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Kai Perfume Oil 1/8oz

Enjoy portable paradise with Kai’s incredibly handy and delectably fresh perfume oil. Dab on pulse points-anytime, anyplace-for warm, gardenia-infused aroma. Complete with roll-on applicator, perfectly sized (and scented) for beach or evening bags.

Key features

  • Roll-on, 1/8 oz
  • Women’s Fragrances
  • Kai for Women

Honest reviews



First of all I’d never purchase this Kai Perfume Oil again. The Kai Bath Wash has more lasting aroma than this O-I-L. Total waste of money. I put it on my wrist to test it while in the house, it failed the test; actually it lasted for approximately 5 hrs. continually fading away to NADA. Think it is better to buy a good eua de parfum and forget this oil thingy.

Kristine Conesville, OH

A Maui vacation in a tiny bottle

I purchased this while on vacation on Maui and it is by far my most favorite scent of all time. It smells like a lush 75 degree rainstorm over a heap of gardenias… It is just the lovliest scent I’ve ever encountered. You will not be dissapointed.

Krystal Florence, NJ

Wanna love it

Smells great but not very long-lasting at all. I throw it in my makeup bag and just use it when I’m touching up lipstick for a pop of scent. Wish there was something stronger on the market.

Mia Hume, IL

Great things come in small packages!

This bottle is teeny and kind of expensive but that is my ONLY complaint. This small vial contains what I believe to be the most Divine and Delicious perfume in the world! My husband loves it and I get compliments on it all the time when I wear it out! I feel the perfume oil really lasts on my skin and it is super portable. It is not a cloying or overpowering white floral. It almost has a water-y note to it which keeps it smelling clean. I am very happy with my purchase. I wish it wasn’t so pricey but I believe you pay for it’s quality and it is so worth it! This fragrance is unique and fabulous!

Cara Holliday, TX


This oil is scrumptious. The smell and lasting power is amazing. Simply the best. I actually bought another already as a gift.

Carolina Hewitt, NJ

Heavenly smell

Gotta say that I didn’t care for the scent initially, but after it blended with my own body chemistry, it smelled wonderful. Definitely my new go to scent for summer.

Faith Ashland, NY

Realistic Green Gardenia

I love Kai! It is a lush, but clean, green gardenia scent. One of the most realistic gardenia scents I have ever found.

Alyce Bellmont, IL

The best

Traditionally, I don’t like roll-on applicators, but this applicator hasn’t dried out or over-produced the product. The scent speaks for itself. I constantly get compliments on it, and more importantly, it always makes me feel good. Very good price, by the way–it usually sells for more.

Kendra Putney, VT


I really enjoy the smell of this oil. I haven’t gotten any compliments but I wear it for me. My husband can’t smell. I wish the bottle was bigger because for the price I don’t feel it’s worth it. The smell doesn’t last. I am ordering the lotion to hopefully help.

Arline Ripley, MS

My favorite!

This Kai perfume oil is amazing! Not only does it smell amazing it stays all day. It’s the perfect size to fit in my purse. I will be ordering this over and over again!

Rachelle Flatonia, TX


Love the fresh fragrance of Kai. The scent lasts. The roll on dispenser dispenses small amounts which is great. Perfect to keep in your purse.

Marion Green Camp, OH

Too sweet.

Perfumes work differently on individual bodies’ chemistry. I loved this on my friend. Sadly, on me, it was way too sweet.

Alba Grant, NE

perfect light scent for cleaning peoples teeth

This smells like gardenias. I have gotten several compliments on how nice i smell. It is light and not offensive. Highly recommend.

Celia Purgitsville, WV

WOW I am in <3

I bought this in the smallest size they have to give it a try. I am so in love with Kai 🙂 What a nice clean yet feminine fragrance! The oil lasts a very long time on you. If you like a really clean fragrance, you might give this one a try! I will be asking for more for Christmas!

Coleen Oakland, MI