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Kent the Handmade Comb – 182 Mm Medium Coarse and Fine Toothed Comb Sawcut 6t

Kent The Hand Made Comb for Men Coarse-fine 6.5 Inches Comb 6t

Key features

  • Kent The Hand Made Comb for Men Coarse-fine 6.5 Inches Comb 6t
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  • Coarse-fine 6.5 Inches Comb 6t for Men

Honest reviews


Ordered TWO: One for me and One for my Dog

Too nice for a dog? Au Contaire, my Golden Retriever “Amber” has the usual long fine hair. Take her to semi-wild public parks where Amber can run off-leash. Her nic-name could be Rocket Dog. Built more like a Grey Hound with long thin legs and narrow chest when she puts on the speed it’s a sight to see.BUT, those wild open places have lots of weeds with “stickers”. Some, most, are like tiny football velcro. Like yesterday. After a couple hours Amber was covered with hundreds all over. Middle of summer is the worst time. May stop visiting some areas til first rains staying with groomed lawn parks where stickers are minimal.Learned years ago a comb is the only effective way to remove stickers. Try not to get too much hair in the comb at once and pull slowly gently removing. Pick off comb repeat, repeat, etc. Twenty minutes plus? Cheap combs break teeth. The tension is significant. Few things bond owner and dog more than grooming. She suffers and I relieve through touching and Amber knows and appreciates. Grooming is important social for all animals.So much for dogs NOW me……..MY use. I do not carry a comb in my pocket. Keep in bathroom and glove compartment. Long preferred over pocket length. This 6T is narrower than 16T and 1/3 cheaper. My hands are extra large so the 16T feels better in hand. Like coarse and fine teeth on these combs. Wet hair and dry hair or long and short hair for coarse and fine teeth. Not a big deal but my combs last for decades until someone borrows and looses etc. My wife is quick to loan to kids etc. Life’s burdens………..LOL6T good comb the 16T has small advantages for holding and long/wet hair. $5 dollar difference minor for years of use. They are good combs, don’t break, and nice to look at which counts for me.

Karina Brushton, NY

There really is a Difference

I got tired of replacing combs every few months because the lose teeth and decided to invest in a couple of good combs. I read about Kent combs and liked the tortoiseshell design as well as the good reviews. I bought this and a teasing comb for both daily use and because I trim hair for the guys in my family and good combs are essential.These feel good in the hand, comb hair well and hold up nicely. So far, five stars. I will update the review if the comb should lose teeth, but I don’t expect it to. A great comb.

Bridget Steward, IL

high quality

Been using this on my beard. The quality is high for sure. I expect this comb to last me a long time.

Kelsey Staffordsville, KY

Can a comb be great?

I didn’t think so. After I bought the Kent, I bought 4 more for gifts for no occasion. There is a difference in the mere comb!

Cecelia Mohrsville, PA

Great comb!

It’s a Kent. It’s handmade so that means it’s durable. A fine and necessary addition to anyone’s grooming kit. Buy it! Got it?

Kellie West Granby, CT