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Jwoww, One and Done, Advanced Black Bronzer 13.5 Ounce

We’re upping the WOWW factor with this super-advanced One And Done Bronzer. Get color at the speed of light and see yourself shades darker in one session. An exclusive fusion of bronzers mix with Jenni’s signature skincare ingredients for a shore-thing tanning experience. YOLO You Only Live Once you might as well look fabulous.

Key features

  • Yogurt base is infused with Pear and Black Currant Oil for smooth skin
  • Advanced Bronzers – DHA and a JWOWW proprietary Black Walnut Blend
  • Vitamin E and Shae Butter
  • Note: The date mentioned below the item refers to the bottle’s manufacturing date and the bottles are good to be used for 24 months after the manufacturing date or 18 Months after the lotion is first opened.

Honest reviews



well im very disapointed in this new jwoww!i loved the jwoww 50xblack bronzer lotion moist smelled great and worked.this lotion is weird the textures off and it smells it doesnt get y0u darker my salon is upscale i kn0w the beds are great im glad i 0rdered devoted creations 0bsessed to save my tan!wont be buying jwoww ever AGAIN!2 BAD JW0WW

Lucinda Dacoma, OK


I was expecting this to help me over my tanning plateau, but instead I LOST COLOR!! I don’t know how but I did. I was very disappointed in this lotion because I have use dither original JWOWW and it worked great. If you want to get dark don’t buy this lotion. Maybe if your a beginner at tanning this would be a good starter lotion.

Nelly Cawood, KY

it’s an ok lotion but I would go with ed hardy im fabulous!

This lotion smells so bad!!! Like rotten pears it does get you tan fat! Abd make sure you’re wrote between your fingers our they will be orange.

Jessica Woodston, KS

NO joke

This is not for the faint of heart, this is a serious bronzer. I literally can only use this particular lotion once a week or I look like snooki, if that’s the goal then sweet, you’ve got it. For those of us that like something more natural this is a great kick start to a tan. Once a week and then a less bronzing lotion the rest of the week.

Charlotte Hobart, NY

JWOWW won’t do you wrong!!

I have tried every JWOWW Bronzer on the market and I am NEVER disappointed with the results. Top 3 reasons to buy: 1. SMELLS GREAT! 2. noticeable difference in my tan (I up’ed my visits to the salon to see what this lotion could do… I went 4 times in a week as opposed to my usually twice a week routine, and friends started to ask if I had vacationed to the Bahamas or something. LOL.) and last, but not least, 3. the "after tan slime" is minimal. 🙂

Stella Leesburg, IN

Great bronzer, weird texture

I bought this because people rant and rave about the yogurt base. I don’t like it as much as silicone lotions. Unlike silicone lotions, it doesn’t spread over my skin very well so I have to use more than usual. However, it is an excellent bronzer. I got results within 3 sessions! And it smells amazing!

Letitia Fort Hill, PA

The Best!

I’m an ex tanning salon employee so trust me I have tried every lotion imaginable lol This honestly is my favorite tanning lotion of all and I have been tanning forever! Its smells awesome, gives amazing color that you will notice after one tan, so the one and done name definitely is true! I haven’t had any streaking, not orange, nothing negative to say at all! Try it, if you love a great tan you will love this!

Doretha Stanton, NE

One and done

The name fits this product perfectly. I bought one bottle and won’t make the same mistake twice . Private Reserve by Jwoww is much better. Didn’t get great color from this product and I mainly purchase lotion containing bronzer.

Inez Damascus, AR

great tan

quick shipping, great product, I would recommend this product to anyone that wants a good dark tan and it smells good too.

Henrietta Freeburg, MO

Not greasy, no after tan smell

I have a tanning bed at home and have used tons of different lotions. This one is one I would purchase again. The bronzing works well and the smell doesn’t leave the funky after tanning smell I hate. The initial smell is decent, it smells like fruit mixed with beer..? is that possible? I thought I was crazy, but my husband agreed with me. After I’ve put it on, I never smell that again so it’s not a problem. Ultimately, I feel it was worth the price and I love the smoothness of it. I

Carmen Mount Olive, IL

Gives your skin a great color

Good price, smells great, and makes my skin an excellent shade. Nothing is orange about it—I’ve had people asking me all the time if I’m Italian because my skin is ‘olive.’ Love this lotion and I only go tanning 2x/week!

Esperanza Red Cloud, NE


Very moisturizing, smells pretty good, paraben free, great skin care benefits. Great price as well. I am constantly being asked what lotion I use at my salon.

Alma Franklin, PA


I love all of Jwowws lotions and this one is just as good as all of her others. It has good bronzers and is very thick and moisturizing. The smell, however, is a little different than most lotions I’ve used….it smells spicy. The smell isn’t bad, but it’s not good, either.

Hester Malone, NY

Great at first

I really liked this lotion when I first started tanning for the season but after about 15 tans… over a month’s time period I feel like I hit a plateau and I am not getting any darker with it. Great lotion to build a base tan, but not so great to get you that “dark” summer color I was hoping for. Smell is fine, nothing overpowering.

Elsa Saint Peter, IL

I tried it today and long story short, I loved it!

I tried it today and long story short, I loved it! I recommend this lotion to everyone. This was my first time tanning and my first tan ever and I literally shocked my friends when i came out!!Not only does it smells decliious but it has some really attractive ingredients and i got a nice bronze and dark tan. Def recommend.

Mariana Raleigh, MS


I absolutely love this lotion. It smells so wonderful and leaves my skin golden brown after about 4 visits from the tanning bed. I’m so glad I purchased this, and I cannot wait to buy more of JWOWW’s tanning lotions!

Kara Elliott, IL

hate the smell…

Out of all my lotions, this one is the only bottle mostly full. Better used mixed with any other lotion. Hate the smell..very gritty feel to it. I use it when my color needs the splash of bronze/orange…Wouldn’t use more than once a week if you wanted a more natural looking tan. Now the new Jwoww 2014 is much better..smell and all but, not my favorite lotions by far.

Jeannette Badin, NC

not what I expected!

Overall this lotion is not what I expected!! I did get a decent tan with it though. BUT it is very thick and sticky!! It says there is a fruity scent to it , doesn’t really smell all that great. Probably will not buy this again.

Minerva Salem, WI

I hate this item

I will not buy this lotion again. I had been tanning indoors for 20 years and I thought o give this product a try. It does not work, the tan this product gives you is close to none. Do not waste your money buying this lotion. I will not recommend this product.

Concetta Haralson, GA

Good product

Doesn’t stain and works quite well. It does what it should and brought my tan out quite nicely. Good price, too!

Rosanne Sod, WV

love it

I love this lotion. It works great smekks good and makes my skin so soft. I noticed a difference in my tan the first time i used it. Ive used many different lotions but im going to stick with thus one.

Julia Tecate, CA

Better than wedding white

Don’t get me wrong, I love the wedding white bronzer, but this just seems to have a better fragrance and post tanning scent. Recommend.

Roxanne Alberta, AL

It’s Overpriced For The Name-But Works Ok

I have gotten the same results or better with cheaper brands it is good but not for the price & the price in the salons omg I can not believe it’s that much, but as I said it is good but there are other brands cheaper that are even betterr or as good. That is just my experience with it. 🙂

Ines Monroe, ME


Wish I would have purchased it sooner to use it a few more times befor my vacation. I had been tanning with another lotion and with this one could see better results in just two uses. I found it good to switch up my lotions. Would have given it a 5 but since I have not used it more then 2 times had to give it a 4. I like it so far. 🙂

Francine Cedarvale, NM

Great color!

This lotion seems to give me great color in a short amount of time. I dont tan all the time but when I do, I like to feel like Im making progress. This lotion starts to give you color quickly and smells good too. It also doesnt seem to bother my sensitive skin.

Alice Lajas, PR

Great lotion

I love this lotion. It gets me a nice color (not orange at all) pretty quickly…and it doesn’t stink (before, during, or AFTER the tanning process). My skin feels awesome and stays moisturized!

Elvira Summit Station, OH

one of my favorites <3

Okay, I have SO MANY good things to say! First off, I am very please with Sunless Deals. I bought this lotion from them and I didn’t get a rip-off lotion, I got the real deal. Now, the lotion in general is wonderful. I already have a base tan and you can still see a color difference with every use. I don’t personally like the smell, BUT! I think the way it smells AFTER you tan is nice. It’s super moisturizing and a little goes a long way. The first time I used this, I put a lot on because it was so runny and I figured it wasn’t going to be very moisturizing, but I was wrong.. when I got out of the tanning bed, I was syill kinda wet, so yeah, a little goes a long way. Also, even though I put too much on my first time, I recieved ZERO streaks which is totally rad 8) GIVE THIS STUFF A SHOT AND BUY FROM THIS SELLER!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Sheena Mercer, MO


This is a great lotion. I am a year round tanner and this helped me past that peek where you can’t get any darker. It smells really good too.

Eloise Sigourney, IA

Love this product!

This product truly works if you want a deep dark tan from the tanning bed. In only a few sessions, I was really dark. Very happy customer.

Nicole Commerce Township, MI

One of the best lotions

The smell is fruity and nice, the lotion leaves my skin feeling smooth and never dried out, and after I tan, it’s obvious that I went tanning that day. It gives me such a deep tan, I absolutely love it!

Tara Canovanas, PR