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Kate Perry Purr Eau De Parfum Spray for Women, 3.4 Ounce

Launched by the design house of Katy Perry. This feminine fragrance has notes of peach, apple, jasmine, rose, vanilla, orchid, with a blend of sandalwood, and musk. It is recommended for casual wear.

Key features

  • Long lasting fragrance
  • For all skin types
  • It is recommended for casual use
  • Purr was launched by the design house of Katy Perry
  • This product is a fragrance item that comes in retail packaging
  • It is recommended for casual wear

Honest reviews


Cute Bottle Okay Scent

I was really excited about this. The bottle is soooo flipping cute that I almost can’t stand it. It’s very original. However, I don’t feel that the scent is original at all. I’m not going to say it smells bad or anything because it doesn’t. But the smell just reminds me of a lot of perfumes. There’s a generic smell to drug store perfumes that this is very close to. So a huge part of me just can’t justify it. I paid for a pretty bottle with a generic scent… Scent’s will pick up differently on everyones skin. On my skin it smells mostly fruity, powdery. The scent does change through the day which is interesting. I like more what it smells like hours after having it on haha but I’m afraid this is just a cute decoration to have and I suppose support for Katy haha

Meghan Mc Alpin, FL

love the bottle, love the scent

I admit it. I was first attracted by the adorable cat perfume bottle – I really, really wanted it! However, I couldn’t find any stores locally that sell the perfume so I could smell it. Fortunately, I received this as a gift and I am very pleased. The bottle is even better in person than online, and it is much bigger than I expected. I have uploaded a picture of it next to a mass market paperback book and they are almost the same height. The scent was also a pleasant surprise. I prefer fruity, sweet fragrances. This one is fruity, but with a musky undertone. It’s not easy to describe a scent, but I’d say this is a “more mature” fruity as opposed to the bubble gum fruity of stuff like Love’s Berry Sweet (which I also wear). Plus, unlike other fruity splashes that fade away in less than 10 minutes, this has lasted over 3 hours and still has a nice scent.Overall, I really like this fragrance. And I find myself being tempted by Katy’s “Meow” scent in a similar bottle…

Elsie Hicksville, OH

Purchased because of bottle

I am not sure how my daughter feels about the perfume, but she was thrilled with such a cute bottle. She did take a sliht smell and said it seemed nice.

Consuelo Vincent, KY

Not for me

I love perfume and love sampling and trying new ones! This sounded good.. But not for me! It’s very strong and smells like the little bars of soap from a hotel you get and my husband said it was awful and not pretty.. So a no go 🙁 but they did ship fast and good if you decide to buy!

Shauna Dalhart, TX

great bottle -generic scent

Sweet and pleasant! Nothing at all wrong with this scent, but if you have Jessica Simpson/ Brittney Spears/Mariah Carey stuff- you really do not need this one. All pretty much the same and some of those are better. Cute gift for a cat-loving pre-teen or teenager, however.

Colleen Middle Haddam, CT

Large Bottle, Packaged, Quickly Sent… No Complaints!

I was a bit nervous on the size of the bottle. thinking it might be too small. It is HUMONGOUS and the best value I have found. Smell a bit strong when you first apply it, but about 5 minutes later, the aroma is the perfect mix of sweet and sultry. It was packaged and sealed as if I bought it from ULTA, and quickly shipped. All around happy, would purchase again.

Valarie Butternut, WI

Cool-looking bottle and great scent that both turn heads!

Picked up a bottle of this perfume for my wife for Christmas this year. She thinks it’s great and so does the rest of the family. The cool-looking bottle is just a bit of icing on the cake. I would definitely recommend this product to women, or to guys who are out looking for a gift for thier lady-friend(s) or sister(s)!

Augusta Terre Haute, IN

Smells wonderful!

I have to admit the cat bottle caught my eye first but then I read the reviews and everybody loves it. I have to admit I love the scent too! It lasts a long time and for the price you can’t beat it.

Mara Cawker City, KS

Great Price and Size

I love how sweet and gentle this perfume smells! I am very picky about the scents I wear, especially since my family members are allergic to most perfumes out there, but this one just works with me. I am not saying that the scent is for everyone, just mentioning that I love it. For the price and how large it is? This is an amazing deal! Celebrity perfumes are extremely expensive let alone retail markups! I was almost surprised when I opened this up because I expected something smaller like you see at the stores, but this will last me a long time! Amazon is the online Costco of the world 🙂

Melba Peckville, PA

shopmaster smells sooo good

This scent is sultry,sexy,sinful,sassy and more Your man will love it,and so will others. So sit back and enjoy all the compliments you get with this one ladies. Not overpowering, and very girly.I simply love it and I know you will too!

Dominique Cocoa Beach, FL

Purrfect 😉 A nice fragrance for layered fruity fun.

Katy Perry’s Purr starts off with a peach nectar and apple scent, in a high end type of way. Not like a regular fruit body spray. It is rich and delicious, very sweet. The fragrance delivers lovely candyish vibes with some floral, vanilla and sandalwood notes as it settles. It lasts well on me and I love it for when i want something super sweet but Midnight Fantasy is a little too reminiscent of crazy downtown nights. It’s a bit more mature than midnight fantasy though, the way the fragrance develops and smells. I love layered fragrances, I cannot stand the flat, one-note fits all scents. So this is purrfect. I have a large collection of fragrances and this may be my new super sweet fave.

Cassie Barstow, TX


Purr has done it right with his Fragrences I have not used one of his products I did not like but for me 18 is one of the better ones its a soft scent very light and it’s last it makes you wanna have sex with yourself it smells so good.

Kathie Carolina, PR

Greeeaaat fragrance!

Bought this as an addition to Katys Meow. I get compliments every time I wear it. Just wish it would last a little longer but for the price, can’t complain.

Latasha Parksville, SC



Joy Ferndale, PA

FABULOUS deal! Adorable bottle! Perfume fairly typical.

Bottle was less than the price of a 1 oz in the store, so fabulous bargain!!! The bottle is big, solid, heavy and adorable. The perfume itself I found to be fairly typical of the spread offered at Walgreens or the like. It’s not a BAD perfume, though I did find it to be a bit vanilla-y and floral for my tastes even though vanilla was fairly far down on the list of notes. It was the first thing I picked up. It may just be how it’s reacting to my personal body chemistry. It also leans on the generic side…I really don’t think I’d be able to pick this out of a line up of scents. It’s not long lasting either, but I expected that. You would have to spritz it on your clothing rather than skin to get a good wear time. I have quite an extensive collection and I’ve found that the celebrity endorsed perfumes (Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, Halle Berry, Beyonce etc) are all wonderful scents but the staying power is a bit short compared to say, Clinique Happy Heart or Chanel. This is made by Coty, who makes some great scents (one of my all time drugstore favorites was Ghost Myst!) but with little potency. Even though I wasn’t over the moon about the perfume itself, it does smell good and is totally wearable. Combine that with the awesome price it’s offered for through the Amazon warehouse (I paid $26 with shipping for a 3.4oz), and the fantastic display value of the bottle itself…I do like this and would recommend it. I will likely order Katy Perry’s Meow as well, just because I am so thrilled with the value and the bottle…and it may turn out Meow is more to my tastes.

Goldie Wallace, KS

Beautiful Scent!!!

I. LOVE. THIS. PERFUME. lol i smells really nice. its kind of floral-y and it smells really sophisticated. the only problem i have with it is the fact that it DOES NOT last on my skin at all. idk why tho. so it might last really long on your skin. so give it a try 🙂

Sierra East Canaan, CT

Smells amazing

This is the deepest, muskiest scent that I own and I absolutely love it if I’m feeling in a sultry mood. It’s not light and airy like most scents, but it has a fantastic appeal to it for those late nights out.

Desiree Union Hall, VA

Five Stars

Love this scent. Reminds me of Poison but less costly. My 2nd bottle.

Vicki Grand Coteau, LA

Purr By Katy Perry

I used to wear this a few years ago and couldn’t find it anywhere! I was so excited when it came the other day and not to mention it came early so that was great! Everything was in original packaging and the bottle was brand new ( as expected) I’m very happy with this purchase!

Glenda Mc Clure, VA

alittle sweet, alittle sassy

i love this scent! it smells so good! not too sweet, and i think this would work for all ages. i love this.

Luisa Waddy, KY

KatyCats, grab yourself a bottle!

Katy Perry is one of my idols so as soon as i discovered this fragrance i knew i had to purchase asap! To be honest, it is not a scent that I can wear a lot though. It is a very sexy mature scent in my opinion and might not be in my age range. I’m 19 and I feel it is more of a mid/late 20s kind of scent. i still love it though! That’s just my opinion, anyone can wear it 🙂

Hallie Corwith, IA

Love it!

I am in love with the cat bottle as well as the perfume. I am looking to try “Meow” to see if it is as good as Purr. Very satisfied. 🙂

Patricia Kobuk, AK

Amazing smell

Not only does this smell amazing, but the scent lasts for hours and hours, especially when u wear it with the body wash and body lotion.

Jade Johnston City, IL


Meow ! This was a great purchase I bought as a gift and they loved it so I would highly recommend this to anyone considering this

Estella Waianae, HI