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Just For Me Nourishing Detangler, Hair Milk 10 oz

Just For Me Hair Milk Nourishing Detangler with soymilk and honey is a protecting leave-in formula that makes wet or dry hair easier to comb and more manageable. It instantly tames even the tightest textures helping to prevent damage and breakage. Ideal for tight, curly, or wavy textures, Just For Me Hair Milk is available in a range of gentle products designed to help keep your child’s hair healthy-looking and manageable. Directions Shake well. Spray Just For Me Hair Milk Nourishing Detangler directly into wet or dry tangled hair. Allow formula to soften hair before combing. The Gentle Choice For Healthy-Looking Hair The Just For Me collection is specially formulated for the needs of children ages 5 to 14 years old. Gentle and moisturizing, our products build a foundation for a lifetime of healthy-looking hair. What’s In The Box Just For Me Hair Milk Nourishing Detangler, 10-ounce bottle Just For Me Hair Milk Nourishing Detangler At A Glance: Nourishing detangler for girls with curls Formulated with soymilk and honey Untangles hair Improves manageability

Key features

  • Formulated with soymilk and honey
  • Detangles hair and protects from heat
  • Improves and manage

Honest reviews


I was looking for cheaper and better price

I was looking for afforable price of hair milk . I dislike most hair milks has un-neccesary ingredients nowday. Carol daughter’s hair milk has natural and greatly ingredients but you can do better than wasting pocketful money on this one.I went to walmart and bought “Just for me” hair milk for $1 or 2 . I read ingredients carefully then compare them to Carol daughter hair milk. They are almost similar. It is a great price for hair product that has great ingredient, I use them as “leave in conditioner” it is a must in summer! I stay moist all day after using water and glycerin. My hair is big and thick curly.I am gotta keeping going back to this one , because i keeping hearing Carol Daughter products are “waste”. I never had tried them, ma did until I taught her she can make anything like her .

Emma Hinton, IA

Gruesome Scent

I planned to use this to straighten out a section of my hair that is tangled and unlike most other parts that are straight. The scent of this product is very offensive to me. I decided to read the reviews and found that most of them use it for children of a different chromosome type than mine. Other research also indicates that the target group for this product is young girls ages 4 to 7 who belong to a different cultural group than the one to which I belong. So, my conclusion is that although this product is not for me, and I threw in into the trash, the fact that my preferences are not the same as those of the targeted group is no major surprise. I do not intend to imply that my preferences are any better or any worse but just that they are different.

Fran Etterville, MO

Great Detangler for Fine Hair

I just wanted to put in a review for this product to let people know it work wonders for my girls fine thin hair. It smells wonderful and makes it so soft. So even if you aren’t the target market for this product, don’t let that sway you. It is a good detangler and smells great too (reminds me of babies..). We purchase it at Target in the African American hair care product section.

Pamala Maxwelton, WV

Seems effective, smells great

This product seems to effectively help detangle my daughters hair. We simply spray it on after a bath, let it sit for a couple of minutes and then brush it out. My girls love the smell and so do I. I recommend this if you are looking for a good smelling, detangling solution.

Loraine Lindstrom, MN


I wanted to make sure that my daughter and I use this product several times, before posting the results. My daughter has super-dry hair, and so do I. Worse yet, she has natural waves and curls that always need attention, and we live in a very dry and hot climate 8 months of the year. This product in comparison to several on the market that we used in the past, works the best. It is gentle and works almost immediately, using a comb, or hair pic. The fragrance is pleasant and smells as refreshing as coconut. It doesn’t leave hair greasy after using, regardless of how many times per day we used it. I’ve tried several products for my daughter’s hair, and this is indeed what we have been searching for. We will certainly continue to use this nourishing detangler. Highly recommended!

Effie Climax, NC

Sorry Charlie!

My wife has tangly curly hair and can use all of the help she can get. (I hope she does not read this) This review is in direct correlation to what she told me last evening. The detaingler could not get through her hair-it was to water based and she tried several times to no avail. She was not pleased.Better luck next time!

Grace Rose, NE

Rave Review from a Recent High School Grad

I got this to give to Kayla, 17, who has lived at my condo for two years with her Dad, my former foster son. Kayla is very fussy about the products she uses since she wants to be a model. For a while she dyed her blonde hair black but now has gone back to blonde. Her hair is VERY important to her. She loved this product. She used it the day after the prom and several times. When she got it she didn’t know it was a spray and was amazed how quickly and effectively it worked. “It made my hair soft, detangled, and smelled great.” Again, she is VERY fussy about products — and LOVED it. HIGHLY RECCOMENDED. P.S.: After graduating Kayla moved in with friends and, you guessed it, she took this product with her.

Patrice Indian Orchard, MA

3.5 Stars or 4.5 Stars Depending on Water

We have been renovating a house for over a year now and it’s almost ready so I spend my time between our current house and the new house. Both are not on city water and have wells. In our current house, the water is tested frequently and treated periodically. When it’s treated, it’s a bit like taking a shower with swimming pool water.When I first used this product, I used it at our current house and I found if I used a moisturizing shampoo then it was fine or 3.5 stars because it doesn’t detangle as well as I’d like unless I use lots and lots of it and it’s a fine line between using just enough and too much where my hair ends up being lank.I ended up using it at the new house where the water is not treated and found I really, really like this product a lot. It detangled very well and my hair was super soft without being weighed down. I also love the scent of it. To me it has a note of coconut without being overpowering and cloying and 2 spritz to each side and back of my hair was all that was needed.I would buy this again and also want to try the other products in this line but will save it for when I’m at the new house. I think this detangler is more suited to a bit softer water than we have at our current house.Thank you to Amazon and the Maker/Vendor for giving me the opportunity to try it out.

Paige Collegedale, TN

It works.

This product works well on my fine hair. They are damaged and it’s hard to brush them in the morning without loosing bunch of hair. I have to be really careful. Just for me detangler smooths hair and I can see the difference in combing, the comb goes easier through hair.My hair is not greasy but has nice shine, not over the top, hair looks refreshed.Only minus is smell, too sweet and strong but it disappears fast once I stop spraying so I can live with that.

Bobbi Florence, SD

So far so good!

I have been using this detangler on my daughter’s hair for a few weeks now and I must say that I am really liking it. I’ve had issues with other products from this particular Just For Me brand but this seems to be one of the best. I like that the scent is very fresh and not overpowering…smells similar to baby powder which is very light. The way that the bottle is made is also a plus….the coke bottle shape makes it very easy to grip and dispense at the same time. Very impressed!

Libby Douglas, MI

This stuff works

So I normally don’t use detangler on my own hair. However my daughter has very long fine hair which often results in massive tangling.Having said that, I will try any product I can find that helps with that. This stuff really does the trick, I only need a couple squirts and a hair brush goes right through no problem.My niece is visiting and her hair is thick like horse hair and it’s so unmanageable. We sprayed it with this stuff and it was an instant change and so easy to comb.I have also found it saves me a headache when I try to brush or my own hair after swimming. For some reason swimming tangles my hair like crazy.This product works and the price is decent, I’d recommend it to any one who needs it for any type of hair.

Catalina Thida, AR

AMAZING – best detangler I’ve found for my daughter’s coarse and unruly Asian hair… plus it works great for doll hair too!

I have been searching for anythign to detangle and tame my Taiwanese daughter’s hair, to no avail. This is our miracle product! Too much does weigh her hair down, but just the right amount smooths and detangles and tames it like nothing else. So many friends have commented about how different her hair looks now!On a whim, I tried it on doll hair that was a mess and the results were similar. We have a bunch of dolls and My Little Ponies who have had new life breathed into them with this stuff!

Leticia Fremont, IN

Best I’ve Found Yet

This is the best hair detangler that I have found yet. I have very, very thick hair that gets pretty bad knots in it. I use this when I am in the shower, as that is the best place to me to comb my hair. After I shampoo, I will condition my hair and then spray this on, while the conditioner is still on my hair. I’ll let it sit for a minute or two and then go to work combing out the knots. This makes my hair softer and definitely easier to comb through. It’s not a miracle product and does not make the knots disappear, but it does help a lot when I’m trying to yank all of the knots out. I think the bottle says to leave the product in your hair, but I like to rinse it out as I don’t like leaving any products in my hair. The scent is fine, it’s no overpowering. The bottle also says that you can use this on dry hair, but I have not tried that as combing my hair when it’s dry is a disaster.

Ginger Greene, RI

Works OK Even Though I Am Not Targeted Demographic

When I ordered this product I didn’t realize it is specially formulated for and targeted at African American children as I am a middle aged Caucasian. Despite that I am not part of the main demographic this detangler is aimed at it did do a decent job taming my thick but fine hair that is very prone to knots and tangles after washing or even after a very windy day. The product has a nice smell and I like that it is made from natural sources like soy milk and honey.

Mona Reno, OH

Works Great – But Smells Like Baby Powder

This has a very similar scent to baby powder. It worked well and kept my daughter’s hair tangle free – no mean feat in the morning. She hates to brush her hair and short of having her running wild and free like a wild child, I need an excellent detangler. However, the dealbreaker on this is that she felt it made her smell like a ‘toddler’s diaper’ because of the baby powder. So I had a hard time getting her to put it on.This whole product line seems to be very good, especially for thick wirey hair, but we haven’t really liked any of the scents so far.

Dollie Columbia, TN

Detangles nicely, but I cannot use it.

With a nice light scent, this detangler had quickly become one of my favorite products to use. I no longer had tangles and the comb when through so easily! This seemed to be the perfect product, especially used along with theJust For Me Hair Milk Shampoo, 13.5-Ounce BottleandJust For Me Hair Milk Conditioner, 13.5-Ounce Bottle. This line left my hair soft and manageable. Unfortunately, I ended up discontinuing use when I found a large amount of hair in the drain after each shower. My daughter was also trying out the Just For Me line and noticed an unusual amount of hair loss as well. We had both used the products for two weeks and decided to go back to our regular shampoo and conditioner. Within just a few days, our hair loss was back to minimal.As much as I liked how the detangler and the Just For Me Hair Milk line made my hair feel, I sadly had to discontinue use.

Amelia Parkman, OH

Decent performance, but worth the extra price? Not so much…

If you buy one of the new Just For Me hair products, the odds are you bought if for a specific purpose–after all, we’re not talking about Suave prices here. The lineup includes a shampoo, conditioner, detangler, styling creme, and edge detangler, and all of them seem to do a pretty decent job for a premium price. We had three testers in our household and only one of the three–the 16-year-old girl–felt there was a significant difference between the Just For Me products and the generic brands she usually chooses. The other two of us were more “meh” than “wow,” and really disliked the “scent” that seems to permeate the house after you use this stuff. Maybe it’s an acquired taste. Bottom line? If the added value of a product like this is hard to measure, then it’s probably not worth the premium price.

Melba Collinsville, VA

Smells sooooooooo goood!

My wife has super curly hair and when we go to the beach or bike riding her hair becomes a tangled mess. Hair detangler is conditioner that basically coats the microscopic scales on the hair with oil, acid (lactic acid) and/or polymer (amodemthicone is this case) and puts a small positive charge to prevent static. A lot of brands of detangler work great but Hair Milk smells and feels awesome. It also has real soymilk and honey.

Sophia Rushville, OH

De-tangler in a misting bottle

This is a leave-in de-tangler for hair.Good:- Does a good job of de-tangling- It is not oily- The bottle produces a very fine mist, which helps spread the de-tanlger (no messy hands)Bad:- It does have a strong tropical scent which takes a while to fade- The mist is rather fineBottom line: This de-tangler works well on my hair (long with fine strands), but it’s takes time for the smell to dissipate.Also consider: Just For Me Hair Milk, which is a thin cream which also works well on fine hair

Edwina Hancock, WI

Best smelling detangler

My daughter has tangles every morning that take almost 15 minutes to get out. Her hair is fine, but thick. It is a constant battle getting the tangles out. Once we do get them out, 20 minutes later they come back just from her playing around outside on her bike.When this product arrived, I was excited to try it out. After much whining of not wanting to get her hair brushed, we finally sat down and tried it out. First, this stuff smells amazing! Sometimes the detangler sprays have a funky smell to them. This one was heavenly. My daughter even mentioned that she thought it smelled good. Second, it actually worked! The tangles weren’t completely gone, but they came out much easier and faster. I also noticed that it left her hair manageable and soft. The smell lasted all day and didn’t fade either.After using this product on my daughter, I can honestly say that it worked better than other name brand products on the shelves. Will definitely use this one again!

Jana Burkeville, VA

Nice smell … doesn’t feel greasy …

My granddaughter is on the autistic spectrum and is very tactile sensitive when it comes to her hair. This means we have LOTS of yelling when there are tangles. OUCH! You would think we were ripping it out.So having this detangler around makes mornings a bit quieter, plus it smells nice. Doesn’t leave her hair feeling greasy, and anything that helps her in the mornings makes all of us happier.Grandma approved.

Mercedes Lincoln, AR

Smooth Operator

This spray mist is a good tool in the battle against tangles and snarls. It is effective on both wet and dry hair. Spray on and then wait for it to soften. Comb through. Tangles are painlessly removed and hair is left smooth and manageable. The biggest downside is the aroma. As with the other products in this line, it is a strange chemical scent with fake vanilla/nut overtones. Luckily it is far more mild than the rest of this line and does not linger. However, its efficacy outweighs the fleeting unpleasantness of the scent. Recommended.

Julia Princeton, IA

Just For Me Hair Milk Nourishing Detangler

My toddler’s hair is just long enough and still baby-fine enough to turn into a matted, tangled mess if she mashes her head against the back of her high chair or carseat or even just sleeps on it, and she doesn’t have any patience for meticulous detangling with a comb, so this detangler is heaven-sent for us. I use it in conjunction with a Knot Genie brush, and it makes brushing her matted, tangled cloud of hair a much easier, quicker job. The scent is light and pleasant, and the product itself doesn’t glop and weigh her hair down. We’ve used it every day since we got it, and hair-doin’ time is much more pleasant, even fun now!

Mable Munster, IN

Smells Great!

I loved the smell of this detangler. The shea butter has a great scent. The bottle is large and it’s easy to spray out the amount needed on my hair. My hair is straight and color treated. This product worked fine, but it was a little too much conditioner for my hair type. If I just sprayed a small amount, it was ok. If I sprayed a lot, then my hair seemed greasy. Probably better for thicker heads of hair.

Gay Ovapa, WV

great detangler

I generally have bad luck with detanglers, particularly comb-in ones. I bought this for my daughter but I’ve been using it as well. The scent is lovely and it works quickly and well.

Kelly Lovingston, VA

Conditioning, great for kids and adults

My 3 year old daughter has thick hair that is prone to tangles. Always wakes up with a bad case of bed head. A light spray of this works great to comb them out. It is not oily and has a mild tropical scent – reminds me of pina colada.I use it on my own hair after the shower when its wet. I use it pretty liberally on my thick, fine hair and its very nice to use. It has a softening effect and when I blow it out with a brush and hairdryer after using this the results are smooth. I will definitely repurchase this product and will consider trying other products from this line.

Myra Herculaneum, MO

Detangles my daughters’ hair, stays detangled a couple days

It doesn’t take much of this product to detangle one’s hair. Just about 6 or 7 small squirts. At this rate, the product will last awhile.This spray has amodemthicone. That’s a type of silicone, an amine-funcitonalized silicone. The aqueous solution makes the amodemthicone an inorganic polymer that has electrostatic attraction to hair, coating it and having the effect of a conditioner.Therefore, this spray actually acts as a conditioner, locking in hair’s moisture. It also detangles as a result of the conditioning. Once dried, it is NOT water soluble. That’s why it lasts through one or more washings.

Ashley Umpqua, OR

Does Wonders On Tangled Hair

I used this on my grandkid’s long tangled hair after shampooing and was impressed. This has an appealing scent and even when distributed sparingly leaves long hair knot free, shiny, and silky smooth with residue or stickiness. I would definitely consider buying this product when I run out.

Leta Medfield, MA

Nice scent and leaves my Daughters hair soft and smooth

This detangler comes in a decent size 10 ounce bottle and has a nice scent. I have been using this detangler on my Daughters hair for a couple weeks now and it seems to work very well at preventing and removing tangles. She goes swimming almost every day during the summer months and her hair gets a lot of tangles as a result. Without a detangler her hair would be a wreck. We have used several different types of detangler and this is as good as any of them and better than some of them. It also makes her hair very soft and smooth.

Lisa Liberty Hill, SC

Shredded my hair

I have fine, curly hair and have learned to be cautious of how hair products can weight it down so rather than use this detangler as well as conditioner I just used the detangler. When I sprayed it on to my wet hair and waited a few minutes as prescribed it did help ease the comb through my hair BUT after my hair dried and I tried to comb it it shredded my hair because the comb would not go through it.I assumed this was a fluke and after washing my hair again and this time using my usual crème rinse I sprayed the detangler on. Same result. After the hair dried there was more shredding. Please note the directions state to shake the container well before spraying and I did this. Oddly I liked the way my hair looked but it’s not worth the damage it did. I’ll never use this product again. It’s headed for the trash.

Harriett Panther, WV