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Jovana 24 Color Acrylic Powder Dust Nail Art Decoration

100% Brand new in package, Suitable for professional use or home use

Key features

  • 100% Brand new in package
  • Creating beautiful nail for long lasting sparkle nail art design?
  • Nice package with crystal clear jar for each color?

Honest reviews


24 Color Acrylic

I have seen professionals struggle with using color acrylic at the nail salon. So I thought that if I struggle with it then no problem. After struggling with my first application of using this with liquid monomer, it did not stick and was a matted mess. Then I researched other websites that offer color acrylic and they mentioned something about pre-mixed and I said ahh hah I began to remember the professional applying my color acrylic who struggled and I believed she mixed clear acrylic powder with the color acrylic to get the application to work. Also when working with this you have to be very fast and I suggest watching a few youtube video’s first on regular acrylic application and practice applying clearing, then move to pink acrylic application if you can master the pink acrylic application then you can master applying color acrylic. Overall for the price I give this product a 3 I think that for the price the color should have come pre-mixed for easy application.

Carey Morrisdale, PA



Charmaine York Beach, ME


First of all I did not received what I payed for. I got TINY TINY TINY JARS …. NOT THE ONES IN THE PICTURE I AM HIGHLY UPSET WITH THIS !!! I am a nail tech and needed some colors quick and I got freakin jerked around with this bogus ad … Buyers bewareDO NOT BUY ?!!!!!

Hillary Kensington, MN

2 months of waiting…

This took way to long to get here. the 1st time it shipped out, it went right back to the shipper with out it even making it to the states for some reason so I had to wait another month before I even got these. Item is as shown, all the colors you see, it came with. There is maybe a 1-2 tsp of powder in eat LITTLE jar but I kinda new it would be that way.

Concetta Russell, MN

One Star

its not goof cuality

Young Elk Park, NC

Nice product…

I recieved this item and it was very well packaged. Beautiful and richly pigmented colors. Please be aware that the containers are very very small and would require you to mix the pigments with acrylic powder in order to properly adhere it to the nail. Believe me a little can go a long way. For every container of the colored pigments I mixed it with three quarter teaspoons of clear acrylic powder and an eighth teaspoon of white acrylic powder. You can even mix a little glitter in them to make them simmer. Nice product.

Nora Adams Center, NY

Was a big mess and disappointment….

I’m amending my previous review (in quotations below)because the seller was really great at coming up with a solution for my purchase dilemma. They offered my a 50% refund and insisted I keep the product I received. All in all, the seller showed good concern and care for me as a customer.”I got my package today and it looked like two or three of the containers were not closed properly, there was powder everywhere!! The pots are 1/3 to 1/2 the size of those pictured. I feel I did not get my moneys worth, as lots of the product was spilled out and they were no where near the size advertised. I plan on returning them!!”

Alexandria Henniker, NH