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KAO Megurhythm Steam Hot Eye Mask, 0.5 Pound

The megurhythm steaming hot eye mask instantly heats up to about 104f (40a”ƒ) and relaxes you and your eye area. The soothing warmth lasts from 5-10 minutes to dissolve away the day’s stress.14 Masks. Non fragrance. Caution: should temperature feel uncomfortable, remove immediately. Should rash, redness, or itchiness of eye area occur, discontinue use immediately and consult a doctor. Continued use may worsen symptoms. Do not store in direct sunlight or in high temperatures. Keep out of reach of children.

Key features

  • WARNING: Do not use in microwave oven.
  • Warms up tired eyes with the steam hot eye mask.
  • It heats up to around 40℃(104F). The steam and warmth relax your eyes.

Honest reviews



I REALLY enjoy this product. I find that the masks are great for falling asleep in and helping with migraines and sinus headaches. I like that they are light enough to travel with (vs. the re-heatable bean bag masks- also nice but bulkier for travel) and that if I fall asleep in it is not too bulky or something to worry about preventing me from sleeping easily if it falls off.

Yvonne Rock Creek, WV

I use these every night!

Amazing product! For anyone who is a contact lens wearer suffering from dry eyes, this has helped. It’s not too hot and my eye doc recommend I use a warm compress to help with my dry eyes. I mean contact would jump out of eyes, and I had to use blink eye drops all day long! I’m so happy these help and no mess from warming up wet wash cloths! Perfect for long trips, right after nice hot shower, even during a work break! These are warm not too hot and I ordered the ones without a "flavor" since I’m pregnant and smells make me sick. This is on my reorder list for sure! Ladies if you ever host a spa night these babies are perfect!

Patrice Lyndonville, NY

Great product!

These are amazing for traveling! Simple to pack and use! They warm up to just the right re putative and stay that way for a good 30 minutes! By then I’m asleep!

Sondra Elkhart, KS

for mom

Got them for my mom and she loves it!It’s like putting a hot towel over your eyes. Except that these aren’t wet and can be use anytime anywhere

Janette Stafford, CT


I usually use it when I sleep at noon, I use it about 20 minutes. And I actually did not find its effects.

Glenda Alton, VA