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Katy Perry Meow Eau De Parfum Spray for Women, 3.4 Ounce

Features. Designer – Katy Perry Meow.. Capacity – 3.4 oz.. Age Group – Womans Fragrance Spray.

Key features

  • Designer – Katy Perry Meow.
  • Capacity – 3.4 oz.
  • Age Group – Womans Fragrance Spray.

Honest reviews


sweeter than Purr

I loved Katy Perry’s Purr, and especially the pretty bottle it comes in. So, I decided to give Meow a try and found I like it even more. The scent is sweeter and fruitier than Purr. Purr could be considered a more mature scent, as it has a musky undertone. I prefer Purr for evening wear, but Meow is a great everyday scent. And the two bottles look so cute on my dresser! Highly recommended.

Sasha Horton, MI

Feminine, fruity, and really rather fun.

This is a sweet, fruity floral, very feminine smell. It’s sweet without being childish, or cloying. It was the first of the three Katy Perry perfumes I purchased (I also have the similarly delectable "purr" and the sophisticated "Killer Queen", although I am not a fan of Ms. Perry’s music, I must say her range of scents is very nice. It has good staying power, and even my perfume hating husband likes this one. I’m in my mid twenties and am pleased to report that this doesn’t have the "cotton candy nightmare" scent I associate with young teenage girls, and I as a married woman, who owns a home and runs a small business, can wear it without feeling at all inappropriate. Also honestly, the packaging is really rather cute, which is what attracted me to it in the first place.

Meagan Kurthwood, LA

Katy and her wonderful perfumes

I already have the Purr bottle which I adore and now I bougth the Meow kitty perfume and I am so in love with my two cats. Both are delicious, lasting and so sexy perfumes.

Janis La Grange, IL


The perfume was everything I asked for. It came unbroken, not even scratched, and smelled exactly as I remembered in the store. The bottle is adorable too.

Darcy Mayfield, UT

It doesn’t have the heart of a lion…

The pear is the strongest fruit note in MEOW and gives the fragrance a light and watery feel. Combined with the whisper of tangerine, I find the fruits used in MEOW to be milder and fresher then those used in Purr. I also think there is a touch of peach to soften the fresh feel of the watery pear note down a bit. The soft vanilla is present through all of the fragrance, with adds a creamy sweetness and warmth to the mix from the start.The floral notes used for MEOW are disappointingly underdeveloped. Aside from a breeze of orange blossom and subtle honeysuckle, none of them are strong enough to stand out individually from the fruits and vanilla. This is definitely a fruity perfume. I sometimes think that I can make out the lily, but it’s too short-lived to really be sure what I think I’m sniffing.There is no strong indication between the heart notes and the base, thanks to the constant trickle of pear, peach and vanilla. The sandalwood and musk are mingled closely together so it is a warm and creamy mix – nice, but it is nothing we haven’t seen before, many, many times.***Scent notes; Tangerine, pear, jasmine, gardenia, honeysuckle, lily of the valley, orange blossom, amber, vanilla, sandalwood and musk.***MEOW is richer with the fruits then it is with the florals, so the lasting power is nothing to shout about. It averages between four to five hours – good, but nothing special. Purr focused on the fruit notes over the florals to, but it still isn’t as light as MEOW.As this is mild and sweet it seems like a playful fragrance. I think that this is best worn for casual daytime wear, as I personally think it’s a bit too young for work. As it’s mild and not very long lasting I find it too ‘gentle’ for evening wear, but if you don’t wear perfume whilst out for a statement and to be noticed then go for it.I asked my Mum to pick up a bottle when it was released in America, close to Christmas last year. It was nice enough, but I found it too mild and watery in colder weather and the coldness seemed to halve the lasting power, so I didn’t wear it much. But now that its getting a bit lighter and slightly warmer I’m finding MEOW much more enjoyable to wear. Plus the fruit is watery and the florals mild, so it’ll carry through to the summer months too.***Overall: MEOW is ‘nice’. It’s pleasant and easy to wear, but it isn’t in the slightest bit original and the mildness of the different scent notes make it seem quite flat and one dimensional. Pair that with the so-so wear and you get another average, been-there-sniffed-that release. Out of the Katy Perry releases I’d recommended Purr over this, as the floral notes are a bit more developed. MEOW reminds me of something, but I can’t quite put my finger on what. Victoria’s Secret Pear Glace body mist, or perhaps one of the Harajuku Lovers releases. Aha; now I think it was actually Christina Aguilera’s Secret Potion. So iff you like that then it’d be fairly safe to order a bottle of MEOW untested online.

Leslie Echo, OR

10 stars for this perfume

If you love the smell of vanilla then this is the perfume for you. The perfume stays with you and is not overbearing. I receive many compliments from both male and female on what I’m wearing.

Gussie Mandaree, ND

Too sweet and cheap smelling – a lot like Pink Sugar

I thought the bottle was cute and bought it as more of a decor, but wow, the smell is horrible. It’s sort of like a body spray trying to be a perfume, mixed with a headache. I guess this would be a hit with pink sugar fans, as it is very similar. It’s nothing I would be caught wearing, though. There are so many beautiful fragrances out there, don’t waste your time on this one.

Allyson Frankenmuth, MI



Susie Cambridge, IA


It may smell super sweet, however, there’s a slight musk that seeps through (more as time goes) that balances the sweetness and makes it so it’s not nausiating! The musk isn’t over powerful though, and it’s still mostly sweet. Very good for every day wear and I agree with the other reviewers, it lasts ALL DAY! No wearing off! I just got it at kohl’s this morning, put it on, and it still smells amazing at 8:30pm. 🙂 very happy!

Cecelia Duchesne, UT

Pleasant fragrance, but way too soft.

Pleasant, like a fruity milkshake, but it’s so soft I don’t even notice it unless I smell my skin directly. No sillage whatsoever. This would make a great first perfume for a five year old girl.It’s not as good as other celebrity fragrances, like Britney Spears Fantasy and Jessica Simpson’s Fancy.

Marquita Jonesville, IN


Meow is great. Smells like sugar, but not as overpowering as Pink Sugar or Fantasy. It’s nice and light, feminine and tasty. A terrific perfume for such a low price. And I think the bottle is absolutely adorable! Too cute NOT to have in my collection!

Margot Jerseyville, IL


I love this perfume and the price but the perfume doesn’t stay as long as I wish. However, that’s okay… I still love it!!!!

Lenore Marlton, NJ

katy perry meow for women

love the smell, much cheaper online than in Kohl’s. always get plenty of compliments when i wear this. kind of sweet but i prefer sweet fragrances. excellen price

Rocio University Place, WA

This is such a great Value!

I love this scent! I prefer this scent to Katy Perry’s other scent for the simple fact that this one is more sweet and less musky to me. I couldn’t believe how large this bottle is for the amount paid. I just think It’s a fantastic value compared to what you might pay in stores. If you love this scent, I definitely recommend buying it here. The shipment came packaged well and very fast.

Latasha Washta, IA

my favorite

I would have never expected to love a perfume by Katy Perry (not that she is not great……..but I am not young) I was at nordstroms to buy Prada Candy and the sales woman suggested that I smell the Meow. Much to my surprise, I fell in love with it and it is now a staple for me.

Lashonda Crownpoint, NM

Smell like Candyfornia!

Katy is one of my idols and absolutely love her! She has picked me up when I was down plenty of times!After I purchased her ‘Purr’ fragrance, I immediately found out about ‘Meow!’ it was a little irritating since i felt like i was late on everything Katy lol Nonetheless, this perfume is very sweet! very fluffy and delicate. It will leave you feeling cute. It smells like vanilla and maybe some cotton candy. After all, it is based on her California Dreams Tour! and she did want it to smell like her Caliornia Gurls "Candyfornia" setting. As for duration, I would say it lasts about, 6-7 hours (for me) it all depends on your skin really. Everyone is different. Overall, great fragrance! I look forward to her new scent ‘Killer Queen’ !

Taylor Packwaukee, WI

All time favorite!

I love this. It’s my signature scent! Very sweet and soft. Seems innocent too. I totally dig it. I wanna buy another bottle so when I run out I don’t have to be without it. Only downside is that it doesn’t last long. Many perfumes give me headaches but not this one. It’s perfect! So happy! I would recommend to anyone. Definitely for a sweet perfume lover. It bubbly and fun.

Emily Tarawa Terrace, NC


I love the scent, the bottle and of course the price!!It has a sweet scent that any age would love it!I totally recommend this perfume

Petra Hephzibah, GA

Love it!!!

Oh my gosh, this parfume smells so good! It’s a steal for this price!!! Shipped very fast, I’m so pleased, would buy again!!

Leann Littlefork, MN

Great perfume

I love the shape of the bottle and the smell. It’s not overpowering but it lasts for me. I usually spray some in my hair before I leave and I get whiffs of it through out the day.

Beth Lehigh Valley, PA

Best perfume!!

This smells like candy, cotton candy, pear!! Its so light fresh and delicious! Love the color and unique bottle. Will order again and again!

Alexis Anchor, IL