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Kenra Platinum Blow-Dry Spray, 3.4-Ounce

Kenra Platinum Blow-Dry Spray dramatically decreases blow-dry time and provides intense heat protection from damage and breakage. This lightweight formulation detangles, smoothes, and softens while eliminating frizz and resisting humidity for long-lasting, healthy looking results.

Key features

  • Dramatically decreases blow-dry time by 50%
  • Provides intense heat protection from damage and breakage
  • Lightweight formulation detangles, smoothes, and softens
  • Eliminates frizz and resists humidity
  • Provides long-lasting, healthy looking results

Honest reviews



I have always hated drying my hair because it takes so long and in the summer time it totally sucks. This product has decreased my blow drying time in half. It used to take my hair about 30 minutes to be fully dry. I used this the other night and my hair was dry in less then 15 minutes. This is an awesome product and when I am done with it I will be buying the full size. It sprays a nice mist and comes out evenly and has a pretty nice fruity smell. Similiar to a tropical fruit smell. Don’t pass this up!

Bessie Ridge Farm, IL


This stuff is amazing for shining my hair and keeping the flat iron from damaging it. I use it everyday without it leaving a thick layer in my hair.

Andrea Mapaville, MO

Avid user!

I first found out about this product from a friend who was a beautician. She used this on my hair and I was amazed by how great this worked! The smell of it is amazing! I could wear it as a perfume and if you can go a day or two without washing your hair it creates an even sweeter smell to your hair. I have thick and natural curly blonde hair and blow drying typically use to take me near almost 20-25 minutes just to get my hair completely dry and round brushed. With this product it takes me 10-15 minutes tops! It really does cut down the dry time and if they had a perfume of this smell I’d purchase that and use it like I use butter!!

Ana Collinsville, IL

Smells wonderful

My hairdresser used this when I was there last. It smells incredible and the price on Amazon was very good. My hair dries quickly anyway, so I’m not sure if it’s really doing anything, but did I mention how GOOD it smells? 🙂

Jesse La Jara, CO

dry hair but for my fine, tangly hair it is way too much oil

This product would probably work okay for someone with coarse, dry hair but for my fine, tangly hair it is way too much oil. I look like a rat that has crawled out of the sewer when I use this and even when I just use a little my hair is greasy. Too bad because the smell is wonderful, but it’s too heavy for me.

Britney Hornick, IA

Really works!

The way it arrived was a bit sloppy, it was inside a package filled with peanuts and just a bottle with tape to secure the lid on the bottle. The smell is delicious it’s not overpowering, and reminds me of chocolate/coffee, but not in an instantly recognizable way, it’s just the closest thing i could describe it to. i love the way it sprays like a mist, most heat protectant sprays kinda just shoot a lot into one area, but this kinda goes everywhere with an even amount, it also makes drying time way faster. I have thinnish hair and usually takes me 15-25 minutes to dry my hair, when I used this it took me under 10 minutes.

Jo Plano, TX

Blow dry spray

This blow dry spray smells so good my daughter wants it sprayed in her hair that she does not blow dry. I think it really does cut down on the blow dry time.

Amie Taft, CA