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Karma Kream Body Cream by LUSH

Our orange flower and patchouli oil body lotion packs good Karma into one Kreamy pot. We created our Karma Kream to capture our best-selling signature perfume in a calming body lotion so Karma fans and converts can layer good Karma from head to toe. Smooth it all over your body for a spicy, citrusy fragrance and skin-soothing kindness that will repay itself twofold. Hydrating almond oil blends with the finest fair trade cocoa butter to soften and balance dry skin while orange oil brightens your skin tone.

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  • Karma Kream Body Cream by LUSH

Honest reviews


Okay, but probably not worth the price

This is Lush’s Karma scent, now in a body lotion. The scent translates pretty well from perfume to lotion, and the lotion smells much like the perfume (little scent mutation here). The lotion formula is light. For me, this is not a lotion for the depths of winter, but works out quite nicely in the summer. At the end of the day I’m pretty much meh about this product. It works well enough, it smells nice enough, but I’m not going to go out of my way to purchase again either, especially given that it’s quite an expensive lotion.

Ellen Sumner, TX

Smells good, But Price a Little High

I Liked the smell, and it is NOT greasy, as others have stated. I Bought the soap , then follow with this and the smell lasts usually a Good 6-8 hours. Its doesn’t make your skin any better, or anything, But does get rid of dry patches etc, till your next shower. Price is what made me give it only 3 stars. Don’t think it’s worth that. Hoping it lasts a REALLY Long time. I Like the consistancy and the packaging. And of course the NAME is cool. LOL

Mae Tabor, IA

VERY intense scent, great lotion

This has a very strong floral and citrus scent that lasts for hours. My partner HATES it when I use it because he can smell it in the house for hours (day?). But I love the scent and the lotion, and use it whenever he’s away. It’s very effective, and the “aromatherapy” value of the scent makes me feel relaxed but not fatigued. If you like the scent it’s a great product.

Kathy Minoa, NY

Great lotion if you love the smell of Lush’s Karma line

i love this smell and use the shampoo also. This lotion is great in leu of perfume and lasts all day. One tub lasted me several months.

Renee Silva, MO

Love Love Love this scent and body cream!!!

I am a huge fan of Lush- This body cream is my favorite! It smells for hours and smells sooo good on my skin. I get compliments all the time, more then with my normal perfume. The perfume doesn’t smell as good on my skin, this product is pricey but a total winner!!!

Vicki Attapulgus, GA