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Karma Komba Solid Shampoo by LUSH

Start your day with good Karma and great hair by washing with our hippy solid shampoo bar. It gently cleans your hair and scents your locks with our signature Karma fragrance. In addition to the groovy mood it leaves you in, essential oils of orange, pine, and patchouli keep your scalp soothed and toned. For those who suffer from knotty hair, the oils in Karma have a beneficial side effect of smoothing hair, allowing you to brush through it without pulling your hair out. Considering that our solid shampoo bars last longer that most relationships, this is very good Karma indeed. Lather up!

Key features

  • Patchouli and citrus bar to perfume and detangle
  • Fresh Ingredients
  • Net 1.9 oz

Honest reviews


Fresh! My favorite solid shampoo.

If you haven’t tried a solid shampoo before, you definitely should! Great for camping, travelling, bringing to the gym, or just using as an everyday shampoo. To cut down on bringing a whole bag full of bath products to the gym, I use this as a shampoo AND soap, and it works wonderfully for both purposes.This shampoo leaves my hair FAR less tangled than most shampoos I use, so if you don’t often have to use conditioner, you probably won’t need it if you use this shampoo!The smell, of course, is grand – if you’ve smelled other karma-scented products from Lush, you’ll know this. It’s a unisex kind of scent, so I have to fight over it with my husband when we travel. MUCH better than those little bottles of foul-smelling shampoo and bath gel you get at most hotels. The earthy, citrusy smell of lemongrass, orange, lavendar, and pine is a wonderful way to wake up in the morning.If you go to a Lush store, you can usually get a free tin to store your shampoo bars in if you buy 2 bars.

Susanna Smithmill, PA


Bottles of shampoo topple off a shower caddy. Slippery bottles slip through soapy hands and plop on a shower floor. It makes good sense to have a shampoo soap bar, so I was delighted to find this Karma Komba.It lathers quickly and richly, and has a nice subtle fragrance (a sort of a fresh green scent) that lingers in your hair. Plus, the bar seems to last a lot longer than a bottle of shampoo for which you’d pay the same price.

Rosemary Glendo, WY

KARMA KOMBA – Lush Suds, Exotic Scent, Fantastic Results!!

“Shampoo that looks like a round, green lava pumice stone – you’ve got to be kidding!! Who thought up that packaging gimmick?” This was my reaction when a friend showed me her latest method for washing and de-tangling her hair. My hair is plentiful, but it is baby fine and flyaway. I take very good care of it, always have, but any product that leaves more than a touch of residue, (for conditioning purposes), weighs my tresses down. Also, I color my hair and have to be careful I don’t dry it out. Skeptically, I tried out Karma Komba, and WOW!This hard shampoo lathers up beautifully and quickly. It rinses out leaving my hair squeaky clean – with no tangles. I just use a dab of conditioner – and that’s not always necessary with Karma Komba. Made with essential oils, with undertones of citrus and spices, this product is also good for the scalp. It works well for most hair types. A slight scent of patchouli lingers – but very faint and pleasant. The result is glossy, soft, full bodied hair. I immediately ordered 3 more “rounds” to have on hand when this one is finished. I am addicted – a real fan! I have since tried other LUSH products and have had good results so far. Very highly recommended!JANA

Carla Goodells, MI

Fun and zesty way to wash my hair

For those bored with the same old bottles of shampoo an hair products at their local drugstore this is a fun new way of washing their hair with no chemicals and natural botanicals that truly do wonders and enhance every single hair.This solid shampoo bar works wonderfully; I had my doubts just like everyone else, and was worried that this would remove the build up but leave the hair overly squeaky clean and stripped, and if it would later at all. To my surprise this small disc turns into an avalanche of bubbles once I wet it and rub it between the hands. I also wet my hair and rub the bar all over, working with the lather form my hands and the lather from the wet bar. I have to admit that this produces more lather than liquid shampoos and washes the hair without leaving it feeling like it was tortured, instead its slippery and wonderfully light. Afterwards I follow with the American Cream conditioner (probably the best hair scented product in the universe) also from Lush for a head of hair that feels rich and buttery soft, with a fresh light fragrance that lingers on.The scent itself is wonderful, citrusy and earthy, with Patchouli Oil, Orange Oil, Lavendin Oil, Pine Oil , Lemongrass Oil , Elemi Oil , Gardenia Extract and the Roman Chamomile Flower. I often find that all the oils and rich botanicals nourish the hair and leave it feeling happy, organic and natural products have been of high interest to me lately because of the results they deliver for bouncy hair and supple skin. After using drugstore and even expansive brands of hair products and skin potions, I find that my skin and hair never really benefited from all those preservatives and unnatural products derived from mineral oils and god knows what else. Lush and Burt’s Bees, Jason and The Body Shop made me change my mind and seek out products that are as good as they smell, and that truly transform me from a sleepy duckling in the morning to a happy princess by the time my morning routine is over.- Kasia S.

Latanya Dubois, IN

Karma for your hair

This solid shampoo smells just like Lush’s Karma fragrance- orange and patchouli. I find the patchouli to be a bit heavier in the shampoo than in some other Lush products. The bar makes a nice lather and lasts a really long time. The bar is also bright green, which is nice.The downsides are: first, that this is a love or hate fragrance. I happen to like it, but it’s not to everyone’s taste. Second, this is a strongly scented shampoo, and it’s hard to find a complementary conditioner.

Dawn Barnstead, NH