Just For Me Texture Softener

Tightly curled hair can tangle and break during combing, making it difficult and sometimes painful to maintain. With texture-softened hair, children will enjoy easy combing, care, and styling. And parents and caregivers will appreciate spending less time managing their child’s hair.

Key features

  • Anti-breakage.
  • Sunflower oil formula.
  • Softens natural hair texture.
  • Prevents damage form coming and styling.
  • Lasts up to 12 weeks.

Honest reviews




Althea Pittsboro, MS

Oh Heck NO!!!

This product was something I was curious about even though there are mixed reveiws as the saying goes dont knock it until you try it. Well I tried so knock it all you want. PLEASE DO NOT get this product even out of curiousity. I should have known better I cant even be mad that it F’d up my hair because I knew the risk I just want my curls to not be so spirally, well I got my wish…. yea right more like a nightmare I literrally did not comb, left it on for less than 3 mins and wash it out did all the steps (yes I read the instruction twice), beause I didnt want any mistakes well I guess my hair couldnt handle it the product because that bottom half of my hair is completely straigt and the rest of my hair is wavy. 🙂 Aww so sad I thought I couldnt wear my hair down then shoot definitely cant now. SPARE yourself the pain and embarassment and leave you gorgeous hair alone ladies.

Elvia White Mills, PA

great product for little girls

my daughter is 5 years old, and africian american, and the texture softener works great for her hair. her hair is thick and long and some times combing through the tangles in her unmanageable hair can be a chore. but with using the softener, her hair is easy to comb and style. also, once you use it it leave hair manageable for 3 months . highly recommened over putting a permor relaxer in your little girls hair.

Heidi Kimmswick, MO

I am so pleased with my results!

It had been about two years since I’d used any chemicals in my hair and I was feeling that I had had enough of my hairs not-so-easy manageability. While I loved, loved, loved my curls, washing and combing and styling was so hard, not to mention the amount of manipulation my hair had to endure to look presentable. After much research, I decided to try this product. I was really nervous because I knew my hair was thriving in its natural state. It didn’t take long for me to apply, although I have to admit, I kind of just slapped it on like I used to do with perms. I am so pleased with my results! I still have my many coily curls but they are way lighter and more manageable. I now have the look I’ve been trying to accomplish for sometime. Just know that the product is still breaking down your hair to some extent so make sure you keep up with moisturizing and protecting it from the elements.

Nelly Vina, CA

I Love It

I’ve been using it for several years off and on. I went completely natural in May of 2010 and then started using this again eventually after my hair grew close to shoulder length. Now its close to bsl.It does what it says it will, softens the curls although your hair doesn’t have to be ‘hard’ to use it to begin with. It loosens the curls just enough which is all I want so I can easily do a lasting wash and go without it being as bulky as when its completely natural.The way I do it is just smooth it on the roots only, like conditioner with my fingers using big sections all over my head. I’m pretty sloppy with it but just on the new growth of course. I never, ever comb it through. Directly after I put it all in, which takes about 5 minutes, I immediately wash it out, shampoo and condition.It still reminds me of my natural hair, its just less bulky and my hair can still do anything that it would have been able to do in its natural state. I use it once every 3-4 months.

Nina Hooversville, PA

WOW…but follow directions

This product is nothing short of amazing. Its very important that you follow the directions. I know it sounds elementary but I put this on my 8 year old daughter and the results were outstanding. If you want to keep the curl but just a more “relaxed” version DO NOT smooth the hair. If you smooth the hair its going to get straight. It says to use a wide tooth comb to comb the texturizer in after you have already put the product in. I actually used my fingers (had gloves on)for even distribution and this helped to define the curl. When you are putting this in your child’s hair its going to still look a little puffy if it doesn’t then you have straightened the hair. My daughter’s hair type/color is golden blond, with no distinct curl pattern and very very dry and frizzy and she’s mixed. After applying this her curl pattern is just beautiful. She went out yesterday and ran under a fountain and got water drops on her hair and still no frizz. I am thrilled no more hair struggle.

Annabelle Silver Springs, NV

Worked “Just For Me!”

Hello. I researched several texturizers and this brand before my purchase. Thank you to all who wrote a review; it helped me. I am a girl of color with tightly spiral curls. Growing up, I used perms to straighten my hair because most of my friends were, but that hid and masked my TRUE hair texture. I have not had a perm for several years and really adore and appreciate the texture and richness God has blessed me and all of you with as well.I read about texturizers and that seemed to strong for my hair. I never needed a perm on my hair; it is a cultural myth handed to many by societal norms and media. Nonetheless, I wanted something to loosen my curl pattern because I have thick, rich hair and did not want that to be hidden by chemical processing.The reviews on this product were mostly positive, but I still waited a few days after I bought it because I did not want more chemicals. I prayed. I had peace about doing this so I did!!I am SO happy that I did. I almost over processed my hair by leaving it on too long, but it came out perfect. Let me explain – briefly: I followed the directions EXACTLY. I did the strand test (4-5 minutes max – that’s it according to instructions), and combed it through – not smooth it out with my hands like you do for perms. I followed the time for course hair, which was 12-16 minutes, but I should have followed the time for medium hair (8-10 minutes I believe). My hair is not course. That why I said I almost over-processed, but did not.Suggestion: read the instructions. This product loosened my curls without removing it. Gave me the sired look that I wanted!! Thanks. 🙂

Margo Plainfield, IA


Im a latina with very curly hair and just wanted it to loosen it some. This worked GREAT. I DID NOT comb through it. Only put it on and smoothed with my fingers. I will be using it again. I love how my hair still feels great and not like straw, the way it does with a regular relaxer.

Corine Isleta, NM

No curls but hair is more managable

I am an African young lady with a soft hair but yet full hair. This product didn’t really curl my hear but after using it my hair was easier to manage.

Elvia Mossville, IL