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Kenra Platinum Hot Spray #20, 55% VOC, 8-Ounce

Kenra Platinum Hot Spray gives the ultimate thermal protection with long-lasting, firm hold. Uniquely formulated to prevent thermal damage while permitting a clean release from styling tools.

Key features

  • Provides ultimate thermal protection with long-lasting, firm hold
  • Uniquely formulated to prevent hair damage from heated tools and harmful UV rays
  • Permits a clean release from heated tools
  • Adds vibrant shine

Honest reviews


Perfect when heat styling

I just love Kenra products, I’ve liked every one I have tried so far! This is great for heat styling, especially flat ironing or curling. It works wonderfully for either. I was spooked at first by the “firm hold” description, but it does not give crunchy, crispy or sticky feeling hair. I don’t like my hair feeling like it is full of product. This gives great hold but “firm” is poor word choice. I did unwisely put this stuff on my bangs thinking I could get some lift that way… Oh yeah, it lifted, I looked like Miss 1980’s! It was challenging getting it to stay down after that. Moral of the story: experimenting is good, just don’t do it when you’re going someplace!Edit to add: I recently tried using this stuff on damp hair before blow-drying. It’s great for that too! I have some “texturized” hair around the crown for lift. I usually end up with hairs that will stick up after blow-drying but before using some other products to take care of that. This hot spray has enough hold that it keeps those errant hairs down and controlled when I use it before blow-drying. It doesn’t make hair feel gross or weighed down.

Minnie Coalton, WV

Better than hairspray for curling iron

My hair looked great when using this product with a curling iron. My only problem is that the directions say, "apply liberally," which I think I too far. I have fairly thin hair so I think I just went overboard for what I needed, but regardless my hair looked great and did not have the extra "crunchy" texture that often accompanies regular hairspray. I will definitely continue to use this product when using my hot curling iron.

Tia Chireno, TX

Good value on Amazon

Have used this product for years and typically purchased from my stylist. I keep an eye out for good deals on Amazon & stock up when I can. The product itself works very well when I’m straightening my hair. Helps with shine and holds well. Use very little hair spray with this product.

Sandra Rockwell, IA

Cant live without it

Ok This is THE BESTTTTTT hairspray i have ever experienced, just don’t overdue it, even if you do it’ll take about half the bottle’s contents to give hair any sort of crunchy feel, but dont underestimate the hold, its amazing even in hot humid VA summers, kept my hair frizz free and soft to touch.

Doretha Dagus Mines, PA

Good replacement for Redkin D/C product

This works at least as well as the Redkin 15 I used to use. I think it’s a bit more expensive, but nothing to do about that. It does build up after a couple uses, and having dark hair I have to be a little careful of that. I also use the Kenra 21 hairspray, and am *very* happy with that.

Rachelle Cairo, NE