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Karma Handmade Soap by LUSH


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Refreshing and spicy, but not my favorite

Karma is one of LUSH’s signature scents (Ginger being the other one), and I’m torn about this soap…do I like it? Do I not like it?I really like the refreshing scent of Karma soap, but I am not a fan of patchouli, which is one of the main ingredients. Karma smells mostly like oranges, but it still carries a slight spicy kick to it (not like Red Rooster though!). When I first bought this soap, I really liked the smell in the store and when I first started using it, but as the soap got used more, the smell started to turn spicier. Maybe because it’s handmade, I got a part of the soap where the spices were stronger. Anyway, Karma soap still left my skin really clean and it last quite a while, even though it is glycerin based. Don’t think I would buy again because LUSH has so many other soaps that I love, but would use again if I got it as a gift.

Claudine Patton, PA

love this soap

for its fresh, zesty, orangy smell.generally, i prefer soaps to shower creams and lotions, cause soaps make me feel squeeky clean. but they also dry my skin out like crazy, so i try not to use them often.but when i do, then it’s one of my three favorites among lush soaps.the fact that they are all natural and not tested on animals is added value in my world 🙂

Elizabeth Pittsfield, MA

Jewel like beauty

I have been a rabid fan of Lush products for years, often having them shipped to me form Canada before they were so easy to buy in the states. Each product has a certain Earthy quality it and its nice knowing that people who make each an every single on of these luscious concoctions love them as much as the customers do and it shows!The Karma soap looks like a slab of gold in shape but is really reminiscent of candied carrots I would find in fruit cakes I used to eat as a kid growing up in Poland. The clarity of the fiery jewel like color is quite attractive as it makes for a nice soap to put in the guest bathroom or for self spoiling with hand made soaps that beat the other cookie cutter types by a mile. The scent itself is a breezy breath of citrus with mother earth embedded deep in the core. The lavender and patchouli are a whisper, a shadowy backbone to the zest and freshness. The multidimensionality of layering scents makes fore a very uplifting experience and I can smell the heady aromas every time I was my hands with it. I also love the Karma perfume, which smells almost exactly as the soap.I find that my hands don’t get as dry when I use this glycerin soap as opposed to regular soaps laden with chemicals and lards. But I always use a hand cream afterwards, preferably one of those gooey Burt’s Bees creams that come in heavy glass jars. My hands never crack or get dry no matter how dry the air or how cold it is when I used Lush soaps and a good hand cream.- Kasia S.

Cherie American Canyon, CA

Good Karma

I love this soap. I like Lush’s Karma fragrance (orange and patchouli), but this is my absolute favorite version of this fragrance. The soap is amber-colored glycerin, and leaves behind the most intoxicating Karma smell. It’s particularly effective when used as a hand soap- the scent literally lingers for hours afterwards.

Margret Springville, NY

I’d like to give it 6 stars!

This is my favorite soap in the whole, wide world. It makes me happy when I use it. It smells fresh, like the wind, the ocean, grass, sand. I don’t know, it’s just the perfect scent. I have both the “karma kream” lotion and karma dusting powder from Lush, and I love them as well, but the soap is still my favorite. Next time I go to their store I’m going to buy the biggest brick of this stuff that I can, because it’s great! Just a simple gylcerine-based soap with a dark orange-red hue, but the smell is just so wonderful that every time I wash my hands it turns into some sort of new-age deep-breathing exercise while I try to get as much of that lovely scent into my nostrils as I can.I’ve found that this soap lathers better than others, but you have to be careful not to leave it in the shower all the time, or it will get soft and melt away with the condensation. Trust me, you don’t want to waste any of this stuff by letting it leak into the drain while other people are using the bathroom! I leave mine out so it can make my bathroom smell really great as an added bonus :)Fresh, fruity, citrusy, with just a tiny hint of patchouli to give it an earthy note. Definitely a winner from Lush! As soon as I smelled this soap in their store for the first time, I loved this scent. As you can tell from the reviews, a lot of other people do, too!

Misty Wittensville, KY