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Juicy 16 fl oz

Formulated to be quick-drying and non-greasy, this daily moisturizer is infused with a skin nourishing blend of Chamomile and Safflower Oil for continuous moisture and long lasting color. Fresh picked and fabulously juicy! This weightless, spreadable juice-base will revive skin with a combination of Passion Fruit and antioxidants.

Key features

  • White Peach fragrance leaves skin noticeably fresh and clean
  • Contains Chamomile to help soothe the skin and reduce the signs of aging
  • Light Passion Fruit Juice-Base contains Vitamins A and C along with other antioxidants specially blended to nourish skin
  • Aloe, Nut, Hemp and Gluten Free
  • Fragrance: White Peach

Honest reviews


Smells Great!

Love the smell of this lotion. I didn’t notice a huge difference with my tan lasting any longer than any typical lotion but my tanning place assured me its better. It tends to dry quick which is a plus when putting clothes on right away after.

Angelique Goldsmith, IN

Exited to try!

Reviewing, although have no used. The bottle got here super quick and is larger than I thought it would be. Smells great and am exited to use it and see how it goes.

Alberta Franklin, NC

Great Stuff

Love this stuff. It has a great smell, it’s a light peachy smell. Very good moisturize for your body. My legs are usually kinda dry looking, not any more. They look and feel silky smooth now. You can almost feel your skin saying thank you……lol. Goes a long way also, I’ve been using it for 3 weeks and I think I can get another 3 weeks out of it. Well worth the money! I will be purchasing this again.

Jean Mc Kee, KY


this smells so good! it’s not greasy at all. i love that it makes my skin feel satin smooth! .

Martha Dime Box, TX

Not a tanning lotion!

Probably my fault, but don’t feel like it was clearly advertised as an ‘after sun lotion’Smells good, but is pretty cheap feeling- I know it’s not a $40 designer lotion but I’m not sure it’s worth what I paid..Peach scented, no bronzers, no sparkle.(I don’t like sparkles in my lotions!)

Staci Union, IA


I bought this lotion for 17$ in my salon which I thought was a great deal, i used it after tanning and the smell was so strong that I could taste it, It was so bad. it rubbed in nice but it wasnt very thick or extra moisturizing. I just cant get passed that strong terrible horrible smell just awful!*** Update I gave it another try after a shower rather then directly after tanning and it is way more tolerable so I will be able to use up the botlte.

Enid Lancaster, NH

love it

this is just a tannning extender so u use it for mostiure and to retain ur tan you dont use it to go in tanning bed smeelles greattt !! if you like juicy gossip you will love this one more , very good price i had to grab two more !!

Rita Leflore, OK


I ordered this product too because my daughter ordered it and she really likes it too so I ordered it and am sure to like also.

Lorrie Hugheston, WV

Great deal.

I love this after tanning lotion! It has a fabulous fruity scent that lingers for a little while and feels really light. It’s also a great deal on Amazon! It is about three times this price at my local tanning salon.

Georgette Gainesville, GA

Favorite Tan Extending Lotion

This is one of my favorite tanning extending lotions, if not THE favorite. It smells absolutely great, really does extend the life of your tan, and it spreads super easy. I’ve found a few extenders that are really thick and goupy so you end up using about half the bottle on the first use.

Meredith Knights Landing, CA

Ok product for my skin

Goes on smooth and asorbs fast not to fond of the smell but does moisturzie my skin after tanning. Good buy for the price.

Alexandria Kinsale, VA

Smells Great!

I thought this was a tanning lotion, didnt realize its an after tanning lotion.. I still love it though. People compliment me at work on how good this smells..

Trudy Fancy Gap, VA


Great peachy smell, but it doesn’t really do anything my OTC lotion from Walgreens doesn’t already do. It’s a nice lotion but you don’t need it if you already have a good one.

Muriel Benedict, ND

Juicy is so juicy

This lotion smells like heaven, so yummy and the bottle is huge. Nothing to envy to any VS or Bath & Body Works lotion. It is not sticky and leave your skin so soft and mosturized. I believe you get a lot of a good product for a great price. I will keep buying this product.

Alfreda Norway, SC

Love it

The frangrance is nice and it really moisturizes your skin throughout the day. I use it as a daily moisturizer and after tanning skin care lotion.

Wendi Belleville, KS

Five Stars

Love the peach smell!

Marla Cascade, VA

smell is wonderful

I use this after I tan and it smells wonderful and leaves my skin super soft! definitely recommend this lotion!

Nina Elliott, IA

Smells Great, Helped My Skin!

First, I should say that I have never tanned as fall/winter began to roll out, only in the spring & summer, so I’ve never had to use a tan extender or moisturizer before. The woman at my salon asked if I wanted something thick or thin, and handed me this after saying thin. It smells great, but not an overwhelming smell. It seems to moisturize well, too, and my poor flaky skin is already less flaky after two uses. My tan is already very dark, and I do look for this lotion to keep it improving. For the price, you can’t beat the product, and I look forward to using this everyday now!

Traci New Buffalo, PA

LOVE this product!

I LOVE this lotion! First off it smells GREAT! Second it works to moisturize without leaving a greasy feeling. Good stuff!

Tisha Kensett, IA


This lotion goes on very nice non-greasy and keeps my skin moisturized after I tan 🙂 The smell is not to strong and is uplifting.

Emilia Williamsburg, OH

A must have to tanners!

This lotion works very well at keeping my skin hydrated after tanning. An after tan lotion is a very important thing to have to keep your tan looking healthy and keep it around for a long time. This lotion also smells absolutely amazing. I catch myself opening it all the time just to smell it. A must have for tanners!

Fanny Lincoln, WA