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Kanechom Ceramidas Hair Moisturizing Cream 35.2oz

Ceramides are lipids (oils) that naturally occur in the hair strand. Their main purpose is to act like the glue that helps the cuticle layer lay flat and remain intact. Think of your cuticle layers as shingles on a roof, ceramides would be the bond that keep the shingles firmly in place. A healthy strand of hair needs a tightly packed cuticle layer in order to maintain its strength, elasticity, and shine. Without it, your hair becomes vulnerable to all kinds of unwanted damage. Although ceramides occur naturally in the healthy strand, we impact normal levels when we undergo a chemical process, use excessive heat or even by the simple act of combing or washing the hair. In fact, there was a study done where the hair strand was observed on test subjects prior to, and after, shampooing. Believe it or not, the cuticle layer is chipped away each time we wash and comb our hair. This type of cuticle damage can be minimized by making sure your ceramide levels are in check. Use Kanechom Ceramid Line Kanechom Ceramide 4 Piece Bundle-Free Shipping!!!!!

Key features

  • hydrates and brightens
  • for dry and damaged hair
  • hair moisturizing cream

Honest reviews



Smells nice and subtle, feels like silk upon applying. Fully worth the price, I will never go back to local supermarket products! My hair is fuller and no poof or frizz after just one use. Couldn’t tell you if it helped with shine cus that has never been an issue with my hair

Kimberly Twin Lakes, WI

love this

this is like a protein treatment without the drama. it made my hair very strong ! no breakage and believe me when i say the ends of my hair are damaged! and the seller is excellent. received my package today even though the earliest delivery time is tomorrow and i also received a free gift :). love this product!

Janie Scarsdale, NY

Deep Cond.

Wonderful, Wonderful, Wonderful, juist try these products for yourself and you will be talking like me baby. I will always buy these forever ever.

Dominique Bristol, NH

This is wonderful !!!!!

This is amazing mixed with silicon mix. It makes my hair shiny and bouncy and very moisturized. This will always be one of my staples !!!!!

Christi Morristown, NY

the treatment from heaven

I never used any of the kanechom treatments before. i saw a you tube review about the kanechom karite and thought, maybe i should try it. The Kanechom Ceramidas Hair Moisturizing cream is too good to be true. Not only does it smells wonderful, it made my hair feel sooo silky and soft to the touch. I could not believe it was my hair. It totally changed the texture of my hair after just one use. My hair was dry and breaking. It was rough to the touch. this product is great if your hair is corse and damaged by hair coloring, flat iron, and blow drying. Brazil knows how to make fantastic treatments. I only wish the entire line is available on Amazon. This product is so great, i would purchase every type of kanechom and stock it up. Kanechom sells out fast and is hard to get. If its available on Amazon purchase it immediately. Its a tresure.

Opal Revere, MO

excellent for weak hair.

This product is what I was looking for. I had really soft hair, but it was weak-so hair would break easily from the root or where ever when I combed it. This products did not make my hair feel soft when I applied it. It felt dry but it made my hair strong and it looked healthy too. My hair was really dry too, so when you use this with the Fantasia straightening- serum, my hair looks wonderful.

Ella Seneca, SC