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Kent – SH1 Shampoo Brush, 42 Soft Rubber Bristles

The perfect brush for distributing shampoo and conditioner through the hair while it stimulates the scalp and hair shaft, making hair feel fuller. Measures 3 1/2″ x 3″ with a unique ‘wet sure grip handle’ for a firm hold during use. Made of hard plastic with ’42’ flexible, stimulating ‘fingers’.

Key features

  • Scalp-massaging brush with 42 soft rubber bristles preps and stimulates that noggin’ for a uber-relaxing cleanse.

Honest reviews



I have grown our my hair a bit and once it is wet, it’s just a heavy ball of wet mess, making it hard to get to my scalp and cleanse it properly. This definitely helps to keep your scalp clean, invigorated and stimulates you as well. Nothing like a good scalp massage anyway, right? I do rub vigorously and I do enjoy the "bite" of the massage – the teeth of the brush are pretty sturdy, so if you have a sensitive skin or skin condition or like a very gentle touch, this might not be for you. I use this every time I wash my hair (every other day) and I did notice that at first a lot more than usual hair came out during washing. Could have been the change of seasons shedding that coincided with the new purchase too. However, it has now stopped and I see a lot – and I mean a lot! – new baby hairs that stick out everywhere forming a halo despite my best efforts to tame them 🙂 So yes, it must have improved the circulation and stimulated the scalp. Some reviewers have noted that the water gets in… Yes, it does and I use that for cleaning it too by getting it full of water then just turning it away from me and pumping the flexible bristle base with both hands to get the water out (there are two holes in it just for that). Don’t think of it as a nuisance. Great product!

Magdalena Upper Jay, NY

Better for a sensitive scalp, or a mild scalp condition, However, Great for Hair Oil Massage

A shampoo brush is a product that depends on someone’s preferences. I bought a few different ones just to compare. This brush came quickly, was nicely packaged and clean. In this review I will be comparing the Scalpmaster Shampoo Brush with the Kent Shampoo Brush. The Kent is larger which was more awkward to hold, and it slipped out of my hand a few times, whereas the Scalpmaster fit into my hand easier. The Kent Brush has long silicone soft rubber bristles that are flexible and soft on the scalp. I preferred the Scalpmaster because I felt the plastic bristles gave me a better massage that felt great on my head. I personally prefer a harder scalp massage as opposed to the lighter massage. Neither brush got tangled up in my shoulder length hair and both brushes were easy to rinse. The Scalpmaster has a large ring on the top to slip your finger through for a good grasp, (which I also use to hang the brush up on a hook when not in use), and the Kent has a grasp knob that you slip through two fingers and there is also a small hole in the plastic handle which is most likely for a piece of rope to hang the brush for storage. Both brushes are good, it’s just that I prefer the harder bristles of the Scalpmaster Shampoo Brush. However, if you have a sensitive scalp, or a mild scalp condition such as psoriasis, then I would definitely recommend the Kent Shampoo Brush. As I said in the beginning of my review, this item depends on one’s personal preferences.UPDATE 7/8/14Tonight, I found the PERFECT USE for the Kent Brush! I was applying an oil hair masque and according to the directions, the oil must be massaged into the scalp in circular motions with fingers for 15 minutes. 15 minutes is a long time and as my hands tired, my fingers started to ‘lock-up’. So I used the Kent Brush instead, the grasp knob worked perfectly in this situation, which relieved my stiff fingers from the repetitive circular motions, and the long silicone bristles were flexible and yet soft enough that I did not irritate my scalp and I was able to work comfortably. My hair turned out GREAT!

Eugenia Berryton, KS

Used first time today – great massager too

Today was the first time I tried this out and it seemed to really make the shampoo lather up more than my fingers do. But what was unexpected is that it kinda massages the head – it really felt great at the back of the head where tension seems to build up for me. It felt really really great.

Lindsay Oakland Gardens, NY

Great for shampooing!

This brush works especially well for it’s intended purpose. Really gets down to the scalp and gives you an invigorating cleansing scrub! I love it!

Jean Corinth, KY

Really Great

I’m a guy with short hair and occasional dandruff, so this thing is fantastic for getting in and feeling like my scalp has been power-washed. Not too rough, doesn’t pull, and easy to hold. No complaints.

Phyllis Osteen, FL

Worth every penny.

My order included free shipping. The shipping fee was probably factored into the price of the brush. ($8.00 at this time). HOWEVER, it is well worth it. First, mine came via Royal Air from Wembley in the U.K. It arrived in 9 days (quicker than some US shipments), and most importantly…it is a quality brush.As stated, it arrived in 9 days in a ‘bubble envelope’. The color chosen for me was a soft lime green. Not neon,not jarring. I really like the color. The brush inside was in an individually sealed bag. Very ‘clean’. Pristine. Not dusty, dirty or crumbly as if it came off a shelf in a dirty warehouse where it had been sitting for 5 years.The brush itself measures approx. 3 1/2 inches long by 3 inches wide. The clear rubber ‘bristles’ measure approx. 3/4 of an inch from the base. Overall from the bottom of the bristles to the top of the plastic ‘handle’, it’s about 3 inches tall.It is made from thick hard plastic, and to be honest I really think if you drop it handle side down on a marble shower floor it might crack. But it’s not a cheap plastic, just hard. The bristles are super soft silicone. Not so soft they won’t go through my hair. I have medium thick fine hair. Shoulder length. The bristles go through it just fine. The bristles ‘bend’ quite easily and the tips are rounded so there’s no scratching your scalp. I don’t understand AT ALL one reviewer saying these bristles are stiff. They are as soft as a clear silicone baby pacifier.Interestingly, the middle section of bristles have a fatter base and the tips of these middle bristles are concave. Like someone took a razor and cut a little “V” indentation on the top of each bristle. However, even the tips of these little “V’s” are soft. Not hard points. The outer ring of bristles are the ‘normal’ rounded tips.There are 2 small holes in the silicon base so that if water gets behind the base you simply squish the base down and the water will squirt out of one hole. No mold. I’ve read where one reviewer removes the silicon brush part from the plastic base to empty. I haven’t done that. I just squish it while shaking it a bit. There is less than probably a drop remaining inside. And that dries quickly.I like the ‘handle’ attached to the top. It is super comfortable to slide it between your slippery shampoo/creme rinse fingers so that you can hold onto the brush. It slides all the way back into the base between your fingers and the ‘knob’ on top is flatted out to about the size of a half dollar, so there’s no fighting to keep it between your fingers. That flattened top knob sits on top of your two fingers. Doesn’t move. Smooth and polished. There is also a ‘hole’ in the base of the handle so that you can run a ‘cord’ through it and hang the brush if you choose to. (I use one of those suction cups with a hook)Tip: I’ve found that I need to use 1/2 the shampoo I normally would. After initially working the shampoo through my hair, as I continue to use the brush it makes a ton of lather/bubbles. (Maybe it’s just the shampoo I use, but it lathers up tremendously with the brush).This may not be the brush you want to use if you want to “detangle” your hair in the bath. Oh, it will detangle it with a little effort, unless your hair is a total rats nest, but it’s not like those hard round plastic brushes. The ones that have bristles like the plastic teeth in a comb. I’ve had and used those for years. After I put in creme rinse. I used them mainly as a detangler. And while I was careful and happy enough with them, I am supremely happy with this brush.Overall a GREAT brush, worth every penny. Highly recommend. But remember, it’s a MASSAGE BRUSH, NOT A DETANGLER!UPDATE: August 2013 – Brush still going strong, still looks like new. I have noticed that this brush is now sold by another company I bought mine from and is now an “add on” item where you have to purchase $25.00 in order to get the free shipping. Bummer. My shipping was free. That definitely made it worth the $9.90 I paid. I may think twice about HAVING to spend 25.00 to get it much as I LOVE this shampoo brush. Perhaps going directly to the Kent website directly or to “TGS’ website, it can be had for a better price. I DO know that offers Apple Green and Orange for $6.13, as of today. The other 2 colors are more. However, I don’t know how much the shipping charge is. Glad I got mine when I did.

Susan Sand Creek, WI