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Just For Me Hair Milk Smoothing Edges Creme Hair Styler 4 oz

With a triple blend of shea butter, soymilk and honey, our Just for Me Hair Milk Smoothing Edges Crème features a unique, alcohol-free gelée that tames and controls hair to provide hold, shine and moisture. Ideal for wavy, curly, or coily/ kinky hair, it’s perfect for finishing hairstyles or touching-up in between washes. Ideal for kids with wavy, curly, or coily/kinky hair textures.

Key features

  • Just for Me Hair Milk Smoothing Edges Creme is a unique-free gelée that provides medium-hold and all-day shine
  • “Tames and controls hair
  • Perfect for finishing hairstyles or touching-up in between washes
  • Formulated with a triple blend of shea butter, soymilk, and honey

Honest reviews


*Slight Hold* And Very Shiny, More Of A *Wet* Look!

The JUST FOR ME HAIR MILK is good for a leave-in conditioner, but it makes my hair look too oily. It doesn’t make it greasy to the touch, it’s just in appearance.I think it has to do with the micro glitter that’s in it, but it definitely gives my hair that wet look. It keeps hair from fly-away and frizzes from appearing, even in the most humid conditions, and it provides slight hold.There’s a slight scent of cocoa butter or something along those lines, but it’s light and fresh and not cloying. Also, I noticed that there’s no soybean oil in it, which I suspect is a culprit in making my scalp breakout in other products likeCarol’s Daughter 8 oz. Healthy Hair Butter, although it has soymilk. So far my scalp hasn’t reacted negatively to this hair milk (it should be called hair gelatin because it’s solid like Jell-O).If you’re looking for a wet-look then JUST FOR ME HAIR MILK should do the trick. Or if you have thick, dry, unmanageable, and coarse hair, this will also help tame it. However, if you’re looking for a leave-in conditioner that will condition hair without the shiny/wet look tryProfectiv Mega Growth Break Free Daily Leave in Strengthener 15oz.

Kathleen Moshannon, PA

Baffling product

This product has me baffled. Per the directions it’s to smooth the hair when wearing it in a pony tail. Why specifically in that style? Like the other two products in this line that I’ve used, detangler, curl perfecter, it hardens my hair and makes it all but impossible to brush. Again the smell is overpowering and does not seem to dissipate and it has some kind of odd sparkle stuff embedded in it.Perhaps this was meant for African American but there’s nothing in the description to indicate that nor is there included a description of the type of hair that would benefit by this product. In my opinion this company has done a vast disservice by their marketing department. Probably they wanted to sell to the greatest number of customers possible and that’s why they were vague. All this does is alienate the customers who aren’t part of the targeted demographic as well as not informing those who COULD potentially benefit from the product that this is for them.

Shanna Egeland, ND


I liked this…kind of, it smells great and has a vaseline consistency. It also has sparkles! BUT, as an actual product a little goes a long way and even then, a little may be too much.It is one of those things that if you use even a little too much, you’re a grease monkey. If you use JUST the right amount…its okay.In my toddlers hair, it just didn’t work. It was way too heavy and thick for her fine baby hair.

Mariana Saratoga, CA

Who is this for?

I can’t figure out who this product is for. My initial thought was that it’s designed for little girls because of the pink cap and natural-ingredient-sounding jargon, talking about shea butter, etc. When I got this in the mail though, it’s a Unilever product and full of chemicals! It’s sparkly and smells nice and seems like it’s meant to appeal to little girls. I used it on my own hair and it works ok – I’m taking away one star because of the misleading packaging.

Dee Rossville, IN


We used this seven times and completely enjoyed it. i would definitely use it again. One of my favorite creams. Wow! Nice! Perfecto, muy bien.

Eugenia Smethport, PA


While this product provides significant hold for unruly hair, it is unlikely that I will use it again. It has the consistency and appearance of an opalescent, firm custard. Less is more in the application department unless you desire a shiny, wet look. A small bit will do if you are intent on taming and smoothing. Hair feels smooth and not sticky but the product has an off putting odor. It smells like the kind of fake vanilla/nut scents you find in the candle section of the Dollar Store. It does wash out with some effort. Moreover, it left my hands feeling coated with wax. While this too was remedied by repeated washing, it did not inspire continued use. This product does perform but the objectionable scent and waxy feel are turn offs for me.

Tiffany Hingham, WI

Winner for Curly Hair

Again…this product line smells great!! It just isn’t made for my straight hair. My son’s curly hair girlfriend is loving these products and she enjoyed trying this one too. She put a little on the ends of her long curly hair to tame the curls. She is a new believer in these products.

Cecile Cedar Grove, IN

Taming the mane

As a white mother of biracial girls, I will candidly admit that the hair issue was (and often remains) one of my biggest challenges. I can barely manage my own hair. My girls’ hair is just about the worst possible combination of my wispy, silky, wavy, fly-away hair and my husband’s tight wiry hair.The “Just for Me” children’s hair care products have been lifesavers. We’ve long used the shampoo and conditioner for our girls’ hair, which makes their hair at least combable. We had not, until this point, however, used the smoothing edges crème.My older daughter (age 6) like having her hair in corn-rows, but she hates getting it done. We try to do it as rarely as possible and get it to last as long as possible. Since we’ve been using this product, we’ve noticed a difference in how long the braids hold. If we’re not too picky about how she looks by the end, she can get three to four weeks out of a braid. She also reports liking the feel of this product, especially right after her hair is done. I guess it feels soothing on her scalp where the hair has been pulled tight.It does take a lot of this product to do one head of hair in the mornings. With corn-rows, there are a lot of edges to smooth. One jar lasts just over a month.The “Just For Me” products are designed for children’s hair and are not harsh on their hair or their scalp. Recommended for thick, textured hair.

Angelia Norfolk, NY


Removing the lid one is hit with a pungent and powerful odor that makes you shudder. I stuck my finger into the jar to get a sense of what this gunk felt like. Between the odor and the creepy feeling of the “Crème” there was no way I would put any of this horrible product on my hair. I went over to the sink to wash my finger and could not remove the presence of this detestable product until the third washing. Really, really bad stuff.

Shannon Woodway, TX

works great on my niece’s hair

This product works great on my niece’s hair.This item is made by the Unilever company, a well known company who also makes Axe, and Suave products.

Angel Mesquite, NM

Looks Like Jelly, Feels Like Grease

I was really hoping that this hair creme would be creamy and easy to blend into my hair. Instead, I was a bit weirded out by the product itself. It has a sort of jelly (yes, jelly, not gel) combined with grease like texture that feels and sounds weird. I know that sound seems an odd thing to mention, but the jar actually seems to create a reverberation when held, and it seems to be related to the texture of the “creme.” It’s both a little fascinating and a little strange, and made my daughter totally reject this product.As for its effectiveness, I found that this product didn’t quite live up to my expectations. When I applied it to smooth out my ponytail, I had greasy thick white streaks that I had to work into my hair. The product is made for “natural” hair, but I assumed that it would also work with my own thick, curly hair. Unfortunately, by the time I’d worked it into the hair, my ponytail had lost a good deal of its smoothness. Short of laying it on thick and letting it sit, this isn’t a product that I want to continue using.

Sabrina Bethel, NY

This product works great!

I have fine, slightly wavy hair. This product is light, and not strong smelling. If I put my hair up, it holds the stray hairs in place without looking stiff or greasy. If I wear my hair down, it keeps the frizzys at bay and keeps the ends from looking flyaway. I love this product.

Cortney Valley City, OH

Springy gel

This is is thick creamy gel that reminds me of a pomade but the look of a really still petroleum jelly (i.e. Vaseline)The scent is very light (almost not noticeable)This like other Just For Me products will do best on thicker hair. This product provides polish with a medium hold

Sondra Azalia, MI

Works well if you have special hair needs

This hair care product is designed for the unique needs of African American hair or similar coarsely textured hair. The product description should be updated to save confusion.That said, this was just what my granddaughter needed. The creme worked perfectly to smooth down her little extra curly hairline to give her a neater appearance. Her hair is a little difficult to work with and we’ve tried a lot of products on her. This one smells good and is easy to use. It does have a slightly waxy feel to it, but it doesn’t disappear, so she can reach up and smooth it as needed. She loves that it’s designed for children and she feels special having her own hair care products. It’s a keeper!

Maggie Gates, NC

Works for a few hours, not all day

I picked this up because it states it is “Ideal for tight, curly, or wavy texture”. I have really tight curly hair that is hard to manage sometimes. I used another Just For Me product and it was like glue and ruined my hair. It took me some time to get the nerve to try this.I have to say I actually like this one. It smells pleasant, applies well, and washed off my hands unlike another one of their products. I applied a little after my hair air dried and scrunched it upside down and it gave my curly hair a lot of body. However, it did not last long in the heavy humidity we have here in NC.I did not think I would like this but I do. Good for curly hair to add some body when going out for a few hours but don’t expect it to hold a style all day.

Marcia Camarillo, CA

It turned out that it was ‘Just for Me’ too!

When I first received the product, I believed I had chosen the wrong kind of product for my hair as it seemed to be geared for naturally curly hair needing to be tamed.I have heavily highlighted, medium thick, fine textured straight hair.Opening the jar, it is almost a translucent lightly scented gel. I put my fingers thru the top once or twice, rubbed between my palms and applied sparingly.Well my hair looked prettier … more natural… smooth and brighter.It seemed to also condiiton my hair as days went on.Not certain that this product will build up. I often change my favored hair products to give my hair a rest between.It is definite tho, this one stays on my top shelf.

Charity Wisner, NE

Confusing labeling and information, good product

The product information for this line of products on Amazon is terrible. This product, and others in the line, are designed for young girls with ethnic (primarily African-American) hair. That being said, they do work well on a variety of hair types.This product is kind of like a styling putty, but it doesn’t leave the sticky residue that other products like it leave. The texture reminds me of silly putty. It is very…gummy. It also has sparkles…lol. The sparkles are not HORRIBLY noticable in lighter hair, but might be in darker hair. They really just make it look like your hair has a nice sheen to it. I tried this product on several hair types, from baby fine to curly. It is designed for holding back stray hairs in ponytails or tight to the head hairstyles, but works well as one would use a mousse or styling gel with wavy hair. On fine hair, it does work to hold back pony tails, but you definitely have to use it sparingly. My favorite type of hair to use it on was long, thick, wavy/curly hair to define curl without being heavy, crunchy, or sticky.

Mitzi Denver, MO

Go Light

It took some trial and error to figure out how to get a good result off of this. I had to stick with a very light amount that seemed like it shouldn’t really accomplish anything, but the product itself is heavy enough that it does.On the whole, I like the results. It was sort of similar to the actual thin wax kind of products I’ve sometimes used to help smooth my hair out. You just have to be willing to work on your technique, because if you mess up and it gets too thick in one area it’s pretty tough to fix.

Renae Hydro, OK

At long last, the perfect hair product to control coarse wirey hair!

My hair is coarse, wiry and thick. All my life, I have tried all mannner of hair products that would be able to control it.Gels look too wet and spikey. Pomades are too heavy and often greasy. Conditioning cremes weigh it down and don’t really control.This “Just for Me Hair milk” is finally the solution. The name of it was a bit off putting and I was not sure if something could do the job if the name was “milk”.It has the texture of a very lightweight mousse. It is clear and has a very light and subtle scent that went away very quickly. I put a dab on my palms and worked it into my hair and especially on the sides of my ears. It made my hair soft and completely controlled. No frizzy ends, no stubborn stick outs. My hair is now salt and pepper gray which made my coarse wirey hair even more unmanagable and this product completely works.When I need to freshen up the control, I just run some water on my fingers and ta da! Controlled ends again.I am very pleased. Finally control that feels soft and managable. Thanks Just for me for a great product.

Francis Monroeville, AL

Just For Me Hair Milk

This is a very nice smoothing cream that really tames out of control hair. This is a medium hold hair cream, perfect for curly/wavy hair. Highly recommendd.

Diann Shawnee, WY

Decent hair gel.

I thought this was a leave-in conditioner for some reason, but it’s really a sort of hair creme or gel with a texture a bit like butter or shortening. I don’t know if I’m supposed to use it on wet or dry hair so I’ve tried it both ways so far.The scent is interesting–cocoa butter and shea butter, which have distinct scents–but it does vanish after a very short while unless someone gets right up close to smell the hair it’s on. The feel on the hands is a bit of an issue for me–it’s really waxy and hard to wash off after using the product. Also, I noticed it does weigh down my hair quite a bit.I was pleased with the overall effect. I’ve got very long, fine, thick hair that easily falls into flyaways. I wear it up most days. This product did keep my hair from teasing loose or strands from falling into my eyes. I’m not sure how well it’d work in extreme conditions, like riding in a convertible, but it worked fine for just light housekeeping duties around the home. I’d recommend this product for people who need their hair to lay flat and smooth.

Pearlie Granby, CO

For dry, frizzy or very curly hair

This product is not intended for straight, fine hair. This will otherwise make thin hair stringy and unattractive. When used on thick, frizzy or naturally curly hair, though, a little bit will go a long way in taming down the wind-blown look. Just a dab from the jar and a rub-in along the hair ends is all that is needed. No rinsing is necessary. The product also smells a bit like vanilla. This stuff reminds me of a thicker version of the 1960s Dippity-Doo hair product.

Hollie French Settlement, LA

Good Product

I really like the way this product smells. It works well on my 9 month-old daughter’s hair. I use the Soft & Precious creme more often, but this works as well.

Glenda New Laguna, NM


ok, this stuff is just so weird. It’s a jar of a bouncy solid with very fine glitter in it. (by bouncy I mean if you knock on the jar the contents have a sproingy feel) If the scent is over powering, I didn’t notice it and I’m very sensitive to strong smells.I used it in conjunction with the Hair Milk Curl Perfecter (and frizz serum, see my review of the Curl Perfecter) just around the front of my hair up about two inches or so and it gave my hair a lift and shine (glitter?) in the front, which is cool, because I’m growing out my gray…eek! I did try reusing it by putting some in my hands with water and scrunching it through my hair and that worked well to reactivate the curls and add some shine. I also use a mister with water and leave in conditioner to “perk” up the curls, this works GREAT with the Curl Perfecter. I like this product, I like it’s weirdness and I like the lift and brightness it added to my hair.

Letha Fitchburg, MA

Great at Controlling Frizzy Hairline

Works great at controlling my daughter’s frizzy hairline. Only takes a small dab to do the trick. What I like best is that it does not leave any residue and is not heavy. Smells a bit like pina colada / vanilla. You only need a small amount, so I think it will last a long time. The jar is sturdy and the lid is easy to work with.

Alexis Escalante, UT

Good isoceteth-20 and mineral oil base

I think my hair does well with this product because the main ingredients are isoceteth-20 and mineral oil. Isoceteth-20 is an emulsifier and surfactant. That means it increases kinetic stability while lowering surface tension. It’s really a wetting agent that plasticizes, or prevents settling or clumping. Each hair independently can be set the way I want it, a kind of perfection. The mineral oil, a liquid by-product of the distillation of petroleum, appears to be a light grade that inhibits release of natural oils in the hair.In summary, this product lowered the surface tension of my hair while creating the condition for longer moisture (natural oils in the hair) retention. It does this for a longer time than other products, based on my experience. I recommend it.

Bettie Magnolia, NJ

Great For Fly Away Hair

This product is formulated for ethnic hair but honestly I think almost anyone can use this. After using the Just For Me detangler on my grandkid’s long knotted hair without any tears or wiggling, I put her hair in a french braid. As she has a somewhat irregular haircut, the hair closest to her face is short and wispy. I applied this lightly around the side hairline and everything was secured and stayed put for the day.This is a nicely scented product that seems to work well on even straight or wavy hair. It washes out nicely and though I used it sparingly it didn’t seem greasy or oily.

Reyna Latexo, TX

A Dab Will Do Ya

I have used several products from this Just for Me line and this Smoothing Edges Creme is just Okay. The detangler is pretty good but I hated the shampoo and conditioner. They left my hair greasy and coated feeling. That icky feeling even lasted through a couple more shampoos after I quit using them. This Creme is not a crème but a thick gel. It has the nice milk and honey scent that the line has. The scent is the best quality in the whole line. This will coat your hair too but if you use just a tiny dab then it is great for fly-aways and to smooth frizzy hair. But only use a dab.

Cassie Crete, IL

Less is definitely more

Against the advice of my hair dresser I went and had a perm. I hate fooling with my hair and figured that with the perm I could just "wash and go." Unfortunately the perm fried my hair in places, so when I saw this product I thought it might help me with the "I just stuck my finger in a light socket" hair look. The product is very thick almost like vaseline. The first few times I used it I used way too much for my hair which is very fine. I finally put a small dab on my palm and then rubbed my hands together until there the product was spread very thin and evenly over my palms, then I lightly ran my hands through my hair–experimenting over a couple of days with the amount of the "dab" and the word "lightly" running my hands through my hair. I finally ended up with just the right amount of product vs. my hair type. I did help a bit with the frizz, but unless I used a lot it didn’t smooth the frizz into some semblance of flat. Too much and my hair looked as though it had been weeks before I washed it. One benefit though is that the product made my hair look very shiny abnd healthy despite the perm. I found the smell to be very pleasant and after some experimentation it was useful in taming the fried areas of my hair.

Beverly Adair, OK

Perfect for managing wayward hair …

Any one who has wild and crazy hair like mine definitely could use a bit of “Just for Me Hair Milk” to smooth out those rough edges. My hair can be quite problematic depending on the weather. In the winter it’s relatively tame, but if it’s humid out I never know what I’m going to get in the morning. And soooo, I decided to try out this gel to see what would happen. The gel, by the way, has an awesome smell to it.With salt and pepper hair, which can be quite course in spots, I sometimes have a cowlick that won’t quit. It’s problematic if I have to head out early in the morning and all the plastering down with water sometimes won’t help at all. It’s as if there’s a built-in spring in those errant strands of hair. Last resort, which is frequent, is to wash it in order to tame it.I haven’t tried this product for an all-over result, but rather on that cowlick to see what would happen. I only used a small amount, rubbed in in with my fingers, and then took a comb to it. It still had body, but no longer stood up as if I stuck my finger in a socket. Perfect. The extra combing kept it from looking different from the rest of my hair (I asked another member of the household). It is intended for those with “tight, curly or wavy textures,” but also works well to tame errant hair.INGREDIENTS:Water, Isoceteth-20, glycerin, Mineral Oil (Paraffinum Liquidum, Huile Minerale), Oleth-2, Fragrance, Mica, DMDM Hydantoin, Hexyl Cinnamal, Honey, Titanium Dioxide (CI 77891), Benzyl Salicylate, Limonene, Proplyene Glycol, Coumarin, Linalool, Soymilk, GeraniolJUST FOR ME:Just for Me Hair Milk ConditionerJust for Me Hair Milk Nourishing DetanglerJust for Me Hair Milk ShampooJust for Me Hair Milk Curl PerfecterJust for Me Hair Milk Smoothing Edges CrèmeJust for Me Hair Milk Curl SmootherJust for Me Hair Milk Nourishing Cream Cleanser

Marcia Drew, MS