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Kent 20T Folding Comb

Handmade and unbreakable, this folding comb features medium size teeth and fits easily in your back pocket. Perfect for wet, thick hair

Key features

  • Fold it right there partner!

Honest reviews



Normally i don’t rate combs as there isn’t much of a qualifying factor of grade in them. This one is different. It has mechanical aspects that I felt qualified. The hinge, receiver, joint, Rivet grip, clip and shape open and closed.I haven’t found anything wrong with this one, but what I did find is something that you don’t normally find in something so simple. I’ll start by saying the clip is a heavier grade metal than you would expect and grips nicely. I’ve put in in several different size material and the shank holds up nicely and bounces back. The joint works pretty freely but you can feel it’s snug, mainly because the rivet works pretty good. That would be the grip flanges and length. Overall I didn’t see anything that would put this one any lower than high quality. Since there’s not much to compare with other than my experience with mechanical devices over 30 years, I’d say this one is a winner.

Catherine Bogalusa, LA

Great Comb

I’ve kept combs in my pocket for ages and they always get gunked up with fuzz and whatever happens to be in my pocket at the time. Now I can keep it in my pocket without worrying about fuzz and what not getting stuck in the bristles of the brush. It won’t pop open in your pocket either, it takes a reasonable amount of force to get it to open. It also has a clip on the side, which is handy because who wants a comb to be in the same pocket as dirty change/money? Clip it on your belt or pocket and you’re good to go. Kind of hard to remove from a belt or pocket though, which is both good and bad. Sure it wont get knocked off and lost, but it takes some effort to get it to come off and I worry that i may break it. That’s about the only real downfall to this comb, from now on I’ll stick with these rather than cheap-o dollar store combs. It has a nice, classy look to it as well instead of cheap plastic like most combs..

Sheryl Springdale, UT

Surprise! There’s A Diff in Combs

I bought my first Kent based on reviews. Never really thought about the difference in such a "low tech" item. Here’s the news: There’s a difference. Forget your Ace, buy a Kent. I have 3 of the folding ones.

Margery Foreston, MN


My 23 year old bearded nephew LOVES this thing. It carries it with him to comb his beard and mustache.

Kirsten Collinsville, VA

Great quality but smaller than expected

I received this comb on the 19th which was a little earlier than expected. It is a very nice quality comb. I knew the dimensions before ordering it but it seems smaller in my hand. I have several Kent combs and all are well made and feel lovely in the hand. They are smooth on the scalp as well. This is a great pocket comb and I plan to give it to my son.

Beulah Loyal, WI

Folding Comb

I got this for my boyfriend as an early Christmas gift for his beard. He loves it. He legit uses it every day and smiles every time. He keeps it in the car. It is very high quality and doesnt budge even with his huge beard!

Casandra Westport, IN