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Just For Me Hair Milk Curl Smoother Hair Styler 8 oz

Just for Me’s top selling styling product! Featuring a triple blend of shea butter, soymilk and honey, our Just for Me Hair Milk Curl Smoother is uniquely formulated with the perfect balance of moisture and hold to help control frizz, leaving curls bouncy, touchable and beautifully defined. Uniquely formulated to provide all-day hold through ballet, tee-ball, or just outdoor adventures. No more poufs, tangles, or unhappy curls. Ideal for kids with wavy to curly textures.?

Key features

  • Just for Me Curl Smoother Styling Cream is formulated with the perfect balance of moisture and hold to help define curls and control frizz
  • Lightweight, milky formula, keeps curls bouncy and touchable
  • Formulated with a triple blend of shea butter, soymilk, and honey
  • Uniquely formulated to provide all-day hold through ballet, tee-ball, or just outdoor adventures. No more poufs, tangles, or unhappy curls
  • Just for Me’s top selling styling product

Honest reviews


Nice little product

This works well for my daughter’s hair. She has very fine hair with a little bit of wave to it. I got this to make her little waves at the end be more defined and less scragly plus, after a nap or sleep her hair becomes a ratty mess. This works great! Her hair is very smooth and shiny afterwards, it smells WONDERFUL and her waves are very defined.

Jordan Vergennes, VT

Works pretty well

My elder daughter has thick, wavy hair. She often complains that she’d like it to be straighter. When we got an opportunity to try this product, we jumped at it.It works pretty well. It relaxes the wave in her hair and helps to reduce tangling without looking greasy. Overall, it does its job and smells pleasant. Worth trying out regardless of your ethnicity or the manufacturer’s marketing strategy.

Kathrine Plainfield, OH

Hard to review, shipped in substandard packaging

As a gentleman with loose curly thick hair, I was looking forward to giving this a try. I wish I could review the product itself, but for some reason the shipping method resulted in damage during transit. When I opened the packaging, it was all over the place and could not be salvaged. Hopefully amazon will take note.

Alisha Smallwood, NY

Close but not quite

This product smells amazing…maybe like light coconut milk. It’s a nice consistency and easy to apply. Seems to work best when applied to wet hair and doesn’t weigh down my fine hair. My wavy, somewhat curly hair seems to have a little more defined curls with the product, but is still very frizzy…especially new hair growth…does not look smooth at all. I took the product down one more star because my scalp is very sensitive and this product made it mildly itchy. I wanted to like this more, but just wasn’t great with my hair/scalp.

Leslie Delta, CO

Makes my hair smell great!

I have thick curly hair, but I can’t use a lot of hair products that are too heavy, because it weighs my hair down and makes it look greasy. This doesn’t do that. It makes my hair feel soft and silky, and it doesn’t get frizzy at all. This has a wonderful smell to it too. The fragrance will stay on my hair most of the day if I use it in the morning. I can still smell it in my hair at 7:00pm. I think this is a pretty good product for the price. I will be buying more.

Molly May City, IA


I love this stuff! The tangles came right out, and the end result after blow-drying was perfect. Even though I was generous in how much I applied, my hair had lots of body without any limp, over-conditioned appearance and it still looked fresh the next morning. I also used it without blow-drying, and the effect it had on my curls was very nice. My hair was smooth and the curls had nice definition after “scrunching” it while it naturally dryed. This stuff really works!

Regina Crescent Lake, OR

My wife is happy

If you read the title of the review , then you know how important this is.She is always looking for new products that will give her “desired results” , what exactly those are I don’t know…but she did say that this product qualifies.She was really pleased that it only took a very small amount of the product to achieve those “desired results”. All I know is that her hair always looks , and smells , great….the fact that “Just For Me Milk Curl Smoother” gave her that satisfaction is okay by me !

Margo Long Beach, MS

Works well!

My sister is biracial and her hair is quite frizzy. After using the Just For Me Hair Milk Curl Smoother her hair was much smoother but still soft to the touch. I would order this item again.

Noreen Manhattan, IL

Very gentle and light product, great value

Since all hair products depend on your hair type, first I’ll tell about my hair. I’m a Caucasian female age 40, hair is brunette (now coloring it to cover gray) relatively thick, somewhat course, below-shoulder length that is very wavy but not truly curly. Also I live in the hot humid Southeastern US. I like to air-dry my hair and do little to no styling – the natural tousled look. So I like a product to calm my hair and eliminate the frizziness, and enhance the curl. I like the Just For Me Hair Milk, but I feel I need a little stronger product for my hair type. It goes on very light and leaves a smooth, no-product feeling and look. I think it would work better on someone with hair that is more thin, fine, and oily than mine. For me, I find myself wanting to do an additional spritz with some beach spray or something to give it a little more control. I give it 5 stars because it seems like a great product for the right hair type, and it seems to be made with quality ingredients, smells good AND it’s a great value. I rarely pay a lot of money for the trendy high-priced products, but when I do I don’t find them to be any better. Hope this helps.Update: I just realized this product is marketed specifically toward African Americans and children. I definitely think it is fine for many types of users.

Isabelle Montrose, MO

Perfect for Curly Hair

This is a great product, especially for children who have ringlet hair. It smells great and as a leave in it doesn’t weigh curls down at all. It worked so well on my little one that I decided to try it myself as a leave in conditioner. It’s aloe vera properties are great for color and heat damaged hair. I put some in before bed and then showed in the morning like usual and after a few days I’m seeing a real difference in my hair. I think it’s a great restorative product.

Bridget Latah, WA

Decent Hair Product at a Good Price

My 2 year old daughter has very thick, curly hair that dries out and becomes frizzy. I was looking for a product to use in between shampoos, as the product I normally use is pretty pricey. The Just for Me Hair Milk Curl Smoother was decent at best.I applied an adequate amount (about the size of a quarter) to my daughter’s hair after dampening it. The first thing I noticed was how thin the product was; it made it easy to spread throughout the hair without clunking up. Then I noticed the smell. It had a very pleasant fragrance that was not overpowering. Upon application, my daughter’s hair looked smooth, not a bit of frizz to it.As the product began to dry, my daughter’s hair was still moisturized and the curls were nice and smooth; however, throughout the day, the product began to wear off (more quickly than our usual product). As the day ended, her hair was frizzy and the curls no longer smooth.This product was just okay. It did not leave my daughter’s hair crunchy and stiff; however, it also did not help her hair hold moisture or smooth curls. We will use the Just for Me Hair Milk Curl Smoother until we run out, but I don’t think we’ll be purchasing any more bottles.

Maryanne Enterprise, WV

Great for coarse or ethnic hair, not so great for white hair

First, let me be clear: the Motions product line is NOT for most white folks. I’m white, but my hair is more coarse than most, so I sometimes use a teeny bit of this to tame my hair, but it was really designed for ethnic hair care.For my one Asian daughter and two African daughters, though, this is great. I also use it sometimes for my African son.

Luz Sandy Point, VA


Dang, I thought this product might be good on my hair. But it wasn’t. Then again, maybe I should read a bit more about products. I am Caucasian.Enough said I think. Whoops! However, it does smell good, to anyone thinking about getting it!

Tania Springfield, AR

great smell but doesn’t control all of the frizz

This curl smoother smells delicious, however, it doesn’t work on my hair. I still have a bit of frizz after using it. Then again, I do with almost all other products, so it was perhaps too much to expect that this would work any differently.

Sharlene Cedar Falls, IA


I guess this is supposed to be a cheaper version of the just for me hair milk styling crème, and cheap is the right word. I have biracial girls with long curly hair and this stuff didn’t even work on my baby’s short hair. It’s very thin and runny and you have to be very careful that you don’t pour half the bottle out onto your palm. I am going back to the hair milk styling crème, it has a thicker consistency, you don’t have to use much of it and it works. The only complaint is it is not on amazon for a decent price but it is on for $4.

Gay Naco, AZ

Good results, great scent

My daughter’s beautiful curly hair is sometimes hard to manage, especially during high humidity weather. We’ve tried all kinds of curl ‘controllers’ and de-frizzers. This one works pretty well – not the best we’ve tried, but it does a good job, especially for the price. We go through hair products fairly quickly with her long hair.I love the scent of this – not overly cloying or strong, but a gentle coconut scent. It’s perfect for a child. We normally apply it after she’s been out of the shower for ten minutes, so her hair has a chance to start to dry. Applying it straight out of the shower didn’t work as well on the frizz. Applying it dry made her hair look greasy. I’ve used it on my hair as well, which is more wavy than curly, and it did a nice job of controlling fly-aways. We’ve had no issues with crunchy hair, but it does feel a little more dry. Cetearyl alcohol is the second ingredient, so I guess that’s expected.All in all, it’s a good product that mostly controls frizziness and helps to manage curl.

Gloria Corning, AR


This curl smoother is a FANTASTIC investment for the low, low price! Especially if you’re doing subscribe & save (which is only hitting at $4/bottle)!This product not only makes curls look BEAUTIFUL, it also helps detangle, leaving smooth and easy-to-manage hair. So far, when using the bottle almost every day, it still has a half bottle left after a month! That’s a fantastic deal, because you really don’t need much at all to have an effect.If you’re having trouble with your curls, PLEASE check this product out!

Rosella Vienna, ME

Light Hold

This product provides a light hold for curls without the stickiness like so many other products leave behind. It also doesn’t leave that shellac look and feel that you get from gels. My hair is obstinate and it did a good job with it. I gave it four stars because I would like it to control poofing. It is has a nice clean scent that is not overwhelming.

Twila Gassaway, WV

Works great

My kids have some very easily tangled hair and I am happy to report that this product works very well for detangling and keeping hair untangled. I’m happy with my purchase and would buy again.

Beryl Shawnee, CO

Just For Me Hair Milk

I really love the smell of this product line. Although I don’t have curly hair, I wanted to give it a try. I put a little on the ends of my hair while it was wet. It did a good job of keeping the frizz away. Just a tiny amount on my straight hair did the trick. This product almost makes me wish I had curly hair.

Hope Streetman, TX

After-Party still my fav!

I’ve been looking for an alternative to TIGI Bed Head After Party product. I’ve been using it for years, but it’s rather expensive when I buy it from my stylist ($18 bottle, but just found on Amazon in a double-set for same priceTIGI Bed Head After the Party Smoothing Cream, 3.4 Ounce (Pack of 2)). Thought I would try this as a Amazon Vine reviewer, but was slightly disappointed.It left my hair feeling dry and although it did flatten out the thickness a bit, it still felt frizzy. If I used a handful of it, the results were better, but still not a viable replacement to After Party.The best thing is the scent. I love the coconutty scent…very nice!For the price, this isn’t a bad product.

Patti Smithfield, VA

Does amazing things for curls/waves

I have wavy hair and most of the time blow it out and flatiron. But in summertime with the pool, humidity, and overall frizz factor, it becomes impossible to keep my hair smooth. So most of the time, I just don’t put the effort in to straighten it.Instead, I’ve tried many products for curls. This is one of the best I’ve tried because it’s light and actually works to organize the hair in a nice fluffy but non-frizzy way. My hair behaves better in the humidity with this product and also works for combing out my hair when I get out of the pool before I have a chance to rewash it. I don’t end up looking like a chrysanthemum post pool. The product absorbs nicely without leaving a heavy, glossy residue that can sometimes weigh hair down.Very nice, easy to use product. Will definitely purchase this.

Morgan Chippewa Falls, WI

Great for Naturally Curly Hair

My daughter has naturally curly hair. Her hair has medium size loose curls. One of her biggest complaints is that her hair is frizzy all the time. Mainly from trying to brush out the tangles she gets from her hair type. She has been using the Curl Smoother for a couple of weeks and loves the difference it is making in her hair. Not only has it tamed the “frizzies”, it has made her hair much easier to brush. Getting tangles out is much easier now. It has made such a difference she has asked me to order more!

Bianca Coloma, CA

Okay Product

This product is okay. It does smooth my 9 month-old daughter’s hair out so that it is more managable. But, I don’t really care for the wet hair it creates. It smells really nice. I prefer a product called Soft & Precious from a Tampa based company. They have a creme that is not greasy. I really like that product. The only place I know that it can be ordered is from their website.

Virgie Jewell, IA

Made hair easier to brush

One of my daughters has curly hair. This curl smoother made her hair easier to brush without hassle. I attribute the way this product works so reliably to one of its ingredients, Decamethylcyclopentasiloxane. This is a silicone fluid that is normally used as an emollient for skin but does wonder for curly hair. It has a beautiful fragrance too.

Letha Ross, ND


Any product that includes shea butter or any other butter is suspect in my mind as it usually means a product that weighs down my hair. This hair smoother does include shea butter along with honey and soymilk. It left my hair very soft but manageable and did give some slight definition to the curl. The latter mostly because of the lack of frizz I suspect. I first used it on my naturally curly hair on a humid day and it really did help with the frizz issue. The product is used after washing and conditioning the hair and is left in the hair rather than rinsed out. I did not use a large amount which I suspect helped avoid the heaviness. If your hair is curly, or you use a curler, and you are interested in a product that helps cut down on the frizz while leaving your hair soft and manageable, I suggest giving this a try.

Fannie Cambridge, NY

Defines and Softens

I have wavy hair but I normally straighten it because my hair ends up just looking frizzy. Sometimes I wish I could wear it curly because it starts out looking cute when it’s damp but by the time that I brush through it, it just turns into a mess until I straighten it.This product has helped with the waves. This whole line of Just for Me Hair Milk products has a wonderful scent of Shea butter, milk and honey. Just add a small amount of curl smoother to damp hair and it defines the waves in my case and controls frizz.

Juliette Spencer, OH

Five stars for sure

I got this product with high hopes and it comes through amazingly. The first use tamed curls and helped with a cowlick I have always had. The fragrance is very nice and not overpowering in any way. My hair felt good and not weighted down in anyway.

Michael Charleston, AR

It helps a little

As the white mother of two biracial (black-white) girls, I will freely admit that the hair issue has been one of the most daunting aspects of parenthood for me. I am always in the market for something that controls my daughters’ curls (the worst possible combination of my husband’s tight curls and my wavy, crazy, frizzy hair). When I saw this I thought it would be worth trying out.The product instructions say to use an “adequate” amount of the product on damp hair, but they neglect to say what constitutes “adequate”. Through trial and error, I’ve found it takes slightly more than a quarter-sized blob to cover my daughter’s mass of curls.As others have noted, it’s pretty thin, which means it pours easily out of the bottle (a bit too easily perhaps) and spreads easily throughout the hair. I don’t particularly notice a fragrance one way or another, but my daughter says she likes the smell. It feels a bit greasy on my hands, but no moreso than other similar products I’ve tried. It does wash fairly easily off my hands, unlike the curl perfecter which we also tried.But the long and short of it is that it doesn’t do much. In the short run, it leaves my daughter’s hair looking slightly wet and conditioned. As the wetness dries, it controls frizz for a short time, but by the time my daughter comes home from school, or even a short play date at the park, her hair is every bit as frizzy and out of control as it ever is.We’re not going to throw this bottle away, but we won’t be buying more.

Hope Hubbard, IA


I have long, thick, curly hair that tends to frizz when left to dry on its own. I used this product on damp hair as directed and styled as usual. Blah. Even though I used a TINY amount, my hair looked limp and felt greasy. It really bothered me every time I touched it. Plus, it smells heavily of coconut. I think this *might* work if your hair is very dry or coarse, but for normal hair, I give it a thumbs down.

Susana Webbville, KY