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Kerastase Elixir Ultime Oleo-complex Versatile Beautifying Oil, 4.2 Ounce

A multi-function hair beautifying treatment Concentrated with a complex of four precious oils, emollient nourishing ingredients. As a pre-blow-dry step. Apply to mid-lengths ends to hydrate, protect maximize shine as a finishing product. As a re-touch: Great for dry wild hair that needs extra control moisture during the day As an intensive conditioner: A leave-in conditioner for deep hydration Creates softer, smoother revitalized hair Perfect for all hair types.

Key features

  • A multi-function hair beautifying treatment
  • Protects and maximizes shine
  • Suits to all hair types

Honest reviews



I tried this because I am not a great fan of how Moroccan Oil smells and the stuff I TRULY love() is being discontinued AND does not go very far if you put on as much as I need to now with longer hair than I had before.It doesn’t smell very good. In fact, I think it smells like a dead fish. So there is that right off the bat.And I don’t know if this is a coincidence, but my hair started falling out a few days later.

Lynne Cranberry Lake, NY


***SEE UPDATED REVIEW AFTER ORIGINAL REVIEWORIGINAL REVIEW:This is a miracle product. I don’t say that lightly. Having tried hundreds of hair products, this is THE ONLY ONE that I have reserved the word miracle for. Go look through my reviews… I’m a pretty tough reviewer.I had read about this product in a women’s magazine, but did not buy because of the price. But someone bought this for me, and am I glad they did. My hair has made a 360 degree turnaround. People are asking what I have done to my hair — it looks that great.I have wavy, color treated hair that is prone to frizz. My hair is a bit longer than shoulder length. This product manages my hair, makes it tame and GLISTEN.The product does not come with instructions, which I find puzzling. So I went to the Kerastase website to figure out how to use. You can use this product many ways:As a pre-treatment: apply to hair before shampooAfter shampoo, while hair is damp, as a style aidAfter blowout to add some glisteny shineI pump about two to three nice size pumps and apply to my hair about 15 minutes before shampoo. Then I shampoo and condition. On towel dried hair I apply some Kerastase (about the size of a quarter). I blow-out my hair and like the straight look, so I then apply some Jonathan Product straightening creme. Blow my hair, sometimes follow up with hot rollers. Then I take one pump of Kerastase and rub it in my hands letting the heat in my hands soften it. Then I work it through my ends. Voila! No frizz, all shine.I have used Moroccan oil — this is worlds better. It also has a lighter, better fragrance.I will be buying this when I’m done with the bottle. It is worth every penny.UPDATED REVIEW – JULY 2012I am still on the same bottle of Kerastase 18 months later. I was using 2-3 pumps,. but my hairdresser told me that was too much. I now use one pump and that works great. I only apply to the lower half of my head — not the scalp. I have color treated hair, about five inches longer than shoulder length. I also have a professional Keratin treatment, so I no longer have to use straightening or other products. Just wash, condition, Kerastase and go 🙂

Fannie Santa Elena, TX

best hair oil ever

this is the best hair oil everHIGHLY RECOMMENDEDthe fragrance smells like a perfume , more than a hair oilit feels sooo light that it will leave your hair feeling incredible, it’ll never make ur scalp hot or feels annoyingAlthough it didn’t soften my Hair at all coz I have an unruly hair which is impossible to manage without a hair dryer . It made no difference to me except the quality for this product was excellent

Jacklyn Jackson, TN

Best of the best. Worth every penny.

All it took was my hairdresser to smooth a drop of this onto my hair to send me straight to the counter to buy some (even when I had a full bottle of MoroccanOil at home). My hair felt like silk. I let my boyfriend feel it and he was floored (dare I say turned on) by the silkiness. And he’s not one to give compliments just because I solicited them. Here’s the low down:PROS:
• It can be used several ways:-Pre-wash to remove impurities.-Pre-blow dry or flat iron as a heat protector-Post-dry/flat iron to smooth, soften and shine-As a hot oil treatment
• The dispenser — it twists to open and close, to prevent leaks/spills and pumps out small dabs of product, the perfect amount (unlike MorocconOil, which spills out wastefully)
• It smells good. I’m not in love with the smell, but my hairdresser and sister-in-law went ga-ga for it.
• It doesn’t discolor blonde hair (at least, I haven’t noticed it has. MoroccanOil seems to make my hair brassy if I don’t clarify the build-up out periodically)
• The consistency is more lightweight that MoroccanOil.
• I think it’s actually improving the condition of my hair. Seriously.
• You get A LOT of versatility for the cost. It may seem expensive at first, but a little goes a long way and the dispenser/performance are FAR superior to the comparable-in-cost MoroccanOil.CONS:
• Like MoroccanOil, I have to be really careful to keep this product from touching my face — for fear of zits.
• That’s it.Buy it now without hesitation. I promise you won’t be disappointed (especially if you are a BioSilk or MorroconOil user). Or, if you’re a MorocconOil devotee, please buy my bottle off of me. I will never use it again now that I’ve found this. Not to knock that product (I know I have)… it’s just that I thought it was miraculous until Elixir Ultime came along, and for the price, you’re much better off going with this than the MoroccanOil and its wasteful packaging. BioSilk, decent stuff, but it pales in comparison to this.Note: My hair is BKT’d (it’s naturally curly) past shoulder-length, highlighted ash blonde, dry as heck, has tons of fly-aways (but you’d never know it thanks to Elixir Ultime).

Dixie Plumerville, AR

Not bad–not great

I was told by a professional hair colorist that Kerastase is “the Cadillac” of hair products. Well, that’s true for the conditioner (“Ciment”), but the elixir really isn’t any better than less expensive products you find in the drugstore.

Jessica Midville, GA


Bought this product bec. of all the great reviews. Expected my hair to be shiny and silky but in the end it just felt a little softer. My husband didn’t care for the smell. I didn’t think it was worth the money. There are cheaper oils out there. If you are looking for a great hair product buy the nexxus promend line. Gets rid of split ends and makes your hair smoother and silkier.

Katrina Vernon, AL

No miracle but very nice

I purchased this after getting really good results from the dupe at Sally’s called Kera Pro. I am very happy with the serum, it helps with detangling and smoothing and it smells sooo good! Not sure about it being worth $50, I am glad I have it so I can move on to the next best thing. Since it was so expensive, I will rotate it with the Kera Pro elixir so that it lasts awhile.

Jillian Carpenter, SD

Greasy MESS

Save your money!!! a complete waste of money — nothing but greasy oils combined in a subpar product — I threw this hot mess away.

Joni Sassafras, KY

good product but strong sent

I have only used it a few times, as I just recived it. So far I like it. it makes my hair very soft. What I don’t like is the smell. I read another review saying the smell was very stong,and I thought "the stronger the better" how bad could it really be? But it is very over powering, a good smell just too strong. Otherwise I like the product.

Jill Brownsville, VT

Another great product from Keratase.

This hair oil goes on easily. Your hair is not greasy after using it. It smells really good. The product was well packaged and arrived on time. I would buy again.

Hillary Isabella, PA


this is a nice easy to use non greasy conditioning hair oil. i love it because its not just for styling its actually a hair treatment. so you know its doing something good long term for the condition of your hair. i wear my hair naturally curly and sometimes i straighten it. it leaves my hair soft conditioned healthy looking and soft everytime i use it. love it and would recommend this to everyone i know.

Jenifer Parachute, CO

The best of the best of the best

This is the absolute best of the best. If you know anything about hair products, you probably already know how the Kérastase brand is viewed in the hair industry and beyond it: it’s pretty much the best you could ask for.This hair oil is more than just hair oil, it actually nourishes the hair from the inside out.I’ve purchased this item for the first time after watching a YouTube video explaining how it should be applied, which helped me use it. I don’t think URLs are allowed on reviews here, so if you guys want to check it out, you can look it up on YouTube; the video is called "How to properly apply Oils & Elixirs to your hair", and it’s by YouTube user ElleBangs.Anyway, this has worked actual wonders on my hair without weighing it down or anything. My hair was damaged from coloring, heat, processing, all that good stuff — and now it’s manageable and soft, and I only use this product after washing.It’s really cool.Highly recommended.

Evangeline Hillview, KY

too expensive

It is a good product. But it isnt a miracle. I think it is too expensive. They should make sample sizes too.

Herminia Grawn, MI

Wife likes it

Bought for wife. We live on well water which is tough on her hair but this seems to help I am glad I found it

Alfreda Meadville, PA

It’s just ok and nothing more

So I read and listened to a couple reviews on this stuff and people were singing its praise. I bleach my hair and you know the toll that can take on it so I thought I would order it, I am not impressed with it, I don’t feel like its done anything to my hair and I absolutely don’t feel its worth $40.00. I hope this helps someone else save their money and look for another product. Good luck

Fanny Richland, OR

Product Junkie Loving this Elixir

The salon I go to used this after I had my hair highlighted. I just loved the way it gave my hair beautiful shine & manageability. It was not greasy or heavy. It made my hair bouncy& full of body. it got rid of any frizziness too.I have used every product you can think of but loved this the most. I highly recommend it.

Kari Hartford, MI


Guess there’s a reason this is in every high scale salon. Amazing stuff. I have hair that’s been bleached for years and it was getting drier so I used this on the advice of my hairdresser and cannot believe how shiny and silky it is. totally worth every cent!

Reyna Marshville, NC

Kerastase Elixir Ultime

I LOVE this stuff. Just 1 pump for hair 2" below shoulders, that’s all it takes. Conditions hair, make it soft and shinny.

Sharlene Ebony, VA

There are cheaper products as good as this one or better.

I just think it’s not worth the price. It’s an award winning product, that’s why I got it, but I really don’t think it’s that good. I mean, there are other products out there that are cheaper and can give you the same result or better. Besides, if you have fine hair like mine, you should use just a little bit of it, so your hair doesn’t get all oily.

Georgia La Jose, PA

Pretty good hair serum

I like the serum but not sure if Im ‘in love’ with it. I dont really like the smell, although its not horrible. It absorbs well into my hair. I noticed the difference most when I initially used it, but now it seems like any other serum I have used. Im glad I tried it, but I haven’t decided if I’ll buy it again considering the price.UpdateAfter using it for over six months I know now that I wont be repurchasing it. For years, Biosilk seemed to work consistently for me. The Chi serum is unofficially one of the top on my list. When I use the Kerastase serum, I mix it with the straightening serum. It seem to work somewhat better. Pretty much, this is like any other average hair oil. I am glad I got to try it so that I know for a fact it doesn’t really work.

Corine Jonesville, SC


Nice product. Got what I expected. Expensive but worth it. I like this larger size because this way I’m not feeling the inclination to ration and just use how much I actually need.

Katie Talihina, OK

Very Nice

I have wavy, dry, over processed hair. I know there is no miracle out there short of cutting it off that will help what I’ve done. However, this is a nice product (albeit expensive). I am using it after shampooing as a protectant from blow drying and it does help to smooth my hair. I also use it in between shampooing to help calm the frizz. There is a greasy feel to my hands, but not to my hair after applying it. I have used too much smoothing serum in the past and had to wash because it looked greasy, but this product doesn’t seem to do that at all. I will be purchasing again.

Lesley Bondsville, MA

Love this product!

My hairstylist used this on me one time and I fell in love. I love how soft and shiny it makes my hair, and the scent is wonderful. I oil my hair usually once a week with my own concoction of natural, home items, but this is wonderful to use every evening before I go to bed also. I find that if I use it in the morning when I’m getting ready it’s good as long as I plan to let my hair air dry. If I’m planning to style it, I guess I put too much in my hair, as once I dry it and then try to curl it, I’m trying to curl over the oiled sections and it doesn’t turn out quite as well. So I will put this in my hair the night before and the next morning it’s wonderfully soft and pliant. I will definitely buy more of this.

Ila Killbuck, OH

Awesome product!

Love this and what it does for my hair. My hair is color treated with a lot of grey running throughout. This smooths my hair and helps make it look soft and shiny.

Tracy Coon Valley, WI


i’m very pleases with thisshipping was promt and fastit makes my hair smooth and shinyi would definately re-buy this

Lula Nevisdale, KY