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Kenneth Cole Black By Kenneth Cole For Men. Eau De Toilette Spray 1.7 Ounces

Introduced in 2003. Fragrance notes: a fresh and fruity blend of sweet spice and woods. Recommended use: daytime.When applying any fragrance please consider that there are several factors which can affect the natural smell of your skin and, in turn, the way a scent smells on you.  For instance, your mood, stress level, age, body chemistry, diet, and current medications may all alter the scents you wear.  Similarly, factor such as dry or oily skin can even affect the amount of time a fragrance will last after being applied

Key features

  • Kenneth Cole Black by Kenneth Cole for Men – 1.7 oz EDT Spray
  • Kenneth Cole Black by Kenneth Cole for Men

Honest reviews


Comes on strong and leaves nicely

Not my favorite cologne. This definately has a strong spicy masculine smell. Some men may prefer it. I really wouldn’t say an appropriate work cologne. Better for romance . Although like I said it has a strong smell. Very distinctive and outdoorsey. What i did notice is that after a few hours the scent becomes softer and more pleasant. I would not recommend this cologne unless you prefer the spicy scents.

Emily Lodi, TX

Not Good.. No long lasting. Stop wasting $$’s

1 Star for packing shipping and filled bottle for full of spirits alcohol mixed with Lemon smell…!!My review: I tried many perfumes many brands of different designers, even from Paris, Italy Milano, Lodi L’arbollario, Zegna, Boss, Gucci and much more.. First time buy this perfume and read all reviews looks good review. But it’s really not good.How does this smell: take spirits alcohol mix fresh green lemon juice, smell that on your own risk. If you don’t want to do this just go to any Bath and body try Noir perfume and oak perfume that is much better than this perfume. I got deal before buy 3 get 3 free total 6 for $99 I think that will be better if I want to smell Kenneth Cole Black perfume.No strong it’s too light smell… Not for who looks for long lasting at least for 1hour! This perfume stay on your clothes or body till 30minutes hardly… Oh yes it’s burn on skin if you apply directly on under arms or around neck or on shoulders… Don’t apply it will burn for 10 minutes and smell stays till 30 minutes.. Uggghhh…Bottle is very nice and heavy and shiny box that means they invest in bottle and box not for perfume smell.No where written that this perfume for men!! No smell of musk, woods or floral.. Just lemon smell light that means its not citrus smell citrus smell light orange smell if I’m not wrong… Different than Macy’s I smell and used.Sorry don’t like this product from this vendor, very disappointed, much better eternity for men by CK.Anyways I’m not going to buy this again…!! You lost one customer…!!-HP

Myrtle Williamstown, KY

Black by Kenneth Cole

I do not know how trhia smells because I bought it as a gift for a male friends birthday. but it did arrive before schedule so I was able to give it on this persons birthday. thank you.

Tina Raleigh, IL

Kenneth Cole Black

Best present I ever bought for my husband !!!!!!!! It was a gift for me too ! Love the scent and the man.

Adriana Salsbury Cove, ME

Great Smell, a little feminine

This is quickly becoming one of my favorites… it has a great smell that is not overpowering…it is a mix of sweet, citrus, with some spicy masculine notes, although i would say it edges toward feminine… this is the kind of perfume that girls would like to smell on you but you will not find impressive yourself… i see it best to wear on a date or at night… it is not something for work…

Jerry Lamar, IN

My sons cologne band…….

My sons cologne band…….I buy it for him every year amazon has a very good price and I would recommend this to any one not to heavy great smell!~

Sallie Atwater, OH

Very versatile scent

I own over 20 EDTs, and this is quite possibly my favorite. Initially has a sharp smell to it, but after the dry down, it has a very classy, clean scent. It could be worn any time of year – day or evening. The only drawback would be that the longivity isnt quite great. It lasts longer than KC Reaction, but certainly won’t get you through the day. However, I would highly recommend this, and I will certainly buy this one again.

Adrian New London, NH

Chick Magnet

One of my favorite colognes. I get more attention from the smell of this stuff then most other colognes. Last a good long time too.

Henrietta Fairfield, CA

Inimitably Good

Kenneth Cole “Black” and Kenneth Cole “Reaction” are the two best scents I have ever smelled. Perhaps that seems hyperbolic, but they are the only scents I buy for either my husband or myself. Kenneth Cole is such a strong, clean smell–it seems to typify the freshness sought by other scents. It is so enticing and yet bold, somehow, that it might as well be termed an aphrodisiac. I have had people in my classes and office environment ask me (after walking by) what the charming scent I’m wearing is.When I wear the Kenneth Cole brands I don’t feel like I’m putting on cologne, I feel like I’m getting dressed for the day. Kenneth Cole has become as ubiquitous as deodorant in my life. This is the scent for businessmen/women, strong personalities, and those that exude confidence. It is inimitably Good.

Tonia Burlington, VT

spells good

Although it is not one of the more lasting fragrances, it does smell good on my 13 year old son. More suited for everyday wear like for work, not where you want to make a big ‘splash’. Hence, it is good for the price

Wilda Argillite, KY

Modern, elegant, fresh – it has it all!

This is one of my all time favorite fragrances. It gives you a very modern, crisp, and refreshing scent that lasts a good while. I got a sample from a friend of mine, and went out and bought it the very next day. Great stuff!

Olivia Starford, PA

Sweet cologne!

I bought this cologne without knowing it but I don’t regret at all cause I loved it! and for it’s price it’s a great value!

Tameka Ocotillo, CA

A Real Sleeper

Really nice, masculine scent (almost a slight hint of banana?) that does not smell like everything else on the market. I will purchase this again.

Queen Inwood, IA

Nice smell for daytime

This smells good, clean little sweet, almost like a soapy smell, not unpleasant, for me its a day time scent.

Juliana New Millport, PA

i love kenneth cole.

when I was first introduced to this smell, I fell in love with it, it’s great and will wear it in between all the others I use… thanks.

Lauren Drake, ND

You’ll love it!

One of my favorite scents! Great for those romantic occasions very sweet, but not overpowering. And it lasts for along time!

Noemi Rothsay, MN

Lovely scent

To coin the expression once you go black…lol…this is a very captivating fragrance that is very distinctive. This will definitely remain one of my favs

Stefanie Green City, MO

sniff, sniff

this is the best price I’ve ever seen for this cologne and I really like the way it smells so I got it for my son on Christmas, he also likes it

Doris Sharptown, MD

long lasting, powdery

I got this EDT after reading all the good reviews. It last morning to evening and I am happy about that. But I did not hugely like the powdery smell (and that’s why I took one star off).

Colette Dinwiddie, VA

Kenneth Cole Black

I had no idea what to pick out for my husband. All I knew is that it couldn’t be too strong, because I get migraines really easily with strong scents. So, I started reading reviews on different colognes. This one didn’t sound too strong. Also, of course, I tried to choose one that I thought my husband would like. He wears Stetson and frankly, I am sick to death of Stetson. I never have told my husband that, but it is way too strong in my opinion. I was pleasantly surprised when his Kenneth Cole Black came today. It has a nice scent and is not too strong. Of course, if you spray it on heavily, it will be strong. Best yet, my husband really likes it, too! So, I did “good”!UPDATE: 8-8-13 After smelling this cologne a few times now, I am afraid it is too strong for me. To me, it is just as intense as Stetson. I’m looking for a smooth men’s cologne. Not overpowering. That is migraine headache city. I won’t be purchasing this again. 🙁 Still on the search………..

Marylou Hanover, MD

My gurl love it.

This is a nice clean sent that last all day. More like something you would wear at night to a club. Hard to explain the smell but its very close to Glenn Perri Unpredictable Night

Candice Linch, WY

A very pleasant scent–good addition to your collection

Has a very clean scent. Lasts reasonably long. Good for all occasions and would not be likely to offend anyone. A solid scent to go along with my mainstays of Chrome, Chrome Legend, Touch.

Letha Grayling, AK


this is my favorite cologne of all time, kenneth cole as always has perfect and original scents for men’s cologne, i will buy this cologne again and again…

Angelia Gays Mills, WI