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KDS Nail Glue 10-pk.

kds glue 10 pk

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  • kds glue 10 pk

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glue for nails

works well great for the price and I use it for other stuff besides nails I will buy again for sure

Charlene Brandon, IA

works fine!1

I ordered this glue for the first time and I must say it works fine. it’s a little thinner texture than the glues I’ve used in the past but it works GREAT. I do my own acrylic nails at home and I will order this product when I need more nail glue.

Maria Quincy, OH

Do not Buy!

One of the worst things I ever bought.This is just bad, It is a OK glue, but horrible for nails!I can’t describe in words the sheer disappointment this item has brought me. I have better uses for 5 dollars, and I refuse to buy this ever again.Yes its that bad.I used this to secure false nails, first on my bare nail. It wouldn’t stick. After three layer of glue it finally worked. 5 minutes later, I added pressure to the nail and waited for it to dry, I go to pick up my nail polish bottle a I feel that the nails might fall off. 20 minutes later they do. Left me with a 4-5 day of looking at the glue left behind, I couldn’t, and tried, removing the glue with nail polish remover it just would not come out. I made a costume set of nails that fix my extract nail size, This time I painted my nails the color or the fake ones, with a base coat, then 3-5 drops of this glue, and finally I held the nails in place for 2 minutes. It actually work. About half an hour later the fake nails started to fell like they where going to fall.Honestly I should just have gone to a store and bought nail glue there.Pros:Its ten bottles.Cost about as much as a brand name nail glue.Cons:It dries fast, but only when you don’t want it to.Its a CHEAP,CHEAP, and really CHEAP quality.Buying Elmer’s glue is more useful then this, for nail.

Tisha Healdsburg, CA

Five Stars

They arrived the next day and so far they holding up.

Essie Punta Santiago, PR



Denice Highland, IN


this glue is alright. its nothing amazing but it does what its supposed to do. so I guess its good to use.

Martina Robert Lee, TX


This is great for the price. Even though it says kids it works just as good as the expensive stuff.

Lynne Valdez, NM


i ordered these because i wanna start doing my own nails and decorating them myself instead of spending a riduclous amount of money to go get them done and these work just perfectly

Brandie Sandersville, MS

Five Stars

Good strong glue. Does a good job with rhinestones and even other things like super glue.

Lillian Hastings, OK

Does what it is supposed to do!

I was being silly when I ordered my glue-on-nails (I’m in Iraq and like to feel like a girl sometimes among M-16’s) and accidentally forgot to make sure that the nails came with glue. They didn’t so I ordered this. It worked perfect, and none of my nails have came off yet. I have opened cans of soda, currently typing, and all kinds of other things and this works perfect. I don’t have the option to get my nails done over here, but this is perfect over here, and I would actually use it in the states though. I’ll put another update on here if there are any changes, but honestly I don’t foresee anything changing anytime soon with this glue. Works perfect!

Cynthia Kula, HI

Great Deal

I bought these nail glues because I do my nails all the time and am always needing glue, LOL. I got these and I’m so happy that they are all completely sealed to where you have to cut them open.

Trisha Glen Flora, WI

Very quick delivery

Great nail glue. No problems with it clogging

Gail Lavonia, GA

this product gets the job done

I tried to use this product for sticking my fake nails on, but it seems to only be a temporary solution, that doesn’t last very long. the glue isn’t really that strong. I am a bartender so my hands get wet very often, and I am in need of a stronger glue. I use another glue by sally’s that is 100x better. However, it is perfectly for gluing on little gems and fimo pieces. So i only use it for the nail art aspect of my nails. This glue takes a while to dry as well. It is an ok product that get’s the job done, just not for my main needs.

Erma Bixby, OK

Nail Glue…

I’m just now getting into Nail Art…. So, I’ve not had a chance to try this, however, with that being said… The product looks to be easy to use and safe for your nail bed, too. I’m looking forward to adding a bit of bling to my nails! It’s amazing what they offer, these days! I’ve dealt with tremors for almost 20 years, now…. I wasn’t even able to use polish of any kind. Because it looked as though a two year old applied it! But, in today’s market…. They offer so many wonderful products that allow someone like me to add ‘fun’ without having to go to a local Salon!! Thank you!!

Sharlene Hope, ID

Cool product

Holds well last a long time great value we go through a lot of glue at my nail salon so I’m sure we will be needing to order more in the coming days and I will for sure stock up on this product thank you

Winifred Bovard, PA

Work Pretty Well

Not the BEST nail glue I’ve ever used but it worked in a pinch to glue my dog’s nail caps on. A few fell of after less than a week though. So, not as good as the glue I usually get with her nail caps.

Joann Montrose, AR

It sticks,

Got my glue in a reasonable amount of time & it’s regular nail glue for a good price! I would order again.

Summer Renfrew, PA

Great value

They come in 10 perfectly packaged should last a long time perfect for my business that I’m about to start

Vonda Winchester, MA