster to hair Developed with Regenerative Complex® Technology that stimulates growth of healthy hair at the source Effectively boosts hair resistance to breakage Hair appears fuller, suppler, stronger & revitalized To use: Apply directly to scalp after shampooing & towel drying hair. Delicately massage using fingertips for even distribution. Leave in

Key features

  • Kerastase Initialiste Advanced Scalp and Hair Concentrate (Leave-In) – 60ml/2oz
  • A high-performance consolidating leave-in hair & s
  • Kerastase

Honest reviews


Not that great

It may be just me but this product made me break out on my scalp and that never happens. Otherwise it was just ok. Didn’t make my fine hair look greasy but didn’t do much of anything else either except add unnecessary time to my routine. Since the breakout I experimented with other products, as I often do, and found a basic coenzyme Q10 serum that I use on my face to work even better than this product at half the cost. Now I use that and my hair is growing faster than ever and has a healthier appearance. I use this product in conjunction with the Wen system (who doesn’t?) and this has been a godsend for my fine hair.

Tisha Mohave Valley, AZ

Fabulous elixir for my hair and scalp!

I’ve been dealing with an itchy, oily scalp and hair loss for the last 10 years and I’ve tried a lot of treatments but this one seems to work. I bought this several weeks ago and had decided to wait a while to see how it worked before I wrote a review.As I had mentioned, I had itchy and oily scalp for years. I had also noticed a lot of hair loss during brushing and washing. I started using Kerastase’s Dermal Calm shampoo about 8 months ago and that really helps the itching. But my scalp was still oily (like the next day after washing) and I still saw a lot of hairs on the bathroom floor and in the tub.After reading the reviews for this product, I decided to shell out $50 to try. The first time I used it I used 4 dropper fulls as I’ve thicker Asian hair. I noticed how soft my hair was from root to end (even though I only used it on my scalp) plus it looks silky, healthy and glossy. It also styled with more volume and I noticed I did not have to wash my hair for 3 days (i.e. my hair was not oily). The second time I used it I repeated the same procedure (4 dropper fulls) and I noticed my scalp itching a little the next day and a little bit of flaking the day after that (something I’ve read another reviewer experience).So I decided to scale back and just use 2 – 3 droppers instead. And it works. And I also noticed that it’s important to spend time to massage it into your scalp (which helps blood circulation anyway so it’s all good) – it helps with the flakiness.In summary, after 3 weeks of using this product, I’ve seen less hair loss (a few strands, like 2 -3, on the bathroom floor after brushing and minimal during washing). My hair looks fuller, more volume, feels soft and is not so oily. I would recommend playing around with the dosage for you and really invest the time in massaging your scalp (which I think is crucial).I’ve also begun brushing my hair 100 strokes with a Mason brush first thing in the morning (separate it out 25 strokes in one direction, 25 in another etc.). I was told by my acupuncturist that the static generated from brushing stimulates the hair root. She also told me to pay attention to parts of my scalp which feels tense when brushing to add a few more strokes there to improve the blood flow. Interestingly, the areas where I have felt tenseness in my scalp during brushing were also areas where I’ve gray hairs. So I’m paying attention to that. Hope this helps.

Madelyn Artesia, CA

This stuff is awesome!!!

This stuff is awesome!! I already LOVE Kerastase, but this treatment is power packed to deliver soft, shiny, great looking hair!!! Used it on my daughter’s naturally golden long locks and her hair practically glows in the sunlight.

Winifred Toksook Bay, AK

best NEW hair product in a long time!

This product is one of the best hair thickeners I have ever tried. I have VERY thin hair due to alopecia. I have tried every product on the market that gets rave reviews and this is the only one I love. Other products make your hair feel stickey and dirty. This just gives you volume and texture!

Rochelle Whiteface, TX


I just put it on my scalp for if I spread it onto my hair, it weighs it down too much. I haven’t noticed thicker hair. Not sure I get this product. Have used it since January (3 months).

Etta Swedeborg, MO