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Ken Paves Clip-In Bang Hair Extension 1 piece

Change your style without the commitment add bangs nbsp This 5″ long blunt cut bang with 9 1 2″ of face framing sides gives any woman bangs without commitment of cutting her hair

Key features

  • Collection: Heat Friendly Tru2Life
  • Hair: Synthetic

Honest reviews


i wish i didnt order this

………….. there is nothing good to say about this product………1) hair isnt natural ….2) the hair stands up at the ends…….3) it is way to shiny … it appears obvious to everyone that the hair isnt natural4) if you want to cut it … the hair will stand up even more… the bang is way long…i simply didnt like it at all.. wouldnt recomend to anyone

Vicky Springport, IN


The concept is a good one – I needed a little extra something as a boost after losing some hair from surgery – but this is just not anything that would really match a normal person’s texture hair. Was mailed quickly.

Hollie Quebeck, TN

The Darkest Color isn’t Dark Enough

I got the darkest color that was offered and it looked like it would be black. My hair is pitch black. These bangs aren’t pitch black- they’re dark brown. Other than that, I like how they look and wear.

Jamie Comfort, NC


This was allright. It looked like a fake wig and was obviously unnatural. It probably wouldnt look so fake on others with different hair type. It was in chocalate brown and was too dark for me. It would look near natural probably on a hispanic girl. Wish I could return this but it’s much to late 🙁

Margo Alma, WV

Poor Quality

I’ve always wondered what I would look like with bangs but was afraid to cut them. I thought this product would be awesome! I’ve seen photos of celebrities with clip-in bangs and they look great.Unfortunately, I was completely disappointed in this product. The color was a perfect match but the 3 clips underneath created a “bumpy” look at the front of my head. The piece was obvious and it looked awful. Secondly, the product photo displays even bangs and that is NOT how it looks in person. The bangs are too thin and sparse, it looks nothing like the photo. I had to return and it cost me $5.05 to send it back.Bang Fail.

Ana Morgan, PA

Love The look this gives you.

I have worn these bangs a few times and got great reviews from family and friends almost same color as my own colored hair just a bit darker but can’t even tell so much. I have even washed it and it still looks good.

Josefa Odell, OR


first I hated it then I cut the bangs a little shorter so they weren’t poking my eyes and loved it very good quality and good price

Dana Tunnel, NY

The best one out there for the price

I reviewed another set of bangs recently that I also purchased from Amazon(see my other reviews) and the quality difference between that piece and the Jessica Simpson Hair Do is significantly noticeable. Hairdo wins by a mile! Why? More clips to secure it in place and they go in opposite directions for a more secure hold, even for my thick wavy hair, which I normally straighten. The color of this one (midnight brown) is a bit dark, but will work for my brown hair which I recently dyed to cover the grey, but it has some red highlights to it, so I’ll just color it darker next time. Overall I’m pleased with this purchase.

Lula Rutledge, MO

Love it!

I don’t know how I was capable of guessing the correct color online, but I was lucky enough to do so. If you’re not sure at all, I would recommend going to a store that sells wigs and checking out the correct color.With that said, I love these bangs. I have no experience with weaves, wigs, clip-in hair or whatever they sell at these stores. But I love getting bangs from time to time, but hate that after a couple of weeks, I’m sick of them and want my long bangs back. So I decided to try this out. I love it! I don’t think the product is "shiny". When I was reading reviews of this product I was very reluctant into getting them because so many people were saying it’s shiny and looks too fake. I decided to give it a try anyways. I honestly love it! At first I was disappointed because I had no idea the clips would click open (like I said, no experience with this kind of stuff), and couldn’t understand why the damn thing wouldn’t stay on. After my brain decided to work correctly, I realized what was wrong and started wearing them. They look like clean hair. If that’s what "shiny" means, then I guess they ARE shiny. It blended perfectly with my hair and I love being able to change my face from time to time. The only thing I’ll say, is that the bangs are a bit long, at least on my face shape. I had to trim them a little bit, and I did it at home by myself. If you’re not crafty, you can take to your usual hair place and I’m sure they’ll do it for you.I totally recommend these bangs! They rock!

Juanita Lake Stevens, WA

So fun and great!

Loved these! Everyone thought they were real! Make sure to add a little body/ texturizer to your regular hair to help blend them together. They inspired me to cut real bangs. I’m growing them back out, but I have these as my to-go bangs!

Sheri New Paris, OH


Great pair of bangs! especially since i didn’t want to take the risk and cut them, i got them in the shade midnight brown, which is good for my constantly dyed natural black now dark brown hair. A little shiny, but nothing a liittle powder cant fix.

Norma Cortland, IL


I got these for a halloween costume, i didn’t expect them to actually match my hair. I can’t find anything that even comes close to my hair because i am a strawberry blonde, but these nailed it :), all the hightlights were perfect, it blended well and they are so cute, i got so many compliments i decided to wear them all the time. Everybody thinks they are real when i told my friend they were fake she didn’t believe me and made me take them out to show her that it wasn’t real.

Vivian Argyle, IA


My new clip-in bangs arrived right on time and I just had to try them right away! Super easy to clip in, easy to figure out. I snapped them on and styled my hair and loved the new “do”. I showed my girlfriend and she thought that I had just cut my hair. When I told her about it, she didn’t believe that they were fake. I’m so glad that they look so natural and now I can change my look for just a night without committing to a real cut!

Rhonda Norman, NE

These are awesome

Adjust your hair (of course) just right and most can’t tell the difference. I loved using these on days I didn’t feel like styling my bangs or when they were growing out and over due for a trim. These are great quality and blend in nicely with my other hair.

Clarice Sheffield, VT

Not good

Not good for minorities or people with smaller heads. it didnt fit the shape of my head, so I had to trim it, and it looked off from the rest of my hair. didnt look real.

Eliza Monroeville, OH


The bangs kinda look a bit unnatural but that’s not because it’s artificial hair. It’s because the styling doesn’t take into account that the bangs need to be a bit more spread out on the sides. It’s kinda all clumped together, and unless you have a small head, it looks a bit weird.

Ashleigh Thackerville, OK


The bangs are very cute, and look like my real hair. The only problem I have with them is you can see the cutoff point of the bangs extension and your real hair. It’s not glaringly noticeable, someone would really have to be looking at the top of your head to see it though.

Gabriela Roscoe, MN

Perfect fit

I have dark brown hair the color matched perfect. It looks natural and they are super easy to use. Great value

Mamie Trenton, SC


I ordered this and was so excited i didnt have to cut my hair to commit to a bangs look (istill havn’t) i have black hair and ordered the shade in ebony(the darkest available) when it arrived i had to check to make sure there wasn’t a mistake, there wasn’t the shade is just not black, enough. so if you have black/ebony colored hair dont bother

Christine Strausstown, PA

Excellent quality bang!

Absolutely loved, loved, loved it! It looks like authentic human hair and feels like it too! My friends didn’t even notice I was wearing fake bangs! They thought it was my real hair! The only thing is I wish it came in more colors. I have mahogany dark brown hair and the bangs I got was the midnight brown which is darker than my haircolor. I asked the company on Amazon that sells this bang whether they had my current haircolor and sadly, they said no 🙁 If they did, I would have bought a second bang from them!

Francis Valencia, CA


I disklike that these banmgs come longer than the pic….i do not want to cut them my self its a drag….also the colors dont completly match it look shiny and super fake i had to put baby powder on mine to eliminate all the fake shine

Lucille Haworth, OK

Great, amazing!!

Very useful, since I bought it I don’t have to cut my bangs anymore. When I feel like I want to have my hair with bangs I use it, and when I don’t I just keep it in my closet. Very very good purchase!

Ashleigh Barstow, MD


This hairpiece looks too fake… I understand it’s synthetic but the strands look like’s extremely too shiny to look real.

Sasha Salem, NM

I love my new bangs!

I wasn’t expecting much from a $13 hairpiece, but these are great! They look almost natural, a little bit fake but I don’t care – I’m psyched! I never could wear bangs before because of a very stubborn cowlick right on my somewhat uneven hairline. Now I can have bangs! In like 10 seconds!I got the shade R14-88H, a streaky blonde shade that matches very well with my own natural color.I am now a fake hair fan and plan to get a ponytail, and the 21-inch straight extension. Thank you Ken Paves and Jessica Simpson!

Chandra Rehoboth Beach, DE

Clip Doesn’t Hold

I found the clip unusable. It was too narrow and wouldn’t grip my hair. It’s a good concept and no doubt there are more expensive models that do hold but thus one didn’t work.

Elena Blodgett, MO

Good for a nice Halloween Costume, but not everyday use…

This product is exactly the color shown in the photo – an ashy, light blonde. If you’ve ordered other Jessica Simpson Hair extensions in the same color (R14/88H, Golden Wheat), these bangs are NOT THE SAME COLOR as the other pieces (i.e.fine line, clip in wavy, etc.) – they are a bit lighter and ashier.I like that the bangs come with plenty of length, so you can trim them to fit your face, and the longer side pieces help a lot with the blending. The main problem that I have with these bangs is that they are the same color all the way down, and if you’re a blonde (and get your color from a bottle as most of us do), your hair is usually a little darker at the roots. If I had solid colored hair (as many brunettes or black haired ladies do) I would probably give this product a 4 or 5. The colors not blending and additional shine are the only real issues I have with this product.

Eva Crabtree, PA

super cute hair and extremely easy to use

This is very nice hair and very easy to use. I love this piece! I have since gotten a few more pieces from her line and love them all. Amazon has got the best prices for them too!

Hilary Scuddy, KY

I L.O.V.E. It!!

I have naturally strawberry blonde hair. It is hard to match (not that I have tried anything like this before). I want bangs, but everytime I cut them I immediately hate that I did it! So, when I saw that Katie Holmes wore a clip on at the OSCARS this last year I had to check it out for myself! I love it! It easily blend in with my own hair and people couldn’t tell a difference. Honestly, the best idea ever. Those who want bangs, but don’t want to commit. 🙂

Shelly Wickatunk, NJ

Can’t figure this one out

I have yet to wear this. I can’t figure out how to attach it without it looking totally wig. Maybe I’m not doing something right.

Erin Graham, NC

Don’t buy online unless you know your color for sure

This was really confusing color guideline. I purchased the buttered toast for my blonde hair but it just absolutely does not match. The one I got has at least 3 or 4 different colors varying from red, brown, to blonde streaks. My hair is dirty dishwater blonde with varying shades of blonde not red and brown. So I just threw it away another waste of money. Next time I will only buy in store at Sally’s.

Sherry Chaumont, NY