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Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy Eau de Parfum Spray

Juicy couture viva la juicy fragrance. Flirtatious, irresistible scent. Combines fruit, floral, amber, caramel, and praline. Great for the girl who’s always the life of the party.

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Pleasantly surprised

I got this for my birthday from my bf. I’d never heard of it. At first I laughed at the name as I thought it was a silly fragrance being sold just on a fun name. It reminded me of what Rasputia in the movie Norbit would wear. I figured my BF just bought something and didn’t know anything about perfumes.Since I started wearing it. I get complimented all the time! Workers at Subway, coworkers, friends, etc. I’m constantly told “you smell good”. Well, that’s the point right? I’ve had all sorts of good perfumes by the biggest names over the years. NONE of them have brought about the compliments I get with this fragrance. I had an older retired guy recently tell me I smelled good. I told him what it was called, cuz hey, the name is fun! He told me it should be called “boner” :O So it’s good for laughs too.I can’t deny compliments so I’ll be replacing this one when I’m out!

Janine Russellville, MO

A great all around scent.

Viva La Juicy is a floral, long lasting scent. The bottle is just adorable. All in all this is a really quality perfume. Right now it is on sale for $50 which is a steal for the amount you get. The first time I got this scent I paid full price and didn’t regret it.-Age: This perfume could be for any age but I think it really appeals to youth/young women.-Strength: Not the most potent perfume I’ve worn but it does last all day. It is the kind of perfume that you can smell on your jacket for a few days after applying it.-Scent Type: Very floral, very sweet, a tiny bit powdery but also warm and deep smelling.-Time of Year: some people (myself included) like to wear a different scent for different seasons. I think Viva La Juicy is a summer scent because it is youthful and bright.-Compared to Other Juicy Couture Scents: This is the sweetest, but not the strongest. The regular Juicy Couture is a bit stronger and heavier on the powdery/rich scents. There is also: Peace, Love, & Juicy which is more bright and almost melon scented. I have all three and I like Viva the best.

Helena Burgaw, NC

Mmmm Intoxicating 🙂

Viva La Juicy is my absolute favorite in the Juicy Line of fragrances. Although It’s sweet,it’s not sickeningly sweet;It doesn’t overpower.I find that it has the right balance…not too soft and not too strong.If you’re looking for a warm & feminine fragrance, look no further. Also, if you’re a fan of fruity floral perfumes,you will not be disappointed. It just puts a smile of my face as well as other people.I get lots of compliments whenever I wear it.The smell of sweet fruits makes me feel so pretty. I adore this perfume.

Ester Salem, KY

Don’t like the smell

Well, it’s not a horrid in general, but the drydown of sickly-sweet caramel is horrible on my skin. I love the fruity topnotes. The rest of the perfume… no thanks.

Bridget Princewick, WV

So Happy!

Smelled this in Khol’s here in town, they only had a small 1oz bottle. So I came to Amazon to see what a 3.4 oz bottle would cost. Very happy with this price. Also, I read many reviews that this was a knockoff… IT IS NOT! It smells the exact same as it did in Khols! My husband LOVES this. Scent lasts quite a while… as all purfumes, It can fade during the day, by its to be expected. Very important to buy EDP vs EDT…. EDP lasts longer with purfumes…. SOOOO happy with this. Came in the box, wrapped nicely, wasnt broken or dmg’d at all… love the hot pink bow and little gems attached. Very happy, Will be buying again! XO XO

Dorothea Thorsby, AL


This is not the real stuff. Waste of money. Don’t buy it. Go to the mall and get it. There are a lot of one star reviews for a reason.

Katy Clinton, TN

Smells wonderful but doesn’t last very long

This perfume smells great, but within a short time of applying it, you can no longer smell it. I have tried this scent from testers in various stores, and it would last all day. I am so disappointed that this one doesn’t seem to be as lasting.

Charlotte Clarion, IA

Love It!

My mom brought me this perfume from the local mall for my birthday in November and I am in love! It’s a very sweet scent that lasts a long time. A couple of sprays go a long way. I’ll put it on in the morning and when I come home from my 8 hour work shifts it’s still on my clothes. I get compliments literally all the time on how good I smell. This is a must have perfume though it is pricey.

Suzanne East Hanover, NJ

Like it!

As a middle aged lady, I think this smells very pretty, but light at the same time. As a J’Adore only wearer, I was glad to find another scent to wear. It is a lovely sexy fragrance. Although it needs to be reapplied through the day a time or two, which is fine as it’s reasonable here on Amazon. Much more so than the department store! Matches Bath & Body Works Amore. Minus 1 star for not lasting.

Candace Cordell, OK

Perfect scent

This is my all time favorite Perfume I like sweet scents though so if you don’t, probably not a good choice for you.

Suzette East Boothbay, ME

LOVE this perfume

I love Viva La Juicy… and so does my fiance… The scent is heavenly… subtle… but lasting! I definitely still have perfume on at the end of the day!The bottle is adorable too, and the spray nozzle works really well. I have sometimes struggled with the quality of perfume spray bottles, but not with this one! The nozzle delivers just the right amount of perfume and in a concentrated enough spritz that your perfume is not wasted when it sprays on either side of your neck/wrists!

Susan Kranzburg, SD

Honest review!!!

About the buying experience and about the seller:I ordered this perfume from igetitdoneright, a amazon marketplace seller and it came quickly. I was really excited to open it but got disappointed to see that the packaging was not good enough. I found that the lid of the bottle was sticky like someone tried to stick it with a glue and almost 1/4 of the perfume was gone. I called amazon and they wrote an email to the seller saying that I had received a defective item and would like to get a refund. Seller emailed me very casually saying that the bottle must got broken in transit and they will send me a full bottle after I return them this for free. I did not want to go in the hassle of sending it back on my own money and wasting both of ours time. So I went ahead and requested amazon for a full refund. Amazon was kind enough to refund me the amount. I will never buy any perfume from this seller again. The seller’s approach to this situation was they do not give a s*** what customer says and very careless as far as packing goes. They should not send a glass bottle just packed in another same size usps box. The bottle will definitely brake or leak.About the fragrance:My 1st impression of this perfume is that its very strong. I do smell honeysuckle, amber and jasmine as strong notes. It’s very young,vibrant, flirty and less goes a long way. I will definitely suggest it for a younger crowd or a person who wants to feel younger again. To me its too sweet and girly.

Katie Hubbard, OH

smells so lush and rich but doesn’t last long

love the smell of this perfume but i dont think it lasts that long. i don’t mind respraying though 🙂 i get lots of compliments on this but i think ill try some different ones before i repurchase this one. deffinately way better than the original…. that one smells like old people to me.

Dena Green Pond, AL

Such a great perfume!

I love sweet perfumes and this is one of my absolute favorites. It has a rich, full bodied caramel scent with a hint of floral on me at first and finishes with a deep, lingering smell that is really hard to define but is absolutely gorgeous. It lasts for hours on me with just a spritz and it also mixes well with a lot of different body lotions I use. The bottle is so cute and well made and looks perfect on my vanity with my other perfumes. I’m on my 2nd bottle in almost 3 years so it lasts a long time and it’s a good price. You can sometimes find it on sale at Target and it’s worth every penny.

Lydia Blue River, OR

Viva La Juicy

I love this perfume! It’s a little pricy but definitely worth it. It will always be one of my favorite scents.

Desiree Shelbiana, KY

Can’t get enough of this stuff!!

I have been wearing this perfume for a few years and have always paid over $85 for it. Now I find it on here for a whole lot less! I get stopped all the time by people asking me what I’m wearing. Try this you wont be sorry.

Evangeline Verona, VA

Great Price

Viva La Juicy is one of my favorite perfumes and to get this size for such a great price was awesome.

Olive Norphlet, AR

Smells Amazing

I love this perfume. I received a sample some time back and I’ve been wanting to purchase it for quite a while. The price on Amazon was unbeatable. I dinged it one star because the staying power of this perfume is not very good.

Sydney Meadow, SD

love, love, love!

i use this almost everyday. i get so many compliments. it has a sweet smell. very fun and happy scent.

Christina Mayview, MO

Love it so much! My ultimate fave!

I just received this perfume from Amazon and I am sooo in love with it. It is 100% authentic. I debated to buy it at a dept. store but when I saw it on Amazon for half the price it was no brainer. Smells sooo good and lasting on power is amazing. This and Jadore are my absolute favorite perfumes of all of times.Thank you Amazon so much for a wonderful product and such an amazing price.

Lou Stony Creek, VA

Favorite perfume ever

This is my all time favorite perfume and it has been for years. I have loved this perfume since I was fourteen and I am now eighteen. It has a very youthful smell to it and it’s sweet but without being too overwhelming. I own two of the other Juicy perfumes, the original one and Peace Love and Juicy. Viva is still my favorite. I put some on at Macy’s a few days ago and the scent didn’t wear off until the next day! I absolutely adore this fragrance, I will never be without a bottle of it.

Rosie Juana Diaz, PR

One of my top favorite…

Go to everyday beautifully and sexy smelling perfume’s!!!! I have one of every variation of the Juicy Couture’s line of perfumes, and a large variety of other perfumes as well, and yet this is still one of my top every day go to’s! The seller shipped it fast and very securely. Thank you!

Reva Shepherd, MI


I like this perfume, but not enough to spend 70$ on a bottle like this, so I browsed Amazon for options. I never bought perfume like this online, because you never know if you’ll get an original or a bad fake. I ordered Viva la Juicy that was sold by Amazon, and it was just 40$ for 1.7 ounces, I don’t know if it really is original, but even if it’s a fake it’s a very good one. The smell is right, lasts well, and there’s no bad "aftertaste" fakes tend to have.I’m very happy with the purchase, it’s an excellent, not overpowering sweet scent (I hate smelling like I bathe in perfume- gives me a headache). One pump lasts me pretty much all day.The bottle is rather cute with a nice bow and two little charms, the top stays on well. I’ve seen a number of reviews saying that the top was coming off, and something was wrong with the box and the bottle- I had no such issues, everything packed well, the box was in excellent condition, like everything else. I believe those people purchased from other sellers, though. Amazon did a great job yet again. Recommended!

Beverly Kopperston, WV

Heavy and Overly Sweet – Cliché in a Bottle

Before I say anything else, I just want to make clear that this is a review of the scent itself and not my buying experience like many of the negative reviews on here are. Just how I feel about the scent.I’d wanted to see what all the hype over this fragrance was, so on my trip to Macy’s yesterday I sprayed this concoction on wrist. The sweetness immediately hit me and went as far as giving me a headache if I got my nose too close to my wrist even after the perfume dried down. Eventually the amber and other notes kicked in. I’m usually more into lighter scents with some citrus notes so when I read that this had a mandarin note in it, I got my hopes up. Unfortunately, I couldn’t smell anything here but an overwhelming, sticky, sweet mess. There is nothing ‘crisp’ or light about it. I don’t see anything special about this perfume and have smelled many other similar scents with a much, much lower price tag. Vanilla + amber? It’s practically the cliché of women’s fragrance.The reason this perfume got an extra star though, is because I sprayed it on at 3pm yesterday. It is now 8am the following day and I’ve scrubbed my wrists more than once to get rid of the scent, and I can still smell it! Even I have to admit that that is quite impressive.So as with any fragrance – try it before you buy it.

Petra Argos, IN

Lovely perfume

I have worn this fragrance for over three years and it’s by far my favorite. It’s a light, pleasant scent but it doesn’t wear off quickly, and I have gotten lots of compliments on it. I also love the fact that amazon has it so much cheaper than sephora!

Christie Erhard, MN

very nice size for the price

huge bottle at a great value will make a very nice gift and happy with the price will order again

Glenna Norvell, MI

Love it!

After reading the review regarding the "fake" Viva La Juicy, I was worried about what I was going to receive. Thankfully, I purchased directly from Amazon LLC and it’s the real deal. It smells amazing, it’s gorgeously packaged and it was shipped very fast.Thank you Amazon.

Molly Saint Albans, WV

Viva la juicy

I’m not in love with the scent but it’s okay.It’a very mature fragrance however it doesn’t last throughout the day.The packaging is lovely nevertheless.

Meghan East Hebron, NH


This is the best smelling perfume I have ever smelt. I love it. It is the only one I wear besides Enchanted from Bath and Body Works, and I will continue to wear it as long as they make it. I smell so good. It is amazing how many complaments I get on it.

Arlene Newalla, OK

One of my favorites!

I’ve had this perfume for years and still have most of the bottle left! I simply adore Juicy Couture Fragrances, especially Viva La Juicy! It’s so fruity and floral! Juicy Couture’s “Viva La Juicy”, Viktor & Rolf’s “Flowerbomb”, Katy Perry’s Killer Queen” and Beyonce’s “Pulse” are my signature fragrances!

Thelma Moss Point, MS